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SPOTLIGHT: Software update disables hacked iPhones

Apple's latest iPhone software update makes some hacked iPhone inoperable. According to bloggers, some of the unlocked iPhones still work but they only work with the original SIM card that forces the

ALSO NOTED: Apple general counsel to work for Qualcomm; The Cloud offers iPod Touch users WiFi access; and much more...

> Apple general counsel Donald Rosenberg is leaving for Qualcomm. Article >

SPOTLIGHT: Apple was right, unlocked phones disabled

A recent warning that Apple gave to owners of unlocked iPhones, or iPhone that had been hacked to work on other carriers' networks, has proven true. Unlocked iPhones that received the most recent

Comparing Touchscreen Phones: Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone has been at the center of technology circle discussions since its announcement in early January 2007. The touchscreen device is an AT&T-serviced phone fused with an iPod, multimedia

FEATURE: Comparing Touchscreen Phones

Before the launch and success of the

Apple slams the door on unlocked iPhones

  You may own an iPhone, but you don't really own an iPhone. It's not yours to do whatever you want. So says Apple, which according to reports is now denying service to iPhone buyers who have

Recapping Apple's European iPhone deals

Apple continued toward its presumed goal of global domination, announcing iPhone carrier partnerships in the U.K., France and Germany while also making moves to enter the Scandinavian market. Last

Frontline Wireless appeals FCC's auction rules

Frontline Wireless, the startup that seeks to build a national wireless network shared by public

Apple warns unlocked iPhone users

iPhone hackers have made it easy for users to unlock the iPhone for use on other carriers,

Nordic Operators Pursue iPhone

Piggy-backing on the deluge of announcements across Europe this week regarding which carriers will get exclusive rights to the iPhone in their countries, Nordic operators have also begun mentioning