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Latest Headlines

New gear from Apple and Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Wireless is warming to the idea of an Apple (AAPL) partnership. Verizon Wireless is in talks with Apple to distribute two new iPhone-like devices, BusinessWeek has learned. Apple has created prototypes of the devices, and discussions reaching back a half-year have involved Apple CEO Steve Jobs, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Apple assembles chip team

Apple is breaking the mould yet again. While other phone and device makers are cutting back it is expanding, and into a new area that goes against grain of the entire consumer electronics industry: it is going to design its own chips.

Lowenstein: Evolution of the app store business model

Apple is commemorating the almost one-year anniversary of the App Store launch with ads proclaiming 1 billion app downloads. App stores have been launched for Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphone

Palm may limit Pre supply to build buzz

Palm may limit its stockpile of Pre smartphones at launch to fewer than 400,000 units, according to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News. The goal? Generate more buzz after the handset quickly sells

Verizon and AT&T go Apple picking

There has been quite a bit of selective leaking to the tech press this week, either from Apple, Verizon Wireless or Microsoft. First came a report in USA Today that Apple was considering making a

Rumor Mill: Is Microsoft designing an iPhone-killer for Verizon?

Microsoft is in discussions with Verizon Wireless to produce a touchscreen multimedia phone running its Windows Mobile platform as a rival to Apple's iPhone, according to a report in the Wall Street

Rumored Apple-Verizon partnership could produce two gadgets?

More details appear to be leaking out of a potential blockbuster deal between iPhone maker Apple and Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest carrier. A day after USA Today reported that the two

Verizon Wireless weathers downturn


Report: Apple talking to Verizon about iPhone

Apple is having discussions with Verizon Wireless about bringing the iconic iPhone to the carrier, according to a report in USA Today, a move that would unsettle the balance of power between Verizon

Apple reaches 1 billion App Store downloads

Apple crossed the 1 billion App Store application download threshold last Thursday, flipping the switch on its countdown webpage to a screen reading “Thanks a billion.