Craig McCaw - Top U.S. Wireless Innovators of All Time

Considered one of the most intriguing wireless entrepreneurs, Craig McCaw started his career in the cable business, taking over from his father after his death when McCaw was just 19 years old. In 1981, McCaw started researching the cellular telephone market and began bidding on cellular phone licenses. He and his brothers purchased spectrum licenses and built the early cell phone giant McCaw Cellular, which they sold to AT&T in 1993 for $11.5 billion.

After selling McCaw Cellular, McCaw remained very involved in several wireless ventures including satellite firm Teledesic and Nextel Communications. In 2003, he founded wireless broadband firm Clearwire, which is in the process of merging with Sprint's WiMAX business to form the "new" Clearwire along with an infusion of $3.2 billion in capital from such players as Google, Intel, Comcast and others.

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