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Latest Headlines

Apple integrates ad platform into iPhone OS 4

Apple plans to implement an ad platform into the latest version of its iPhone OS, in a clear play for territory dominated by archrival Google.   Apple

THE WRAP: Huawei seeks US deal, the iPad lands

This week Huawei sought a deal that would allow it to grow its US business, while after months of hype the iPad finally arrived.  

Apple unveils new iPhone OS with multitasking support

As expected, Apple debuted its iPhone 4.0 operating system today. This latest version of the OS includes new features such as support for multitasking and a mobile advertising platform. The iPhone OS

Teardown: iPad cost €195 to make

The new 16GB iPad, which is selling in the US for $499, costs just $259.60 (€194.66) to make, according to iSuppli.   The

What to expect from Apple's iPhone 4.0 announcement

Apple is expected to formally unveil the latest version of its iPhone OS, 4.0, at a media event tomorrow. As usual, Apple is being tight-lipped about what to expect from the upgraded platform, though

Rumor Mill: Nokia planning new tablet

Nokia is developing a new tablet for later this year in the wake of Apple's iPad launch, according to an analyst. "You don't want to give that much of a lead to Apple because it otherwise becomes

iPad hits WiFi snag

Apple's latest product appears to be having trouble with wireless. No, not cellular wireless; instead, Apple has acknowledged some iPad users' problems connecting to WiFi networks, and has issued a

Apple to show off iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow

In a busy week for smartphones, Apple will tomorrow showcase the latest version of its iPhone and iPad OS, while more details have emerged of Microsoft's “Project Pink.”

iPad users report difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi

Multiple iPad owners have reported recurring issues with their device's Wi-Fi connection, in the first dark clouds for Apple since the launch of the device.   A nu

News In Brief: Oxygen8, Apple, Verizon, Digg

Micro-billing firm Oxygen8 Communication has unveiled new SMS bulk rates that offer UK media firms the chance to conduct mobile marketing over 700 carriers for £0.011 (€0.012)