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Latest Headlines

Murdoch moves on e-publishing market

Publisher News Corp has made investments in digital publishing companies, showing an unwillingness to sit on its hands and let companies like Apple and Amazon dictate the rules of the e-publishin

iPhone roundup: iOS 4 apps in, third-party data collection out

Even though Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has consistently dominated mobile software headlines for the past few years, the last week was truly one for the books. In the days immediately following its annual

Microsoft paying devs to port iPhone games to Windows Phone?

Microsoft is reportedly offering successful iPhone game developers cash incentives to port their applications to its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 platform. Citing sources approached by Microsoft,

ITC to investigate Apple for patent infringement

HTC scored a bit of victory in its ongoing patent dispute with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The U.S. International Trade Commission said in a brief notice that it will investigate allegations made by HTC

AT&T blasts 'hackers' over iPad data breach

AT&T (NYSE:T) blamed "computer hackers" for exposing the email addresses of some Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad 3G users last week as it sought to explain why the data breach occurred. In an email

Apple attracts more antitrust attention

Apple’s run of success is reflected in its towering stock price and, now, a growing number of antitrust probes.   Apple has just overtaken Microsoft as the world&

News In Brief: AT&T, ITV, TDC, Motorola, IBM, British Telecom, Elisa, Qtel Group

AT&T will offer iPhone 3GS buyers a free upgrade to the iPhone 4 or a refund if they bought the old model between May 7 and June 7.

Leading ad agencies agree on common mobile apps platform

Just as Apple and Google squabble over restrictions surrounding the new iAd platform with Apple refusing to support Google's Admob, 10 European ad agencies have agreed to use a technology platform

FBI probing AT&T iPad security breach

The FBI opened an investigation into the security flaw on AT&T Mobility's (NYSE:T) website that allowed hackers to gain access to the email addresses of around 114,000 Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad

O2 ditches unlimited data packages

O2 will scrap unlimited data packages for its UK smartphone users by end-June, claiming the move will make it easier for subscribers to understand data charges.   Custo