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Latest Headlines

Apple unveils new iPhone, AT&T reaffirms wireless margin outlook

Apple yesterday confirmed what had been rumored for months by unveiling the latest incarnation of its iconic iPhone at its developer conference--though the company did so without the star presence of

Video: Check out the new iPhone 3G S

Check out this guided tour of the new iPhone 3G S from Apple. Source: Apple via YouTube

Apple premieres new iPhone 3G S at WWDC 2009

As widely expected, Apple formally announced the new iPhone 3G S in conjunction with the kickoff of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Promising improved speed and performance, longer

Apple unveils iPhone 3G S, available June 19

Apple unveiled the latest version of its iconic iPhone, the iPhone 3G S--the "S" stands for speed--and said it would be available June 19. Rumors have been building for months that the company would

Verizon and even Freescale join in app store game

As if the world of application stores were not already overcrowded, operators and even chipmakers are now joining in the game. Verizon Wireless, as well as loosening some of its ties to Qualcomm’s Brew with a broad Java commitment, is promising its own app store, joining close ally China Mobile.

Apple, Google consider app-sharing tools

These days, downloading software applications for a smartphone is a breeze. But good luck trying to share that fun game or handy work-productivity tool with someone else.

Analyst: RIM to face pressure amid Palm, Apple launches

Research In Motion, and its stock, are likely to face mounting pressure as Sprint Nextel launches the Palm Pre June 6 and Apple possibly unveils a new version of the iPhone (which is rumored to be on

Smartphones: the silver lining of the declining handset market

During 2008, in a first for the mobile industry, consumer demand for third-party applications started driving both handset sales and revenues for developers and OEMs.

Analysts: Verizon-Apple deal could double iPhone sales

If Apple were to ink a deal with Verizon Wireless to offer the iPhone to its subscribers, it would double iPhone sales, according to two analysts. However, such a deal would have an impact on Apple's

New iPhone: More leaks than a secondhand diaper

With Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2009 just a week away, evidence continues to mount that the event will yield official confirmation of a new and improved iPhone. In the week since leaked