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Report: 62% of app developers are self-taught

Despite all the education and resources available to them, nearly 62 percent of all mobile app developers are self-taught, according to Stablekernel. The firm conducted a global survey of nearly 500 mobile developers from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia between July 9 to Sept. 9 for its report, Empowering Mobile Developers in 2015: A Global Survey of the Mobile Development Industry.

Why app developer opinions are worth the costs of going viral

Earlier this month, Marco Arment, an iOS developer based out of Westchester County, N.Y., posted something that will probably end up proving far more viral than any app he or most of his peers will make. It was a post about Apple.

App designers vs. app developers: Can tools create teamwork?

As apps and games get more sophisticated, tools are emerging that are intended to address gaps in certain skill sets, fostering better collaboration among those who come from the design and developer worlds.

UK leads apps development in Europe with revenue forecast at £4B in 2014

The UK is leading mobile apps development in Europe and is set to generate revenue of more than £4 billion (€5 billion/$6.8 billion) in 2014, according to a new study commissioned by Google.

Developers in the driver's seat at app-centric CES 2013

LAS VEGAS--The annual Consumer Electronics Show here is typically the hottest ticket of the year for gadget-hungry geeks to feast on the latest whiz-bang smartphones, tablets and "phablets." And while there are plenty of new gadgets to play with at the show this year, the discussions at press conferences, on the show floor and in keynote sessions are not so much about screen sizes and operating systems as they are about the services and applications that make those devices, and the networks that they use, so valuable to consumers.

Windows Phone 8: Top three benefits for app developers

People might not have been sure of exactly what would happen at Microsoft's launch of Windows Phone 8 on Monday, but they probably didn't expect to hear the words 'iPhone" and "Android" within the first 20 minutes.

Women a rarity among male-dominated mobile app development

If you scan the crowd at any app developer gathering, you will rarely see a woman among the sea of software engineers that dominate these conferences. 

Facebook tries to crack mobile challenge with London R&D centre

Facebook will soon open its first engineering office outside of the United States with a new facility in London with a focus on mobile products. The new office will open as Facebook puts increased emphasis on improving its mobile applications and overall presence in mobile.

The top five things app developers want from developer organizations

People who create mobile applications depend on developer organizations for the necessary software tools and other resources. While developers are generally satisfied with the materials and services they receive from these organizations, there is always room for improvement.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 offers fancy features but leaves existing devices behind

SAN FRANCISCO--Microsoft at its Windows Phone Summit today presented a formal "preview" of the Windows Phone 8 operating system that will become the new heart of its smartphone strategy and, it hopes, the basis for increasing influence and clout in the smartphone market.