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Latest Headlines

NBC and Apple make peace

NBC and Apple have returned to each other's good graces, as NBC will deliver shows over iTunes for the first time since its contract with Apple ended last year. NBC pulled its content from iTunes

U.S. smartphone market is tough to crack

Top-ranked handset vendors such as Motorola, Nokia and Samsung control 80 percent of the cell phone device market but have struggled to sell smartphones in the U.S. This has caused an open door for

iPhone 3G a top seller for AT&T

Morgan Keegan analyst Tavis McCourt says that the iPhone 3G is the top-selling phone at most AT&T stores in North America and the United Kingdom. In a research note, McCourt said that Research in

Google, Microsoft give the App Store a run for its money

From the minute Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the computing giant's App Store virtual retail effort sold in excess of 60 million mobile application downloads in just its first month of existence,

U.K. advertising authority bans iPhone ad

The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an ad for the iPhone that promises users access to "all parts of the Internet" on their Apple device. The TV ad shows a person surfing through

Who's to blame for the iPhone 3G data speed snafu?

The people have spoken, and they say operators are to blame for the iPhone 3G's data speed issues, not

Apple plans to make 40M iPhones in next year

Business Week has learned Apple plans to build 40 million to 45 million iPhone 3Gs in the 12 months through August 2009. The company boosted its production plans when the initial sales proved

Apple slammed with lawsuit over iPhone 3G

Apple may be wishing it had reacted faster to the reported connectivity issues with the iPhone 3G. A lawsuit has been filed against the company by Alabama resident Jessica Alena Smith claiming that

iPhone now available for online orders

Enterprise users that don't have time to go to an Apple or AT&T store to pick up their iPhone 3G can now order it online. The moratorium on online orders has been lifted--but there is a catch. To

Report: AT&T, Apple to issue software fix for connection glitch

AT&T and Apple are reportedly working on a software fix to correct the iPhone 3G connection failures that users worldwide are rampantly complaining about. According to USA Today, citing anonymous