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Latest Headlines

Apple's iPhone 3GS: What it costs to make

From the outside, nearly everything about Apple's iPhone 3GS seems nearly identical to the iPhone 3G released last year. Even Apple's TV ads make light of this fact: The phone looks the same as before, the company says, but it does so much more.

Apple issues iPhone OS 3.1 beta

Apple released the beta version of its iPhone OS 3.1 software, including enhancements to improve video, MMS and speech recognition features in the new iPhone 3G S. "iPhone SDK 3.1 beta and iPhone OS

Back from the dead: A history of rejected iPhone apps

Less than a year after introducing its App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, Apple announced in early June that the virtual storefront now boasts more than 50,000 mobile applications. Of course, that

What's next for the iPhone?

Although the latest incarnation of the iPhone launched less than two weeks ago, it appears Apple is wasting no time in applying for patents for technology that it could add to future iPhone models.

With the dawn of the superphone, where is Microsoft?

Over the past two years spawned by Apple's iPhone, a new class of iconic, need-to-have, shiny converged mobile devices (or smartphones) have come on to the scene that have had a profound impact on

Jobs back at work, Apple confirms

Apple has confirmed that CEO Steve Jobs is back at work following six months of medical leave. But the 54-year-old Jobs, who recently undertook a liver transplant as treatment for his prostate cancer, will work from home a couple of days a week.

Apple rejects C64 emulator, softcore app for iPhone

Manomio's C64 1.0 and Allen the Geek's Hottest Girls are the latest iPhone and iPod touch applications to fall victim to the whims of Apple's App Store submission guidelines, although the apps

Apple showing shortages of new iPhone

Ten days after the iPhone 3GS went on sale, Apple is reporting shortages of the new model across the United States. The company introduced a widget to show where the shortages are in its retail

Apple unleashes second wave of iPhone 3G S launches

One week after Apple's new iPhone 3G S model went on sale, the second wave of launches has swept the globe. Lines formed in Japan and Australia, but the response seems to be similar to the first

Palm's App Catalog tops 1M downloads

Palm's App Catalog for its webOS platform has hit 1 million downloads, according to the mobile analytics and advertising company Medialets. However, the company has said it won't be drawn into an