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Latest Headlines

Apple's Schiller on app approvals: 'We do a very good job'

Apple's head of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller defended the much-maligned App Store approval process in a lengthy New York Times feature, maintaining "I think, by and large, we do a very

Google buys Appjet

Google has acquired start up development studio AppJet for an undisclosed amount while Apple has acquired music site LaLA.

Nokia to halve next year's smartphone portfolio

Nokia next year will cut the number of smartphones it releases roughly in half in order to better compete with the likes of Apple and Research In Motion. The company has introduced around 20

The writing on the wall

It's all over for operators. The writing's been on the wall for so long there's no space left on the wall.

Apple job posting indicates Maps app revamp

A job posting on the Apple website calling for an iPhone software engineer to join its new Maps team indicates the computing giant is poised to revamp the smartphone's mapping technology. "The iPhone

Apple field testing next-generation iPhone?

iPhone application analytics suggest that Apple is now field testing a forthcoming version of the smartphone, the presumed follow-up to the current iPhone 3G S model. MacRumors reports that November

BSS as a profit centre? Get real!

If telecom service providers continue to believe that they own their customers because they have a billing or customer care relationship with them they are in for a really big shock.  Those ma

Biggest UK retailer to sell iPhone

UK retailing giant Tesco has confirmed that it will be selling the iPhone as part of Apple's moves to open up its UK distribution channel.  

Apple defends App Store approval process, but doesn't fix it

With a small but vocal segment of the iPhone application developer segment vowing to walk away from the platform for good, Apple senior vice president for worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller

Top 5 app-store strategy tips

Last week Questex Asia staged its first AppXchange event, in which speakers and delegates examined the state of application stores, how they’re transforming the mobile sector’s app