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Latest Headlines

Report: Handset shipments topped 287M in Q2

Strategy Analytics says that global mobile handset shipments grew 15 percent year-over-year to reach 297 million in second quarter 2008. Analyst Bonny Joy says that despite the economic gloom,

App Store frustrations bedevil iPhone developers

Although iPhone 3G activation problems and MobileMe synchronization issues have attracted the lion's share of negative publicity, some mobile developers are also reporting problems with Apple's App

Videos- Apple's New iPhone 3G Ads

Apple has released 3 new iPhone ads: Video Ad #1- Work

Video: New iPhone 3G Ad- Work Friendly

Check out Apple's new iPhone 3G ad- Work friendly.

Video: New iPhone 3G Ad- Unslow

Check out one of Apple's newest iPhone ads- Unslow.

Video: New iPhone 3G Ad- Everyone

Check out this video of Apple's newest iPhone ad "Everyone."

iPhone hackers strike again with Pwnage 2.0

It took about a week, but hackers have unlocked Apple's iPhone 3G. The

SPOTLIGHT: Battle for the TV

There's a war over who will supply online video to the home TV starting to build, with three major players and lots of others wanting to buy in says GigaOm. Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are named as

iPhone 3G inventory plummets over weekend

iPhone 3G inventories plummeted over the weekend. Computerworld said Apple's own inventory tool showed fewer than 9 percent of its stores had any phones to sell yesterday. As of 11 a.m. ET, only 16

Motorola sues former exec over employment with Apple

Motorola is suing a former executive, claiming he violated a two-year noncompete agreement by becoming the head of global iPhone sales for Apple and recruiting two other former Motorola employees.