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Latest Headlines

Report: AT&T, Apple to issue software fix for connection glitch

AT&T and Apple are reportedly working on a software fix to correct the iPhone 3G connection failures that users worldwide are rampantly complaining about. According to USA Today, citing anonymous

Are design flaws plaguing the iPhone 3G?

There have been a flurry of news reports recently about the iPhone 3G and its purported issues with 3G data connectivity. Specifically, people are unhappy with how slowly the iPhone downloads data

Best Buy will sell iPhone 3G

Starting Sept. 7 consumers will be able to pick up an iPhone 3G at their local Best Buy store. The retailer will be the first to sell the popular device in the U.S. outside of Apple and AT&T

iPhone downside: short battery life, dropped calls

A recent spate of news reports indicates that not all iPhone 3G customers are happy with their experience. Although the phone has been lauded for its faster Internet speeds and its downloadable apps,

Developers $21 million richer after iPhone App Store's first month

It's now been a month since Apple opened the virtual doors of its App Store, and it looks like the place to be. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Rumor: Apple to launch iPhone nano

Apple is poised to launch a nano-like edition of the iPhone, according to The Daily Mail. Citing an unnamed source who said the nano device will boast a scroll-wheel on the back and a display screen

AT&T's Stephenson talks wireless, iPhone and more

In a rare interview, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told USA Today about the company's decision to subsidize the iPhone 3G and how the carrier is handling the fallout from investors who didn't like

Report: Handset shipments topped 287M in Q2

Strategy Analytics says that global mobile handset shipments grew 15 percent year-over-year to reach 297 million in second quarter 2008. Analyst Bonny Joy says that despite the economic gloom,

App Store frustrations bedevil iPhone developers

Although iPhone 3G activation problems and MobileMe synchronization issues have attracted the lion's share of negative publicity, some mobile developers are also reporting problems with Apple's App

Videos- Apple's New iPhone 3G Ads

Apple has released 3 new iPhone ads: Video Ad #1- Work