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Latest Headlines

Apple files counter-suit against Nokia

Apple has filed a counter-suit against Nokia, claiming the handset-maker is infringing 13 of its technology patents. The suit is a widely-predicted response to a patent case

Apple countersues Nokia over iPhone patents

Apple filed a countersuit against Nokia, claiming Nokia is infringing on 13 of its patents. The action comes a little less than two months after Nokia sued Apple, claiming its iPhone infringes on 10

Is Apple set for a major streaming video foray?

iMac. iTunes. iPhone. Is there an iStream in Apple's future? Of all the things the "i" giant has done well, streaming video has been one of its perceived weaknesses. But Apple appears to be taking a

The debate continues: Will Verizon get the iPhone next year?

Two leading analysts have staked out opposing positions on the industry's question du jour: Will Verizon Wireless launch Apple's iPhone in 2010? Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said he thinks

Cisco: 'Little interest' in building its own smartphones

Cisco Systems has "little interest" in selling its own smartphones, according to CEO John Chambers. However, he said the networking equipment company sees partnerships with smartphone makers such as

Apple dumps 1,000 apps

Apple has purged over 1,000  iPhone applications from Chinese developer Molinker following revelations that it was populating the iPhone store with ripped off apps with fake ratings.

Youth movement driving iPod touch app usage

With so much speculation about the future of the iPhone--e.g., if and when Apple will launch the smartphone via Verizon Wireless, or what the next version of the device has in store--it's easy to

Apple in Lala land

Apple appears prepared to take its iTunes model further into the cloud.   According to various

Apple's Schiller on app approvals: 'We do a very good job'

Apple's head of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller defended the much-maligned App Store approval process in a lengthy New York Times feature, maintaining "I think, by and large, we do a very

Google buys Appjet

Google has acquired start up development studio AppJet for an undisclosed amount while Apple has acquired music site LaLA.