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Latest Headlines

Apple's Jobs dismisses Google's mobile advances

Apple CEO Steve Jobs discounted the progress Google had made with its Android mobile platform, and said Apple will outstrip the company with its own aggressive updates to the iPhone, according to

Apple, Adobe clash over lack of Flash on iPad

Apple and Adobe have been trading public barbs over the exclusion of Flash support from the new iPad tablet PC, with Adobe calling the iPad restricted and Apple branding Adobe lazy.

With the iPad, the medium is the message

Note to all those iPad haters out there: Give it a break. Put your Apple envy back on the shelf, go out, shop for a Mac and be done with it. The iPad isn't a game changer as a device for the online

iPad: Apple takes a bite of the e-books market

Apple has finally launched its much-anticip

Nokia surprises as profit soars 65%

Nokia has surprised with a 65% hike in earnings as its new smartphones won market share against Apple and RIM.   It

Nokia widens lead in Germany: ComScore

Nokia inched its share of the German handset market up 0.3 percentage points to 35.4% during the quarter ending in November, retaining the top spot, research firm comScore said. &n

Apple approves VoIP apps over 3G for iPhone

Nearly four months after AT&T agreed to allow VoIP applications for Apple's iPhone to run over its 3G network, Apple has provided developers the necessary tools to implement the service.

Apple's iPad brushes aside AT&T

The iPad is finally here, but it's not quite what the market was expecting. In the days leading up to the event, reports were all over the map: Apple would make the tablet for AT&T Mobility and

Pictures and specs: Apple's iPad

Apple today unveiled its latest effort, a tablet computer--dubbed iPad--geared to sit between a full-blown laptop and a smartphone. Apple's gadget will start at $499, and will begin shipping in

Apple unveils tablet, dubbed iPad, starting at $500

Apple's worst-kept secret is finally out in the open. Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the company's breathlessly anticipated new tablet device, called the iPad, at a media event in San Francisco. The