GoTV Networks, the first and largest multi-platform new media network, announced today a strategic partnership with top-tier talent agency CESD, to combine the efforts of the company's production studio, GoTV Productions, and its multi-platform distribution reach with CESD's A-list talent roster to create short-form serialized brand-supported content for mobile and broadband.
"CESD's client base enhances GoTV's ability to package brands and top-tier talent in compelling multi-episode content that entertains consumers and inures positive benefits to leading brands," said Daniel Tibbets, EVP and Studio Chief, GoTV Networks, Inc., and co-creator of the mobisode - the defining format for mobile programming.
"CESD is always looking to make strides forward in new media for its valuable celebrity clients," said Ken Slevin, partner at CESD, whose sentiments are shared by partner Paul Doherty and agency Vice President Jill Reiling. "GoTV's studio expertise, technology capabilities and multi-platform distribution reach made it the obvious choice for CESD."
GoTV's efforts in this area are led by an experienced team of entertainment industry veterans who are experts in short form content for broadband and mobile. Recent programming includes the acclaimed Crescent Heights, a series developed to meet the specific marketing and branding requirements of Tide® laundry detergent for Procter and Gamble.
"Brand partners and their agencies understand that short-form serialized content is well-suited to reach target consumers in today's highly fragmented multi-platform media environment," commented, Thomas N. Ellsworth, CEO of GoTV Networks. "GoTV's strategy is to provide the production expertise, broadband and mobile technologies and wide audience reach to meet this need."
About CESD
CESD (www.cedtalent.com) is the global talent source for voice-over and on-camera commercials, celebrity endorsements, promos, trailers, imaging, puppeteering, and narrations, television and motion picture animation, print/fashion models, youth for television
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and motion pictures. CESD will help you find the voice-over on-camera, celebrity print or youth talent you are looking for. Some of the most notable talent on the CESD roster includes: Hayden Panettierre, Jon Cryer, Ed Helms, Jorge Garcia, Becki Newton, Steve Schirripa, Gavin DeGraw, Jesse McCartney and many more.
About GoTV Networks
GoTV Networks (www.gotvnetworks.com) is the first and largest multi-platform new media network. GoTV's studio (GoTV Productions) produces and syndicates original and partner programming through the company's mobile and broadband technologies to the widest distribution network in the US. GoTV's content is accessible online through multiple video websites and portals. Mobile access includes streaming and on-demand services on a broad range of wireless devices through Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Helio, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless. The company is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California with regional offices in Seattle, Kansas City and Atlanta.
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