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Latest Headlines

IPTV providers want set-tops with 802.11ac by 2015, report says

IPTV service providers are not content with just any wireless connections coming from their set-top boxes. They're demanding 802.11ac, a potent version of the current 802.11n Wi-Fi standard that can deliver speeds from 433 Mbps to multiple Gbps.

Top Wireless Technologies in 2013

The following technologies are the hottest ones in the industry right now, generating support from carriers, device makers and network vendors. Some of these technologies were introduced in 2012 or even before, but we think that they will gain widespread attention and adoption in 2013.

Wilocity promises 802.11ad phones in 2013

LAS VEGAS--An emerging variant of the Wi-Fi standard that can transmit HD video could find its way into smartphones starting in 2013, according to one of the technology's loudest supporters.

Chipset makers prep faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology

LAS VEGAS--The new flavor of Wi-Fi, formally known as 802.11ac, is not standardized yet but chipset vendors are already positioning it to serve its expected market. They're also beginning to