Slideshow: Scenes from the CTIA MobileCon show floor


SAN DIEGO--As usual, there was plenty to look at here on the CTIA MobileCon show floor.

Although the size of the show was roughly a third of last year's show (CTIA rebranded this year's show to focus on the enterprise and had about 5,000 people attend MobileCon compared to up to 15,000 people that attended last year), the show still offered plenty of notable sights. Specifically, CTIA said the show drew professionals from 43 different nations and 48 states representing more than 1,800 companies, organizations and institutions. The group said 61 percent of MobileCon attendees were comprised of enterprise and IT solutions providers, users, application companies, carriers and M2M providers. CTIA said 59 percent of registrants were C-level or senior executives.

The CTIA show floor was specifically geared to entice and entertain show-goers, and those exhibiting in some cases spent plenty of money in that pursuit. Thus, here's a look at some of the sights--big and small--from the show floor of this year's fall CTIA show.

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