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Latest Headlines

Apple faces FCC inquiry after yanking Google Voice apps

Apple is staring down a Federal Communications Commission inquiry after its controversial decision to remove a pair of third-party Google Voice applications from its App Store, additionally rejecting

Can Microsoft woo iPhone developers to Windows Mobile?

Five months after officially announcing its Windows Marketplace for Mobile application storefront, Microsoft last week began accepting software submissions for the store. Writing on the Windows

FCC probes Apple rejection of Google Voice

The US FCC is investigating Apple’s rejection of Google Voice from its App Store.   The regulator sent letters to Apple, Google and AT&T last Friday to ask them about their role in Apple’s decision to turn away the Google app last week.

News In Brief: Deutsche Telekom, LG, Apple, HTC, Friendster, Nortel

Deutsche Telekom Asia CEO Calvin Lee, 42, died on the weekend while competing in the annual Singapore triathlon. Singapore-born Lee had been with Deutsche Telekom Asia for 12 years.

News In Brief: Sharp, Panasonic, Sanyo, NEC, BT, Apple

Japanese electronics vendors Sharp, Panasonic, Sanyo and NEC each posted losses last quarter, as demand for their products continued to wane during the recession.

Report: GPS smartphone growth accelerating this year

Smartphone sales are expected to outpace the wider handset market, and analysts expect the devices to generate significant market changes. But what about the features smartphones enable? According to

Apple unplugs Google Voice apps for iPhone

Apple has removed a pair of third-party Google Voice applications from its App Store and has rejected Google's own client. Google Voice effectively replaces a device's native dialer, offering consumers transcripts of their voicemail and archiving all text messages sent and received in addition to bargain-priced international calls and access to Goog-411 directory assistance.

Apple developing touchscreen tablet: reports

Apple is reported to be developing a touchscreen tablet that will fill the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook Pro.

More developers turning the page to Objective-C

There are multiple different ways to assess the iPhone's impact on the software community--e.g., the massive catalog of applications available via the App Store, the 1.5 billion-plus application

Apple reverses promo code policy for 17+ apps

Apple has reportedly reversed a policy halting developers with iPhone applications rated 17+ from acquiring promo codes, again giving programmers the opportunity to pass along free copies of their