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Latest Headlines

Apple's iron grip on mobile accessory market starting to slip

Apple's grip on the mobile accessories market appears to be loosening, according to a  New York Times  report, which could cut into the royalties that accessory makers pay Apple.

RadioShack ends mobile retail pact with Target

RadioShack ended its mobile retail relationship with Target, saying the two companies could not agree to terms that would have created more profit for both parties.

NPD: Retailers are missing out on higher smartphone revenue

Retailers are missing out on some of the revenue they could be reaping from the sales of smartphones because they aren't putting enough effort into selling accessories, according to a new report from

What are the most innovative handset accessories?

While the mainstays of wireless accessories--Bluetooth headsets, cases and the like--are not going to fade from view any time soon, there's a new crop of mobile accessories hitting the market, and

Delve into the details on the Verizon iPhone, hot accessories and more

In case you hadn't noticed, the FierceWireless editorial team has been busy assembling a range of special content over the past few days. The wireless industry is constantly evolving, and these new

Accessorize this: Americans' top 5 handset ornaments

Smartphones command a great deal of the excitement and attention in the wireless market, but the less-flashy accessories market also is booming. After-market mobile phone accessories--those sold to