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Latest Headlines

iPhone developer activity up 185% in advance of iPad

Even before Apple finally confirmed the pending release of its iPad tablet device, the developer community was already in motion: Developers initiated more than 1,600 new iPhone OS application

News In Brief: TeliaSonera, Orange, Deutsche Telecom, Apple, ZTE

TeliaSonera plans to upgrade its world-first LTE network in Swed

Mobclix issues mobile advertising SDK for iPad

Mobile advertising exchange Mobclix announced the release of a new SDK optimized for Apple's forthcoming iPad tablet device. The SDK--which Mobclix touts as the first specific to the iPad--offers

Apple details iPad 3G pricing gauge

Apple appears to be emphasizing the flexibility of its 3G pricing plans for its new iPad tablet that it will be releasing soon. In addition, the company will include a data usage monitor for the

Nokia asks judge to toss Apple's antitrust claims

Nokia is asking a federal judge to throw out Apple's antitrust claims against it, charging that they are a distraction from the real matter of dispute between the two companies--whether Apple is

Jim's iPad adventure (or, how you, too, can justify dropping $700 bucks on a new toy)

So, at 8:31 ET this morning I hopped onto the Apple website, loaded a 16 GB WiFi-enabled iPad into my shopping cart, perused the accessories, picked up a case for it, read a little more about it,

Nokia clips its 2009 market share estimates

Nokia has revised down its global handset market share for 2009 from 38 percent to 34 percent, based on a new methodology for measuring the handset industry. The company said in a filing with the

Apple embroiled in fresh patent dispute

Apple and RIM are being sued for patent infringement by a little-known Texas company.   The pair are named alongside AT&T, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, and Motorola in

Rumor Mill: Verizon seizing on iPad launch as an opportunity

AT&T Mobility scored a coup by being Apple's only U.S. wireless partner for the iPad, but rival Verizon Wireless isn't about to let that stand in the way of a potential market opportunity,

Smartphones are booming, but is there room for all the players?

It has become painfully clear that smartphones are where the growth is in the handset market. Evidence of this is seemingly everywhere: IDC reports the converged mobile device market (translation: