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Latest Headlines

Apple revises iPhone NDA, debuts developer forum

As promised earlier this month, Apple revised its iPhone SDK non-disclosure agreement, in effect enabling iPhone application developers to more openly discuss their plans for the device platform.

App Store tops 200 million download milestone

Apple announced its iPhone App Store reached the 200 million download benchmark last week, just over 100 days after the virtual storefront opened July 11. "The 200 millionth app! We've never seen

Netflix instant streaming comes to Mac

Netflix announced Monday it is using Microsoft's Silverlight online video platform to bring its instant streaming movie service to subscribers using Apple Macintosh computers. The service has been

Apple sells 6.9M iPhones in Q4

Apple, in announcing its fourth quarter earnings, said that it had sold 6.9 million iPhones in the quarter, and was poised to have 200 million downloads from its App Store. The iPhone number is just

Intel demos platform, partners with Ericsson

Intel unveiled on Monday the first Mobile Internet Device (MID) running on its Moorestown platform, and an Intel executive said the platform, which is scheduled for release sometime in the latter

Google has kill switch for Android apps

T-Mobile USA's G1, the first phone running on Google's Android software, has been billed as one of the few serious competitors to Apple's iPhone 3G in the smartphone space. It now stands side-by-side

Apple asks judge to toss out iPhone 3G lawsuit

Apple has asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit that iPhone 3G customers had brought against the company, saying that the customers did not ask the company to repair their iPhones or ask for a

Apple misses iPhone push service deadline

Apple has missed a self-imposed deadline to introduce "push" functionality with its recent iPhone 2.1 update. Senior vice president of iPhone software Scott Forstall promised developers in attendance

Walmart to sell iPhone 3G

Best Buy became the first third party retailer to sell Apple's iPhone 3G in September, and the blog Boy Genius Report is now reporting that retail giant Walmart will follow suit in November.

AT&T sets up online accounts for iPhone 3G users

AT&T Mobility announced it was offering online account setup for Apple's iPhone 3G customers so they can take care of necessary requirements before they enter a store to buy and activate the