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Latest Headlines

Tapping the touchscreen phenomenon

Phones such as Apple's iPhone and the LG Prada phone have made resistive touchscreens the latest phenomenon in handset design. Both phones make use of Synaptic's capacitive technology that enables

Lowenstein: Who will be the next king of wireless data?

By Mark Lowenstein I am very pleased to inaugurate this series of monthly opinion columns with Fierce Wireless, reprising the role I had for several years at Wireless Week. As many of you might

WWDC to include iPhone applications track

Apple announced its annual Worldwide Developers Conference will for the first time feature an iPhone development track, promising in-depth sessions and hands-on labs spotlighting the OS X iPhone 2.0

AT&T customers will get BlackBerry Bold first

AT&T customers will be able to get their hands on the BlackBerry Bold, also known as the BlackBerry 9000, in July for $300. Other

Orange inks iPhone deals for EMEA

French telecom Orange has inked a deal with Apple for iPhone carriage in countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and a number of European countries. The carrier issued a one sentence press

David Caruso, where's Lexicon?

I saw David Caruso (in person) at CES in January. He rolled into the press room and quickly attracted a crowd of people who wanted to shake hands with Mr. CSI: Miami. David and his posse of two,

RIM to hold BlackBerry developer conference

Following in the footsteps of Apple's iPhone developer conference and Verizon Wireless recent open application development conference, RIM will hold its own conference for smartphone developers.

HBO Breaks iTunes Pricing

Once upon a time, Apple made iTunes and insisted all TV shows available for download would be priced at the same $1.99 per episode. Until

Jobs keynote signals 3G iPhone release pending

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will keynote the computing giant's 2008 World Wide Developers conference, signaling to pundits that the event will serve to officially confirm the pending release of the

iPhone Asia: Singapore, India, Phillipines, Australia deals

Singapore Telecoms announced that it has inked a deal with Apple to carry its iPhone on its networks in Singapore, India, Phillipines and Australia some time later this year. Singapore Telecoms owns