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Latest Headlines

Accounting changes could benefit Apple, Palm

Apple, Palm and other companies that make products that combine both hardware and software could see a boost in their revenue and perhaps their earnings following changes made by accounting rule

Finally, Koreans to get the iPhone

Korean mobile users finally have the chance to buy the iPhone, after the Korean Communication Commission (KCC) gave approval Wednesday for the device to be sold.  

USB group backs Apple over Pre iTunes synching

Standards group the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has endorsed Apple's decision to block Palm Pre handsets from synching with iTunes, stating that Palm, not Apple had breached its policies. <

Apple approved 1400 apps on Friday

Friday saw a massive spike in the number of apps approved for sale on the iPhone app store, with Apple giving the nod to nearly 1,400 apps.

Apple's flat rejection of Google Voice

Apple advised Google that it had rejected the search company’s voice calling app in a phone call to a senior executive on July 7, according to Google.   In a

Google: Apple rejected Google Voice app

Google said that Apple rejected its Google Voice application for the iPhone, contrary to Apple's statements last month to the FCC that it was still reviewing the offering. Google's assertion that

Jailbroken iPhones of doom

Apple has warned that "jailbreaking" (i.e. unlocking) iPhones is not only a federal offense under US digital copyright law, it's also a grave threat to cellular networks.

The App Store creates more room at the top

Apple held its "It's Only Rock and Roll" event last week in San Francisco, and as the name suggests, the spotlight fell squarely on the iPod media player line as the firm introduced a Nano with a

Own the digital home

Singapore's StarHub in April launched Hub Troopers, which it defines as an "elite team of highly trained digital experts." Hub Troopers, Singapore's version of the Geek Squad in the US, o

iPhone users don't like ads

Owners of Apple's iPhone are prolific users of mobile apps but are turned off by mobile advertising, recent research has revealed.   A study of mobile ads by Chiti