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Latest Headlines

SPOTLIGHT: Motorola: Hits come but every four years

Schaumburg, Ill.--There were surprisingly few occasions that Apple's iPhone entered the discussion at Motorola's Research Experience Day yesterday in Schaumburg, Ill. But, then again, there was no

Blurring the line between IT and entertainment

It's getting harder than ever to separate the software developers from the content providers. Consider the headline-grabbing events of recent weeks: Nokia introducing Ovi, a new Internet services

Apple iPhone lawsuits get organized

The Law Office of Damian R. Fernandez is organizing a class action lawsuit against Apple on behalf of iPhone users who have various

Just how new is the new Nokia?

  Nokia's extreme makeover forges on. On Monday, the company announced its biggest acquisition to date, purchasing navigation software developer Navteq for $8.1 billion and continuing (but almost

Apple at work on touch-screen PDA

Roughly a decade after terminating production of its Newton personal digital assistant, Apple is reportedly planning a return to the PDA market, putting the finishing touches on a touch-based device

Sun exec: "It's a mistake" Java doesn't run on iPhone

Speaking last week at the AJAXWorld conference in Santa Clara, Sun Microsystems distinguished engineer and vice president for software Bob Brewin criticized Apple's reluctance to embrace the Java

HTC sold 800,000 Touch phones

Since the HTC Touch went on sale in late July, HTC has sold 800,000 of the phones. The figure is an echo of sales of Apple's iPhone, which

SPOTLIGHT: Nokia's anti-iPhone, anti-locking campaign

Remember when Nokia ran that ad about its phones not being tied down to AT&T's network exclusively? Well, the handset vendor is striking out against Apple again, but this time over the other

Qualcomm appoints new general counsel

Qualcomm just appointed a new general counsel, Donald J. Rosenberg, who joined the company after serving as Apple's SVP, general counsel and corporate secretary. CEO Paul Jacobs said Rosenberg "will

Metric: 45% of U.S. subs want better mobile Internet

According to a recent report from the Kelsey Group and ConStat, 44.7 percent of U.S. mobile users will consider mobile Internet capabilities as a key factor when they purchase their next handset.