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Latest Headlines

China Mobile seeks 50% of app store sales

China Mobile is seeking a 50% cut of all sales from its soon-to-launch Mobile Market app store. “China Mobile wants at least 50% of the revenues and the rest goes to the developer,” a source from Shanghai Mobile, a China Mobile subsidiary, told TelecomAsia.net. By contrast, Apple, Android and Microsoft all take just a 30% cut.

More evidence new iPhone is on the way

T-Mobile Austria's website briefly made reference this week to a 32Gb version of Apple iPhone, Dow Jones Newswire reports, adding to the speculation that a new iPhone will be launched this year. At the moment, there are 8Gb and 16Gb iPhone models.

All signs point to yes for new iPhone next month

The closer Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2009 gets, the louder the next-gen iPhone buzz grows. In the week since last issue's editorial, the question of whether or not June's WWDC event will

News In Brief: KWI, Baraka, UMTS Forum, Orascom NK, Nortel, Apple, Ofta

Konsorsium Wimax Indonesia (KWI) – a consortium made up of 30 small and medium ISPs – will  invest    $300 million in Wimax if it wins an operating license in July.  

Gartner: Smartphone sales surge

New figures from Gartner show smartphone sales increased to 36 million units worldwide in the first quarter, representing 13.5 percent of all handset sales in the quarter. Research In Motion saw its

Will Apple's WWDC 2009 yield a new iPhone?

With Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference just weeks away, the question on everyone's mind is whether or not the event will herald the introduction of a new iPhone device. Because CEO

Sling Media blames Apple for denying app 3G support

Placeshifting technology developer Sling Media finally issued the long-awaited iPhone edition of its SlingPlayer Mobile video application last week, but the release version of the app does not

Report: AT&T mulls cheaper iPhone data plans

AT&T Mobility is considering cutting the price of its monthly data plan for Apple's iPhone or offering a range lower-priced plans, according to a BusinessWeek report. The report, citing unnamed

News In Brief: Apple, Unicom, RIM, MeettheBoss.com, Spreadtrum, China Telecom

Apple has made between $20-$45 million from its 1 billion App store downloads, Lightspeed Venture partners estimated.    Mobile music discovery service Shazam and partners such as Apple, AT&T and Verizon have been

News In Brief: China Mobile, Unitech, Apple, Nokia Siemens, Telefonica

China Mobile has awarded Motorola a one-year contract worth $310 million to provide mobile equipment and services.   Unitech Wireless has