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Latest Headlines

Google: Apple rejected Google Voice app

Google said that Apple rejected its Google Voice application for the iPhone, contrary to Apple's statements last month to the FCC that it was still reviewing the offering. Google's assertion that

Jailbroken iPhones of doom

Apple has warned that "jailbreaking" (i.e. unlocking) iPhones is not only a federal offense under US digital copyright law, it's also a grave threat to cellular networks.

The App Store creates more room at the top

Apple held its "It's Only Rock and Roll" event last week in San Francisco, and as the name suggests, the spotlight fell squarely on the iPod media player line as the firm introduced a Nano with a

Own the digital home

Singapore's StarHub in April launched Hub Troopers, which it defines as an "elite team of highly trained digital experts." Hub Troopers, Singapore's version of the Geek Squad in the US, o

iPhone users don't like ads

Owners of Apple's iPhone are prolific users of mobile apps but are turned off by mobile advertising, recent research has revealed.   A study of mobile ads by Chiti

China Mobile still talking to Apple on iPhone

China Mobile is still in talks on selling the iPhone in China, despite the recent deal between Apple and China Unicom.   China Mobile boss Wang Jianzhou confirmed

Nokia's chances

When someone writes the history of the handset business in the 21st century, 2009 will surely go down as the year it changed forever.

Apple launches new Nano and iTunes 9

Apple has revealed that it has 50 million devices on the market with access to the iTunes App store.

News In Brief: Roamware, Hutchison Whampoa, Apple, Cisco, Evernote, GSMA

Roaming specialist Roamware has acquired Irish m-commerce firm Macalla Software. The company will remain HQ’d in Ireland, but operate under the Roamware name.

New iPhone software update coming by year's end?

Apple and AT&T are reportedly at work on a new iPhone software update that would add several new operator-specific features to the device. Citing sources with knowledge of the effort,