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Latest Headlines

Technical issues blamed for Vonage iPhone app snafu

Apple is blaming technical problems for delays in reviewing a mobile voice-over-IP application submitted by VoIP service provider Vonage for the computing giant's iPhone platform. "[Vonage] submitted

Analyst: AT&T's iPhone exclusivity likely to end next year

AT&T Mobility's exclusive rights to sell Apple's iPhone in the United States has been the subject of intense speculation and scrutiny, most recently from the FCC. However, according to Piper

Apple claims sabotage on exploding iPhones

Apple has scotched reports that a series of exploding iPhone incidents in France were caused by an overheated battery.

China Unicom strikes deal for iPhone

After months of speculation, China Unicom closed a deal to bring Apple's iconic iPhone to the Chinese market--the world's largest in terms of subscribers. China's second largest wireless operator

THE WRAP: Apple's Google excuse, Nokia's new goal

This week Apple explained why it rejected the Google Voice app as Nokia set off to become a

Surveys point to explosion in WiFi usage; The next challenge is monetizing that usage

A host of new studies have come out in the last two weeks that point to the value of WiFi-enabled mobile phones. This week, DeviceScape, developer of the Easy Wi-Fi application, released results of a

Can AT&T meet iPhone network demands?

When AT&T cut the deal that made it the exclusive U.S. distributor of Apple's iPhone, the carrier bet correctly it would attract millions of new subscribers.

News In Brief: BT, Apple, Bharti-Airtel, Alca-lu, China Telecom

The Irish Competition Authority has cleared BT Ireland’s sale of fixed-line customers and assets to Vodafone Ireland.

U.S. regulators to probe flash memory in leading smartphones

Regulators at the U.S. International Trade Commission revealed plans to probe flash-memory chips used in popular smartphones, such as Apple's iPhone and Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm,

Pulling back the curtain on App Store approvals

Developers spend weeks, even months creating applications for Apple's iPhone--and Apple's staff reviewers spend just minutes deciding whether that app merits inclusion in the App Store. That's just