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SPOTLIGHT: Carphone Warehouse misleading iPhone buyers?

The BBC claims that Carphone Warehouse has been misleading customers about Apple's iPhone. Article

Orange sells unlocked iPhones for $964 apiece

France's Orange announced that it will sell unlocked iPhones for about $964, much less than the $1500 that T-Mobile Germany is charging for the unlocked devices. iPhone buyers that also sign up for a

Metric: Device acquisition up 40% in U.S.

According to a recent report from M:Metrics, 12 percent of U.S. mobile users who bought a new phone last year did so in December, which marks a 40 percent uptick in device sales during that month.

Apple files touch-control patents

Within weeks of the iPhone's summertime release, Apple filed a series of patents for sensor layouts, mobile sensors and compliant conductors, together indicating the computing giant is working on a

France Telecom to sell 100K iPhones in 2007

France Telecom's Orange subsidiary plans to sell a little less than 100,000 iPhones in 2007 and also plans to offer an unlocked version of the handset for a price that is well below T-Mobile

Apple uses iTunes to unlock iPhone in Germany

According to early reports out of Germany, those iPhone buyers who spend the $1500 for an unlocked iPhone in Germany have the iPhone unlocked when they sync it up with iTunes. Apple has always used

T-Mobile Germany offers iPhone for $1500

T-Mobile Germany looked to appease rival Vodafone Germany, which filed a suit against T-Mobile for requiring a two-year contract

Report: Top selling phones in US: RAZR, iPhone

Strategy Analytics posted its list of the top selling handsets in the U.S. market, which was dominated by Motorola and LG. The two handset makers had seven of the top ten selling phones:Motorola RAZR

Vodafone Germany makes trouble for iPhone

Vodafone Germany is making some trouble for T-Mobile Germany's exclusive iPhone deal, which requires iPhone buyers to commit to a two-year T-Mobile service contract. Vodafone won a temporary

QUICKLINKS: KDDI and Qualcomm complete KCP+ platform development; T-Mobile pulls Slide;

KDDI and Qualcomm complete KCP+ platform development. Article T-Mobile pulls Slide.