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Latest Headlines

Surveys point to explosion in WiFi usage; The next challenge is monetizing that usage

A host of new studies have come out in the last two weeks that point to the value of WiFi-enabled mobile phones. This week, DeviceScape, developer of the Easy Wi-Fi application, released results of a

Can AT&T meet iPhone network demands?

When AT&T cut the deal that made it the exclusive U.S. distributor of Apple's iPhone, the carrier bet correctly it would attract millions of new subscribers.

News In Brief: BT, Apple, Bharti-Airtel, Alca-lu, China Telecom

The Irish Competition Authority has cleared BT Ireland’s sale of fixed-line customers and assets to Vodafone Ireland.

U.S. regulators to probe flash memory in leading smartphones

Regulators at the U.S. International Trade Commission revealed plans to probe flash-memory chips used in popular smartphones, such as Apple's iPhone and Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm,

Pulling back the curtain on App Store approvals

Developers spend weeks, even months creating applications for Apple's iPhone--and Apple's staff reviewers spend just minutes deciding whether that app merits inclusion in the App Store. That's just

Lowenstein: Could Amazon outmatch iTunes with an Amazon App Store?

Rather quietly, Amazon launched a revamped version of their wireless store, AmazonWireless.com, in July. The focus is on sales of phones and accessories, and is a response to the success that other

Apple turned away Google app because it changes iPhone

Apple says it turned away the Google Voice app because it would have changed the workings of the iPhone.

Apple to FCC: We're still evaluating Google Voice app

Apple issued a response late Friday to the FCC's inquiry into Google's submission of its Google Voice app into the Apple App Store, explaining that the app has not been banned outright but was still

Apple iPhone 3GS vs. the Palm Pre: ChangeWave's survey

ChangeWave conducted a survey of Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre owners between August 4th and 11th. A total of 198 Apple iPhone 3GS owners and 38 Palm Pre owners participated in this survey. Here are

Survey: iPhone 3GS users more satisfied than Pre owners

Now that the pre-launch hype and hoopla have passed, how do Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre users feel about their devices? According to a ChangeWave Research survey conducted Aug. 4-11, 82 percent of