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Latest Headlines

FirstNet's hunt for a replacement GM may enable a fresh start

The surprise announcement that Bill D'Agostino, the First Responders Network Authority's general manager, has resigned, could provide a fresh start for the authority, which is still struggling to satisfy critics in the public-safety community.

Sprint to add 700 MHz Band 12 capabilities to some new devices starting next year

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--Sprint announced new partnerships with the Competitive Carriers Association and the NetAmerica Alliance that the carrier hopes will encourage rural wireless carriers to build LTE networks that Sprint's customers will be able to roam onto. Importantly, Sprint said it will add 700 MHz Band 12 capabilities to some of its devices starting next year--spectrum that the carrier itself doesn't own.

AT&T to buy 700 MHz, AWS spectrum from NTCH, MilkyWay Broadband and Paul Bunyan

AT&T Mobility is seeking to buy more 700 MHz and AWS spectrum, indicating that even as it pushes for more airwave through auctions it is still intent on gobbling up spectrum on the secondary market.

T-Mobile to upgrade 2G EDGE network to LTE in coverage push

T-Mobile US said it will upgrade its 2G EDGE network to LTE almost completely by the middle of 2015 as part of a wider effort to expand its LTE coverage footprint. However, it's unclear exactly how many T-Mobile subscribers will be upgraded from 2G EDGE to LTE, and what the effort will cost.

FirstNet lays out roadmap, extends spectrum talks with Texas county

The board of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) agreed on a roadmap that should set the stage for creation of a definitive business plan and also voted to continue negotiating a spectrum lease agreement with Harris County, Texas, home of the nation's only operating 700 MHz public-safety LTE network.

T-Mobile CFO: $10 price increase on unlimited plans needed to recoup investment

T-Mobile US' decision to raise pricing by $10 per month on its unlimited smartphone data plans was needed to monetize increasing data traffic and get back a return on improving its network, according to T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter.

AT&T lights up LTE Advanced carrier aggregation in Chicago, other markets

AT&T Mobility has started using carrier aggregation technology in Chicago and other markets to boost LTE capacity and speeds on its network, but it will be a little while before many customers can take advantage of the upgraded network.

Oregon cable operator BendBroadband killing fixed LTE service, sells its 700 MHz and AWS spectrum

BendBroadband informed customers that it will shutter its LTE-based wireless broadband and phone service by mid-summer and said it has already agreed to sell its spectrum to a third party it declined to name.

Access Spectrum heralds FCC's approval of TDD for Upper 700 MHz A Block

Access Spectrum, an Upper 700 MHz A Block licensee, said the FCC's authorization of TDD equipment for the band opens up the spectrum to numerous new uses by vertical industries.

Entner: Verizon, T-Mobile and low-frequency spectrum – now with 50% less whining

Right before CES--where we cared more about who crashed whose party and got kicked out rather than substance--Verizon and T-Mobile came to a significant spectrum deal. Under a series of agreements, Verizon will sell T-Mobile 23 700 MHz A Block licenses covering more than half of the U.S. population, including some of the largest markets in the United States: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta and Detroit. As part of the agreement, T-Mobile and Verizon are re-aligning spectrum blocks in Northern California and Atlanta.