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Could Apple wind up paying Nokia $1B over iPhone patents?

In the wake of Nokia's lawsuit against Apple last week, which claimed that Apple's iPhone infringes on 10 Nokia patents that span WCDMA, GSM and WiFi technologies, analysts are wondering: How much

Will the next major patent fight occur between Nokia and Apple?

Will the next big patent fight occur between Nokia and Apple? Nokia filed a lawsuit in U.S. court last week, claiming Apple has infringed on 10 Nokia-owned patents that cover technologies such as

Nokia takes off the gloves with Apple patent suit

Nokia has gone after Apple, filing a patent claim that accuses its rival of infringing on ten of its patents.

THE WRAP: Nokia v Apple, Twitter's search deals

This week Nokia went after the iPhone in court while Twitter struck deals with Google and Microsoft.

AT&T's mixed iPhone message

During AT&T's third-quarter earnings call yesterday, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets President and CEO Ralph de la Vega first trumpeted the company's third-quarter iPhone activations (3.2

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone patent infringement

Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging the company's iPhone infringes on 10 Nokia patents that span WCDMA, GSM and WiFi technologies. The filing brings to a head heated market competition

Apple boosts Q4 profit 46% on record iPhone sales

Record iPhone sales helped stimulate another quarter of strong growth at Apple, with the company boosting net profit 46% to €1.10 billion.   In its

Apple sells 7.4M iPhones in best quarter ever

Apple shipped 7.4 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter, the most it has ever sold, besting the 6.9 million it shipped in the quarter following the launch of the iPhone 3G last year. The

Would someone please build a decent store?

Is anybody out there as frustrated as I am? I can't find a decent mobile content store out there--not one. They all have huge problems and seemingly no sense of urgency on fixing any of those

News In Brief: Galleon, Dell, Samsung Electronics, Nokia, Nortel, Apple, Verizon, SK Telekom

The FBI has filed charges against several people involved with the €2 billion Galleon Group hedge fund, including founder Raj Rajaratnam.