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Latest Headlines

Apple fires back, asks for ban on Nokia phones

Apple continued its legal tit-for-tat with Nokia over patents by filing its own complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, urging the agency to ban import of Nokia handsets. The move is

Motorola sues to block former exec who went to Nokia

Motorola is seeking a restraining order against a former top handset executive to block him from divulging confidential information to rival Nokia. Motorola is trying to prevent David Hartsfield

Nokia wins patent battle in UK

Nokia may be embroiled in an onerous legal stoush  with Apple in the US but in Europe it h

Apple tablet fever sweeps press, America, world

Apple has sent out invites to a January 27 press event at which it is widely expected to unveil its first tablet device.

Is Apple ready for merger mania?

Historically, Steve Jobs has not been the acquisitive type.

iPhone OS 4.0 rumored to debut in tandem with Apple tablet

Following Apple's announcement it will unveil its "latest creation"--presumably the computing giant's much-rumored tablet device--at a Jan. 27 media event, Fox News is reporting Apple will also

Apple files another complaint against Nokia

Apple has filed another patent complaint against Nokia, escalating the bitter dispute between the two handset heavyweights, while camera-maker Kodak has filed against Apple and RIM.

Analyst: New iPhone may be out by June

Apple may release the latest version of its iPhone by June, according to a Goldman Sachs analyst, and the device could feature upgrades including an improved camera and a touch-sensitive casing that

Apple accelerates the App Store approval process

Nearly two weeks into January, most of us have long since abandoned our New Year's resolutions, but Apple's App Store continues its march toward self-betterment. In the wake of a bumpy 2009 that

HP, Dell, Motorola each announce tablet PCs

This year is already shaping up to be the year of the tablet PC – weeks before the expected launch-date of Apple's rumored iSlate, HP, Dell and Motorola have all announced their own comp