Brian Baker, Sprint's 'Trenchcoat guy' - Top 10 wireless carrier spokespeople


brian baker sprintBrian Baker started doing commercials for Sprint PCS in 1999, advertising "the largest all-digital, all-PCS network built from the ground up." Originally signed on to do only a handful of commercials, Baker wound up commanding the position for years. During his tenure he helped introduce new features including voice-command dialing, the ability to take color pictures with your phone and wireless email--then novel concepts. However, most of the commercials revolved around Baker helping out customers whose conversations were misunderstood by others because of "cellular static," such as when a wife wants her husband to pick up shampoo and he brings home Shamu, the killer whale.

In 2001, People named Baker to their "50 Most Beautiful People" list, and said he was the "Sexiest Pitchman." Baker stopped appearing in Sprint commercials after the company merged with Nextel in 2005 and decided to take a new tack in its advertising. Much like Paul Marcarelli's "Test Man" for Verizon, Baker's character allowed Sprint to hone in on call and network quality as key differentiators in the early days of cellular service. Baker's character and the guarantee he provided became almost as synonymous with the old Sprint PCS brand as the pin drop.

Shamu vs. shampoo:

Looking back at older commercials: