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Latest Headlines

Why Apple is more valuable than Google

Now that Apple has once again passed Google in market value, can the consumer-electronics maker maintain its lead?

Apple breaks its silence on App Store rejections

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before: Apple rejects an iPhone application on grounds the app contains objectionable content. The application in question this time around is a mobile

Apple vs. Google: Tech's newest rivalry?

Over the past three decades, a few titanic rivalries have defined the technology industry's megatrends, ultimately determining which products eventually end up in consumers' and companies' hands.

Google's Chrome OS is no threat to apps stores... yet

You know by now that Google wants to crack the operating system market with Chrome OS.

Report: Apple accounts for 32% of handset industry profits

Apple continued to command outsize operating profits in the first half of 2009 relative to its place in the overall handset industry, according to research by Bernstein Research analyst Toni

Top-selling smartphones in the United States in the second quarter

The following lists the top-selling smartphone models in the United States in the second quarter of this year, according to research and consulting firm IDC. This list counts vendor sales to carriers

Apple faces FCC inquiry after yanking Google Voice apps

Apple is staring down a Federal Communications Commission inquiry after its controversial decision to remove a pair of third-party Google Voice applications from its App Store, additionally rejecting

Can Microsoft woo iPhone developers to Windows Mobile?

Five months after officially announcing its Windows Marketplace for Mobile application storefront, Microsoft last week began accepting software submissions for the store. Writing on the Windows

FCC probes Apple rejection of Google Voice

The US FCC is investigating Apple’s rejection of Google Voice from its App Store.   The regulator sent letters to Apple, Google and AT&T last Friday to ask them about their role in Apple’s decision to turn away the Google app last week.

News In Brief: Deutsche Telekom, LG, Apple, HTC, Friendster, Nortel

Deutsche Telekom Asia CEO Calvin Lee, 42, died on the weekend while competing in the annual Singapore triathlon. Singapore-born Lee had been with Deutsche Telekom Asia for 12 years.