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Latest Headlines

Report: Google experimenting with stand-alone VR headset

Google is developing a virtual reality headset that doesn't require a smartphone, PC or game console, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Appnique, Enola Labs, Gummicube shape the keys to boosting an app's visibility

App discoverability often challenges developers. And as more apps become available, many developers are considering innovative solutions to ensure consumers can discover their offerings quickly and easily.

Google boots Samsung-backed ad blocker from Google Play

Google removed Samsung's ad blocker from its Play Store just days after the plug-in made its Android debut,  The Verge  reported. Adblock Fast, a plugin developed by Rocketship Apps that worked within Samsung's mobile browser, was reportedly found to violate Play Store guidelines that forbid offerings that interferes with or disrupts "devices, servers, networks" or third-party apps or services.

Juniper Research: Connected car entertainment revenue to reach $600M in 2020

The adoption of connected in-vehicle infotainment systems will produce revenues exceeding $600 million (€550 million) in 2020, representing a 10-fold increase on this year.

App Annie: Google Play dominates downloads while Apple's App Store hogs the revenue

Google Play store is growing stronger in its dominance over Apple's App Store in terms of downloads, according to App Annie's new 2015 retrospective report. But, as VentureBeat pointed out, the App Store is taking in significantly more revenue than Google Play. In both cases, the leads widened in 2015.

Report: Google paid $1B to remain default search on iPhone in 2014

Google forked over $1 billion to Apple in 2014 in payments likely related to keeping its search bar on the iPhone and iPad, according to a transcript of court proceedings reported by Bloomberg.

KPN teams with Rabobank to launch Android-smartphone NFC mobile payment service

KPN announced plans to deploy a SIM-based NFC mobile payment service this spring in collaboration with leading Netherlands banking group Rabobank.

Lenovo exec says Android's Google Play Services coming to China this year

The head of Lenovo's mobile business reportedly said that Google is planning to bring its Android Play Services to China at some point this year.

Report: Apple responds to EU operator concerns with tool simplifying shift from iOS to Android

Apple is on the brink of releasing software that simplifies the switch from its iOS operating system to Google's Android platform following pressure from European mobile operators.

Report: Facebook preparing for Android life without Google

Facebook is working to enable its apps to continue to run on Android phones if a conflict with Google were to erupt, according to a report in The Information.