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Latest Headlines

Nokia brings case against Apple to ITC

Nokia today filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against Apple, alleging "virtually all" of the company's products--mobile phones, portable music players and

News In Brief: Apple,CenterNet, Twitter

The UK government's proposal to disconnect from the internet users caught repeatedly engaging in piracy could

News In Brief: PCCW, Apple, ChaCha

PCCW will make its now TV content  available on the Sony PS3 PlayStation from early 2010. PS3 users wi

News In Brief: Vodafone, Apple, Microsoft, Pacnet, Cable&Wireless, Google, NBN, BT

The UK's Supreme Court has refused an appeal by Vodafone against a £2.2 billion tax bill from the UK government.

Apple online TV service gaining momentum

Apple made news last month when word leaked it was shopping an online TV subscription service to network execs with a $30-a-month price tag. Well, rumors say at least a couple of big networks are

Study says iPod touch users slower to upgrade mobile OS

While 94.4 percent of iPhone users have upgraded their smartphones to run on iPhone OS 3.0, only 52.24 percent of iPod touch users have made the switch according to a new study released by online

Nokia: Market changes forcing hand on legal issues

Nokia contends its recent lawsuits targeting Apple, LG and Samsung and others reflect the changing, increasingly competitive nature of the wireless industry. Nokia, no stranger to litigation (see its

Verizon confident it can handle iPhone traffic

In a bit of carefully-worded marketing, Verizon Wireless CTO Tony Melone expressed confidence that the carrier's network could handle all of the mobile data traffic from Apple's iPhone--if rival

Mobile internet will trump fixed in 5 years

Mobile devices will outstrip PCs as the leading access tool to the internet within five years according to a new report from Morgan Stanley.

Tracking smartphone OS growth this year

Smartphones--and their accompanying operating systems and application storefronts--were one of the major wireless success stories this year. So how have the various competing smartphone