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WSJ's Mossberg rescinds 3G iPhone prediction

Yesterday we reported on Wall Street Journal technology columnist Wall Mossberg's prediction that the 3G iPhone would launch within 60 days. Today, Mossberg took back the prediction and convinced

De la Vega: AT&T coming around on Android?

At a press luncheon during last week's CTIA Wireless 2008 event in Las Vegas, AT&T Mobility president Ralph de la Vega hinted that AT&T was finally coming around to Google's Android platform

Nokia previews iPhone-killer named Tube

Nokia has unveiled its answer to Apple's iPhone: a touchscreen handset that is both Java and Flash-enabled and currently code-named Tube. The iPhone does not support either technology. The Tube will

WSJ: 3G iPhone hits stores in 60 days

The Wall Street Journal's technology columnist Walt Mossberg predicted last week that the 3G iPhone will hit store shelves within 60 days. Mossberg made the comments at an executive summit held by

Sprint's iPhone-killer: Hardly a killer Instinct?

Sprint's iPhone-killer: Hardly a killer Instinct? One notable trend that emerged from last weeks' CTIA 2008 trade show in Las Vegas and one that has been going on for some time is the

Report: Telcel gets iPhone carriage in Mexico

According to media reports in Mexican newspapers, America Movil subsidiary Telcel is poised to launch Apple's iPhone in that country come June. The reports indicate that Apple is planning to launch

ALSO NOTED: Nokia's 2.5G; Another iPhone SDK update; and much more...

> Hutchison's wireless bets begin to pay off. Article > Apple releases yet another

More speculation surfaces about 3G iPhone

Due to disappointing iPhone sales across Europe, Apple is reported to have ramped up its efforts to

Interview: Microsoft on the enterprise iPhone

FierceWireless' sister publication CIO:TechWatch recently sat down with Adam Glick, Technical Product Manager for Microsoft's Exchange group, to discuss Microsoft's deal with Apple for licensing its

Microsoft at work on new mobile web browser?

A recent BusinessWeek feature reports Microsoft is redoubling its mobile efforts to compete with the success of rival Apple's iPhone--Microsoft mobile communications business GM Scott Horn denies the