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Latest Headlines

As expected: Orange gets iPhone for France

It's the third consecutive day for an exclusive iPhone deal in Europe. Today's? France

iPhone: T-Mobile Germany confirmed; 3G version '08

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that T-Mobile is the exclusive iPhone carrier in Germany. The phone and details are in line with yesterday's UK O2 announcement. Orange is expected to announce its

O2's iPhone Tariffs Image

Below is O2's Tariffs for  iPhone usage: Click here for more iPhone coverage...

Apple takes a bite out of O2

How much is too much? That's the question facing O2 after The Guardian reported the British operator has agreed to

Apple announces O2 as UK iPhone carrier

Apple has quelled the iPhone rumors in the U.K. today by announcing O2 as its exclusive carrier partner in the U.K. Beginning November 9, O2's 18 million subscribers can purchase an iPhone for about

ALSO NOTED: Ericsson's HSPA; Analysts tough on Alcatel-Lucent; and much more...

> Philadelphia is conducting a hearing to discuss Earthlink's troubles and ability to construct a muni-WiFi network. Article

iPhone rebate sent via SMS- Image

Today iPhone users who bought their handset before August 22 can receive their rebate via SMS. If you were an early adopter, go to the Apple website, enter your telephone number and iPhone serial

Apple sends $100 iPhone credit via SMS

Apple is sending the previously announced $100 store credit to iPhone users' handsets via SMS. The message contains a code that can be used online or at an Apple store. Any iPhone user who bought

ALSO NOTED: 1.6 mobiles per user in U.K.; Apple to sell 3M by year-end; and much more...

> Recent reports estimate that there are 1.6 mobile phones for every U.K. mobile user.

Palm shareholders approve partial sale

Palm's shareholders have voted to approve the partial sale of the company to private equity firm Elevation Partners,