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Latest Headlines

Apple introduces iPhone software updates

During his annual Macworld keynote last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a series of iPhone software updates highlighted by a redesigned Maps application enabling users to triangulate their

Apple takes advantage of WiFi in products

Apple didn't announce its intention to include WiMAX in its laptops nor did it announce a

Apple: 4M iPhones sold to date

The MacBook Air may have stolen the show at this year's MacWorld Expo but Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote did include two wireless-related products and announcements:Time Capsule: Essentially an

What will Apple do for its iPhone encore?

Macworld 2008 is now officially underway in San Francisco, and the question on everyone's minds heading into CEO Steve Jobs' annual keynote is how--or even if--the computing giant can top itself

Rumor: Apple may include WiMAX in notebooks

Rumors are flying that Apple may unveil notebook computers featuring WiMAX during the Macworld event this week. The technology, which has been soft-launched by Sprint in Chicago, Baltimore and

Apple and China Mobile end iPhone talks

China Mobile said talks with Apple over bringing the iPhone to its subscribers have ended, but the carrier did not specify why the talks broke off. The news comes on the heels of a report from

SPOTLIGHT: Rumor Mill: Apple to include WiMAX in notebooks?

So the latest and greatest rumor surrounding Steve Jobs' MacWorld keynote tomorrow is that Apple will include WiMAX functionality in an ultra portable 13 inch notebook computer.

Analyst: iPhone sales to boost AT&T's Q4

Cowen and Co. wrote in a note to investors that AT&T's market valuation is off the mark and that the telecom will "outperform the market by 15 percent" through the end of this year. AT&T's

SPOTLIGHT: Looking back at the history of the iPhone

With MacWorld just a few short days away, now is a good time to look back and reflect on the bounty of MacWorlds past. For example, last year's announcement of the iPhone, which was undoubtedly one

ALSO NOTED: Nokia Siemens a buyer? MetroPCS buys PCS spectrum; and more...

> Nokia Siemens becomes a buyer? Article > MetroPCS buys 10 MHz of PCS spectrum from PTA Communications.