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Latest Headlines

Skype says iPhone 3G VoIP app coming soon

Updated Feb. 4, 12:07 p.m. ET to reflect comments from Skype. Now that Apple has lifted restrictions on iPhone VoIP apps that run over AT&T's 3G network, folks have been wondering when they will

Report: Netbook market grew 79% last year

Netbook shipments jumped 79 percent last year to 30.2 million units, according to research firm Strategy Analytics--and the market is poised to continue growing this year. The research firm said

Strategy Analytics: Smartphone sales charged back in Q4

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, smartphone sales jumped 30 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter to 53 million units--a boom that corresponds with a wider acceleration of the

Rumor Mill: Verizon will still get the iPad

Some industry watchers were surprised last week when Apple announced that its latest innovation, the iPad tablet, will launch on AT&T Mobility's wireless network--instead of Verizon Wireless'

ABI: iPhone market share dipped in Q4

Apple's position in the smartphone market has become enviable, with swollen margins and strong sales. However, according to ABI Research, Apple stumbled slightly in the fourth quarter. According to

After Apple's iPad snub, what now for Adobe Flash?

Apple officially unveiled its iPad tablet device last week, and after all the buildup and hype, opinion on the official specs proved to be decidedly mixed, with more of the attention focusing on what

iPad teardown: Apple makes at least $208 on each unit

Apple is set to make at least $208 on each new iPad sold, according to a teardown of the new device.   An analysis by US investment firm BroadPoint AmTech estimate

Amazon concedes defeat in e-book spat

The price of Amazon’s e-books looks set to rise after the firm backed down from a fight with publishers over the cost of distributing material on the Kindle e-reader.   <

Apple the clear winner of smartphone wars

Apple was the clear winner in last year’s smartphone market, gaining more market share than any other handset vendor.   The company shipped 25.1 million smar

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta arrives alongside Apple's iPad

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Apple released its long-awaited tablet device last week--dubbed the iPad, the 9.7-inch touchscreen unit promises a user experience optimized for the web,