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Latest Headlines

RIM kicks Motorola out of Tier 1 global handset listing

On the strength of its BlackBerry smartphones, Canadian vendor Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) is now the world's fourth largest maker of cell phones, according to new numbers from research firm

Samsung handset market share drops to 20%

The pressure from competitors put a slight dent in Samsung's first quarter cell phone market share. The company reported that it sold 64.3 million devices in the first quarter, an increase of 40

HP pins smartphone future on ailing Palm brand

Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd may find his company’s latest foray into wireless phones is no easier than its failed first effort.

News In Brief: BT, Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, BSkyB.

Proposed changes to UK pension accounting rules would cost British Telecom £750 million (€867 million) in

Motorola taps Skyhook for location services

Skyhook Wireless announced that Motorola will deploy its location positioning and context solutions across the vendor's portfolio of Google Android smartphones. According to the agreement, Motorola

Handset makers set for summer smartphone showdown

Now that spring is in full bloom, the smartphone kingpins of the world are getting ready for another summer showdown. Last year's scuffle ended up a three-way contest among Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL),

HTC inks patent licensing deal with Microsoft for Android

HTC and Microsoft signed a patent licensing deal covering HTC's Android handsets that calls for the smartphone vendor to pay Microsoft royalties on the phones. The terms of the deal were not

For Nokia, RIM and others, the innovation window is closing fast

I bought a smartphone a little under six months ago, and as someone who follows the handset market fairly regularly, I can declare with confidence that it has already been completely outclassed in

Clash over Flash

Nothing gets the juices flowing than a high-profile war of words, especially when one of the accusers is Apple boss Steve Jobs.

AdMob's Android web traffic figures flawed

Reports Google’s Android generated more web traffic than Apple’s iPhone in the US last month are based on flawed data from a firm Google is in the process of buying, according to the