Arlene Harris - Top U.S. Wireless Innovators of All Time

Harris literally grew up in the wireless industry. Her family owned a paging company in Los Angeles called ICS (or Metrocall), which was sold to MetroMedia in 1983.

A serial entrepreneur, Harris went on to start several wireless ventures.  In 1983, she founded Cellular Business Systems (a wireless billing company) with Marty Cooper, which they then sold to Cincinnati Bell in 1986. She then started Subscriber Computing, a billing and customer services software company, which built a cellular switch provisioning and mediation system. SCI was sold to Carsair in 1997 and then became part of Lightbridge.

Harris then set her sights on providing cellular service for emergencies via her company SOS Wireless. Today, she is the founder of GreatCall, a mobile virtual network operator that offers the Jitterbug phone (developed by Samsung) to those that want simple, easy and affordable cell phone service. 

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