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Latest Headlines

Ad blocking becomes $22B headache for online video providers, advertisers

Why is ad blocking taking off? That's easy: consumers love it, as it rids browsers of annoying ads and helps their devices work faster. But their rise leaves online video providers that derive their revenue from advertising in a bind.

An iOS developer's plea for changes from Apple drew immediate support on Twitter

What started as a plaintive cry from a lone iOS developer has quickly been picked up by his peers on social media, asking for Apple to make an important change to the way it works with them.

Facebook, Apple, Netflix seeking rights for TV shows and live broadcasts, CBS' Moonves says

Apple, Facebook and Netflix are all having discussions with CBS for the rights to broadcast both TV shows and live events, CBS CEO Les Moonves told Bloomberg. Further, Moonves said that CBS "probably" will reach an agreement with Apple for the iPhone vendor's rumored live TV service.

ZTE unveils its own direct-to-consumer smartphone leasing program

ZTE is beating larger rival Samsung Electronics to market with its own lease-to-own payment plan for U.S. smartphone customers, following in the footsteps of Apple, which last month introduced a direct-to-consumer device leasing program.

Updated: T-Mobile ends promotional pricing for customers who don't trade in phones and buy iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

T-Mobile US tweaked some of its pricing for Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus through its "Jump! On Demand" phone leasing program and will now charge more than it had been if customers do not trade in a device as part of buying one of the new iPhones.

Rumor Mill: Samsung's Galaxy S7 to include pressure-sensitive screen

Samsung Electronics likely won't unveil the Galaxy S7 until early in 2016, but a rumor has already popped up that it will have a pressure-sensitive screen similar to Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Verizon's Go90 mobile video app sees its star fall in Apple's App Store, but holds steady in Google Play

Close to two weeks after Verizon's Go90 over-the-top mobile video application launched, its ranking and popularity in Apple's U.S. App Store has fallen while the app's standing in Google's Play Store has remained fairly consistent, according to app-tracking company App Annie.

Netflix an acquisition target? The case for and against

About a month ago, Paolo Pescatore, an analyst with CCS Insight outlined the idea that Netflix may be a shiny acquisition target. While the thought seems a little far-fetched-- Netflix almost certainly has no interest in being bought-- it isn't the first time this possibility has been floated, and now other outlets have picked up the ball and are outlaying cases for acquiring Netflix.

The ad-blocking reality app developers must face

It's a little awkward writing about the concept of ad-blocking technology when you work in a sector that is largely monetized through advertising, but here goes: The fact that ad-blocking apps rose to the top of the App Store charts shouldn't have surprised anyone, least of all app and mobile game developers.

Verizon reportedly spending $80M to market Go90 video service at launch, but app falls in App Store rankings

Verizon's Go90 mobile video application launched late last week and is reportedly being abetted by an $80 million marketing campaign to get the word out and drum up users, especially among its prized millennial demographic. However, Go90 dropped in app-tracking company App Annie's rankings of apps in Apple's App Store after its debut.