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Latest Headlines

Nokia shakes up management structure yet again

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is reshuffling its organizational chart for the second time in seven months, promising that its new streamlined management structure will help spur execution and innovation. The

Apple might use new higher-speed WiFi instead of conventional home network wires

Apple, which is still toying with the idea of getting into the TV business, could do so without the usual tangle of behind-the-set wires if it adopts the new 7-gig WiFi standard known as WiGig. Ali

Android sales pass iPhone--but for how long?

With dozens of smartphones spanning multiple manufacturers and all four major U.S. operator networks, it was inevitable that Android sales would surpass the iPhone sooner or later, and that time is

Adobe shrugs off Apple impasse's effect on CS5

Adobe Systems CFO Mark Garrett said he doesn't anticipate the fallout from the firm's public scuffle with Apple over the Flash multimedia platform will deter potential customers from embracing its

Apple issues iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3

Apple released its iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 update, available for download here to registered developers. In addition to several bug fixes, the upgrade includes new features like file sharing between the

A problem? AT&T's wireless network is the punchline

AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) appears to have a serious problem, and as far as I can tell the company is doing its absolute best to ignore it completely. I'm not talking about AT&T's network

Nokia sues Apple over iPad patents

Nokia has stepped up its patent battle against Apple, launching yet another lawsuit in the US this time aimed at Apple’s iPhone and its new iPad tablet.

News In Brief: Bouygues Telecom, Apple, Google

Bouygues Telecom has lent its weight to a complaint Canal Plus filed with the French competition authority against France Telecom, over the incumb

Nokia expands patent-infringement feud with Apple

The legal tussle between Nokia and Apple is escalating. Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has filed a lawsuit against Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) for patent infringement, arguing that the company's iPhone and iPad products

IDC: Apple surges in smartphones while Nokia, RIM stagnate

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) benefited the most in the first quarter from rising smartphone sales, according to research firm IDC, boosting its global smartphone market share while Research In Motion (