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Latest Headlines

Apple slams the door on unlocked iPhones

  You may own an iPhone, but you don't really own an iPhone. It's not yours to do whatever you want. So says Apple, which according to reports is now denying service to iPhone buyers who have

Recapping Apple's European iPhone deals

Apple continued toward its presumed goal of global domination, announcing iPhone carrier partnerships in the U.K., France and Germany while also making moves to enter the Scandinavian market. Last

Frontline Wireless appeals FCC's auction rules

Frontline Wireless, the startup that seeks to build a national wireless network shared by public

Apple warns unlocked iPhone users

iPhone hackers have made it easy for users to unlock the iPhone for use on other carriers,

Nordic Operators Pursue iPhone

Piggy-backing on the deluge of announcements across Europe this week regarding which carriers will get exclusive rights to the iPhone in their countries, Nordic operators have also begun mentioning

As expected: Orange gets iPhone for France

It's the third consecutive day for an exclusive iPhone deal in Europe. Today's? France

iPhone: T-Mobile Germany confirmed; 3G version '08

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that T-Mobile is the exclusive iPhone carrier in Germany. The phone and details are in line with yesterday's UK O2 announcement. Orange is expected to announce its

O2's iPhone Tariffs Image

Below is O2's Tariffs for  iPhone usage: Click here for more iPhone coverage...

Apple takes a bite out of O2

How much is too much? That's the question facing O2 after The Guardian reported the British operator has agreed to

Apple announces O2 as UK iPhone carrier

Apple has quelled the iPhone rumors in the U.K. today by announcing O2 as its exclusive carrier partner in the U.K. Beginning November 9, O2's 18 million subscribers can purchase an iPhone for about