Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Verizon Wireless looking to spur 4G investments

Verizon Wireless introduced the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center, promising developers online access to collaborative tools and support services for the creation of Long Term Evolution products

Equinix unveils global Ethernet exchange

Ethernet may be the business service du jour, but the challenge that every service provider faces is making the service available to its customers regardless of the location. And while service

Verizon-led investment group commits $1.3B to LTE development

Verizon Wireless, currently in the midst of pushing the technological and logistical details of its LTE buildout, today turned to the financial side of the equation. The carrier unveiled its new 4G

News In Brief: France Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Gartner, Yoigo

France’s economy minister, Christine Lagarde, has summoned France Telecom chairman Di

Telefonica surprises with six-country LTE trial

Telefonica made a surprise announcement, revealing big plans for widespread Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial project that will include six countries in Europe and Latin America--the Czech Republic,

Telefonica O2 to test LTE in six countries, but no deployment plans

A significant boost has been given to the future success of LTE with the announcement from Telefonica O2 that it planned to conduct field trials of the technology in six countries within the next six

New communication behaviors in a Web 2.0 world

Web 2.0 is having an effect, not only on societies and communities but also on businesses and established business models.

Part II--Fierce Telecom Leaders, Chris Ancell, executive vice president, Qwest Business Markets Group

FierceTelecom: Qwest is also being aggressive with its Ethernet roll out. Is it a core part of your business service portfolio and service strategy? Ancell: Ethernet is absolutely a core service. You

MTS Allstream expands IPTV, whole home PVR

MTS Allstream, the Canadian telco that was one of the pioneers of telco TV in North America, is now offering MTS Ultimate TV in Brandon, Manitoba, with service features that include Whole Home PVR.

News In Brief: Yell, HP, Microsoft, Windows, Alcatel-Lucent

UK online directory business Yell Group has developed a local business search widget for Samsung’ s touch-screen phones.