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DEALS: Apple buys chipmaker

DEALSWHOWITHWHATSCOOPApplePA SemiApple bought chipmaker PA Semi for about $278 million.The deal is a particular slap in the face for Intel. Apple could use it to drive Intel's

Rogers to roll out iPhone this year

After more than a year of waiting, Rogers Wireless is finally gearing up to rollout Apple's iPhones. The carrier said it would offer the handset to its subscribers some time this year. Rogers is the

QUICKLINKS: More 3G iPhone rumors; Skype launches mobile app for 50 handsets;

> More 3G iPhone rumors. >

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> Is Comcast planning a wireless network > Nextlink launched online spectrum exchange

Apple buys chipmaker for iPhones, iPods

Apple has agreed to buy a boutique microprocessor company named PA Semi for a rumored pricetag of $278 million. PA Semi is known for its low-power, sophisticated chipsets, which according to Forbes,

Fring announced native VoIP application for iPhone

Israeli company Fring has introduced the first native, true VoIP application for the iPhone. The application doesn't require users to route their calls through an analog VoIP bridge, like previous

3G iPhone rumor round-up

The past week has brought a flurry of 3G iPhone rumors and reports that cover launch dates, applications, functionalities and improved form factor. Here's a run-down of the rumors that floated to the

Another sign emerges pointing to 3G iPhone

Another sign has emerged pointing to a 3G version of the iPhone. iPhone hacker Zibri, which created the ZiPhone application that unlocks the device, says that while looking through the code of the

WSJ's Mossberg rescinds 3G iPhone prediction

Yesterday we reported on Wall Street Journal technology columnist Wall Mossberg's prediction that the 3G iPhone would launch within 60 days. Today, Mossberg took back the prediction and convinced

De la Vega: AT&T coming around on Android?

At a press luncheon during last week's CTIA Wireless 2008 event in Las Vegas, AT&T Mobility president Ralph de la Vega hinted that AT&T was finally coming around to Google's Android platform