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Latest Headlines

Apple launches new iPhone 3G S to lines around the world

Apple launched the iPhone 3G S in countries across the world today, and customers lined up in cities from New York to Tokyo to get their hands on the new model. However, the launch of the 3G S

AT&T backtracks, offers break on new iPhone pricing

AT&T said it will reverse course and offer the iPhone 3G S at new-customer prices to some current iPhone 3G owners starting Friday, a move apparently geared to mollify a large, vocal and

Compatibility issues brewing for iPhone 3G S apps

Among the many differences separating Apple's forthcoming iPhone 3G S from its predecessor, the iPhone 3G, is its graphics capability--while the current version of the device supports OpenGL ES 1.1,

AT&T already sold out of iPhone 3G S pre-order stock

AT&T Mobility has already sold out of its pre-order units for the iPhone 3G S, a company spokeswoman confirmed. Customers who didn't immediately sign up for the new iPhone model after it was

Nearly 100% of iPhone users embrace data features

There are now 6.4 million active iPhone users in the U.S. according to media research firm Nielsen, and 98 percent of them have embraced the Apple smartphone's data features. Nielsen reports that

AT&T won't change iPhone data plan rates

AT&T Mobility has no plans to change the pricing on its data plans for Apple's iPhone, the company said. There had been speculation that AT&T would modify its rate plans to coincide with the

Where does Palm go from here?

The Palm Pre has been reviewed, praised and released. Now the big question for Palm is: Will webOS have legs? Palm went to lengths to point out during the months-long build-up to the Pre's June 6

iPhone 3GS' 'lack of innovation' hides true assets

Apple’s faithful may be disappointed with the iPhone 3GS’s apparent failure to move the smartphone goalposts, but the refinement of the device through continual software platform evolution remains a key differentiator that others

Apple unveils new iPhone, AT&T reaffirms wireless margin outlook

Apple yesterday confirmed what had been rumored for months by unveiling the latest incarnation of its iconic iPhone at its developer conference--though the company did so without the star presence of

Video: Check out the new iPhone 3G S

Check out this guided tour of the new iPhone 3G S from Apple. Source: Apple via YouTube