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Latest Headlines

Ballmer: Microsoft is not making its own phone

Microsoft is not creating its own smartphone to compete directly with rival Apple's iPhone. The company will instead focus on licensing its Windows Mobile operating systems, said Microsoft CEO Steve

Analyst: iPhone 3G users to benefit from wireless price war

The price war that has begun between T-Mobile USA and Sprint Nextel will ultimately benefit users of Apple's iPhone 3G if other carriers reduce prices on their data plans, an analyst has said. Shaw

Users spending more money and less time on mobile apps

More than 17 percent of U.S. smartphone users who installed mobile applications in 2008 spent between $100 and $499 on premium apps according to a new consumer report conducted by market analysis

Casinos on lookout for iPhone card counters

Nevada casinos, never ones to tolerate anything that cuts into their winnings, are on the alert these days for a blackjack card-counting program that can be used on the iPhone or the iPod portable

China Mobile, Apple talks fail over app store

Negotiations between China Mobile and Apple on selling the iPhone in China have reportedly broken down once again- this time due to China Mobile's insistence on controlling iPhone app sales.

So what else do iPhone developers want, anyway?

Nothing's perfect--certainly not the App Store. Granted, Apple's mobile application marketplace has been a gold mine for developers: Since launching July 11, the App Store has introduced more than

Chinese iPhone talks ended over app control

Negotiations between China Mobile and Apple to bring the iPhone to the world's largest mobile subscriber market broke down after the two firms reached a stalemate over the sale and distribution of

Developer Workshop explores the mobile marketplace

FierceDeveloper launched the first in a new series, called Developer Workshop, which will explore the current state of the mobile marketplace from the point of view of the software developers mapping

New boutique App Store changes the rules of the game

In its current incarnation, Apple's App Store is a bit like your local Wal-Mart, offering bargain-priced consumer goods from a variety of manufacturers. But reports suggest Apple is mulling the

What's new and what's missing in iPhone OS 2.2.1 SDK

About two months after releasing its iPhone OS 2.2. update, Apple quietly issued the iPhone OS 2.2.1 SDK. As the extra decimal place suggests, 2.2.1 is by no means a radical overhaul, but a