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Latest Headlines

AT&T creates international plan for iPhone

International travelers looking to make a business case for the iPhone, have a silver bullet: AT&T has just announced a comprehensive international data plan for the iPhone that will allow users

ALSO NOTED: M-payments to soar; Telstra-iPhone; and much more...

> Mobile payments to soar by 2011 according to Jupiter Research.

Report: Google in talks with Verizon, Sprint

According to the most recent WSJ report about Google's plan to launch a branded handset in the U.S., the Internet search company is in talks with both Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel for devices

ALSO NOTED: iPhone plans under fire; Atheros takes on WiFi's power consumption; and much more...

> Atheros takes on power issues for mobile phones that utilize WiFi networks.

Sprint to unlock phones for departing subscribers

Sprint Nextel has agreed to give departing subscribers the means to unlock their phones for use on competitors' networks, as part of a proposed class-action settlement. The California suit accused

Apple: Two iPhones apiece, no more cash

Apple is restricting purchases of the iPhone to only two per customer in a move to stop people from selling them. The company is also no longer accepting cash or gift cards for iPhone purchases. The

Palm closes 25% sale to Elevation Partners

Palm announced that it has closed its deal with Elevation for a 25 percent stake in the company for $325

SPOTLIGHT: Analyst: AT&T pays $18 per iPhone

Piper Jaffray claims that AT&T pays Apple $18 per iPhone every month. Article

Apple to release unlocked iPhone in France

Apple has announced that it will open up the iPhone. In an open letter posted to the Apple website last week, CEO Steve Jobs stated simply, "Let me just say it: We want native third party

Apple: 17% of iPhones have been unlocked

Apple had their quarterly earnings call last month and in a lot of ways, it was business as usual for the Cupertino company. Yet again, Jobs and Co. posted record profits (for the month of September)