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Latest Headlines

New iPhone software update coming by year's end?

Apple and AT&T are reportedly at work on a new iPhone software update that would add several new operator-specific features to the device. Citing sources with knowledge of the effort,

THE WRAP: The iPhone, the OPhone and departing CEOs

This week the iPhone finally made it to China, India thought about banning Chinese network equipment, and brace of CEOs left the corner office.

AT&T adding MMS to the iPhone Sept. 25

AT&T Mobility said it would add MMS functionality to Apple's iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS on Sept. 25, more than three months after it launched the iPhone 3GS without the functionality in place. The

AT&T concedes challenges in managing iPhone traffic

AT&T Mobility routinely trumpets the number of iPhones it activates each quarter, as well as the data revenues generated by those iPhone sales. However, the carrier has been less forthcoming

Reports: YouTube may offer new movies as paid content

YouTube had to grow up eventually, didn't it? It could pretend, for a while at least, under the ownership of Internet titan Google that it was still all about "you," but the future is a pesky thing

News In Brief: Qualcomm, Apple, Vevo

Qualcomm has joined forces with telco mogul Carlos Slim to roll out low-cost wireless video game console Zeebo in Mexico.

Analyst: Snow Leopard could extend iPhone battery life

Apple released Mac OS X 10.6 (codenamed "Snow Leopard") on Aug. 28, and while the upgrade targets the desktop environment, analyst Carl Howe--director for Yankee Group's Anywhere Consumer research

Technical issues blamed for Vonage iPhone app snafu

Apple is blaming technical problems for delays in reviewing a mobile voice-over-IP application submitted by VoIP service provider Vonage for the computing giant's iPhone platform. "[Vonage] submitted

Analyst: AT&T's iPhone exclusivity likely to end next year

AT&T Mobility's exclusive rights to sell Apple's iPhone in the United States has been the subject of intense speculation and scrutiny, most recently from the FCC. However, according to Piper

Apple claims sabotage on exploding iPhones

Apple has scotched reports that a series of exploding iPhone incidents in France were caused by an overheated battery.