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Latest Headlines

Apple sells 4.4M iPhones in Q1, warns competition

Apple bucked the trend facing technology companies and posted solid results for its fiscal first quarter, which ended Dec. 27, and said it sold 4.4 million iPhones in the quarter. Apple's net income

iPhone 3G sales drop

The economy took its toll on Apple as the company reported a significant slowdown in iPhone 3G sales during the first fiscal quarter of 2009, which ended Dec. 27. The company reported it sold 4.4

Apple shares drop in wake of Jobs' health disclosure

Shares of Apple were down more than 4 percent in trading on Thursday in the wake of CEO Steve Jobs' revelation Wednesday afternoon that he would be taking a leave of absence from the company until

Steve Jobs taking medical leave from Apple

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said he will take a medical leave of absence from the company until June, according to reports. Jobs said in an email to employees that his health issues are more complex

Best Buy begins selling refurbished iPhone 3G devices

Best Buy, the first major independent U.S. retailer to sell Apple's iPhone 3G, has begun selling refurbished versions of the phone at a $50 discount, continuing the trend that started a few weeks ago

Steve Jobs has hormone imbalance, will stay on at Apple

Rumors that Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO and founder, has had health problems were confirmed when Jobs revealed that he has been struggling with a hormone imbalance. Jobs said he will remain at Apple. The

AT&T sells refurbished iPhone 3G for $99

AT&T Mobility is currently selling refurbished versions of Apple's iPhone 3G for as low as $99 in an eye-catching post-holiday offer that marks the lowest price the phone has ever been sold.

2008 Year in Review: The iPhone 3G and iPhone clones

The news: AT&T Mobility launched the Apple's iPhone 3G July 11, ushering in a new era of high-speed data capable smartphones. Apple's second-generation iPhone, which featured the same sleek look

Apple, RIM dominate U.S. smartphone market, push out Palm

Apple and Research In Motion saw their shares of the smartphone market in 2008 rise compared to Palm, and will continue their dominance in 2009, according to a report released by ChangeWave Research.

2008 Year in Review: App Store revolutionizes mobile software distribution, sales

Without a doubt, the July 11 introduction of Apple's App Store virtual storefront was the signature event of 2008. Launched in conjunction with the U.S. retail debut of the iPhone 3G, the App Store