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Latest Headlines

Adobe slams Apple's plot for 'tyrannical control over developers'

Apple unveiled both its iPhone OS 4.0 and its new iAd mobile advertising effort during a media event last week at its Cupertino campus, but it's news the company didn't announce that's now

News In Brief: Telefonica, Alca-Lu Bell Labs, Apple, Google, TI, MI5, Intelsat

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs has extended a collaboration with universities in France and the UK to define software

Twitter acquires mobile client, stirs debate

Twitter has acquired Atebits, the firm behind the most popular Twitter mobile client, stirring discussion about the company’s role in apps development.   The

Wi-LAN strikes Apple, Motorola over Bluetooth patents

Wi-LAN, a Canadian technology licensing company, stung Apple, Motorola, Dell, HP and other tech companies with lawsuits, claiming they are infringing on its patents for Bluetooth technology. The firm

iPad: media hype reflects media hope

The Apple iPad’s arrival, heralded by

Verizon warm on iPhone deal, cool on Vodafone merger

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is very interested in an Apple device partnership for its network, but has no plans to pursue a merger with Vodafone, he said in a recent interview. &nb

Apple integrates ad platform into iPhone OS 4

Apple plans to implement an ad platform into the latest version of its iPhone OS, in a clear play for territory dominated by archrival Google.   Apple

THE WRAP: Huawei seeks US deal, the iPad lands

This week Huawei sought a deal that would allow it to grow its US business, while after months of hype the iPad finally arrived.  

Apple unveils new iPhone OS with multitasking support

As expected, Apple debuted its iPhone 4.0 operating system today. This latest version of the OS includes new features such as support for multitasking and a mobile advertising platform. The iPhone OS

Teardown: iPad cost €195 to make

The new 16GB iPad, which is selling in the US for $499, costs just $259.60 (€194.66) to make, according to iSuppli.   The