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App Opp is Apple's and Orange's

France Telecom's Orange reportedly is interested in developing an iTunes like application store for content that could be played on a variety of devices, including TVs, personal computers and mobile

Wal-Mart to begin selling the iPhone 3G

Rumors that Wal-Mart will start selling Apple's iPhone 3G appear to be gaining credence, as Wal-Mart employees prep for the launch, according to reports. The retailing giant will reportedly begin

App Store applications top 10,000 mark

iPhone owners have now downloaded more than 300 million mobile applications in the five months since computing giant Apple launched its App Store virtual storefront on July 11. Apple did not issue a

Apple passes Windows Mobile in smartphone market

Research firm Gartner released its statistics on the smartphone market for the third quarter, which suffered the biggest year-on-year drop since the company started tracking the industry. The bright

Rumour Mill: Nokia to enter laptop market?

Although categorically denied by Nokia earlier this year, rumours the Finnish mobile giant may be planning to enter the laptop computer market have resurfaced. On this occasion it was through the

Apple told to pull iPhone ad

The UK advertising regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), has told Apple to discontinue using a TV ad for the iPhone. This is the second time in three months that Apple have been found

Rumor Mill: Is Microsoft making a Zune smartphone?

Rumors are circulating of a possible Microsoft smartphone based on the software giant's Zune digital music player. Code-named "Pink," the phone will use technology from Microsoft's acquisition of

What's new and what's missing in iPhone OS 2.2

Apple released its much-anticipated iPhone OS 2.2 update late last week, roughly two months after dropping update 2.1. The update offers few surprises for anyone following the advance leaks and

Apple event spotlights iPhone developers

Apple last week hosted a press briefing in San Francisco to spotlight some of its iPhone developer partners and their upcoming mobile applications for the device. The purpose of the event was to

Report: Wal-Mart to sell iPhone 3G

Wal-Mart will reportedly begin selling Apple's iPhone 3G Dec. 28 in 2,500 of 3,500 Wal-Mart stores in the United States, as well as in 69 of 500 Sam's Club stores, according to JPRG Research analyst