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Latest Headlines

Report: iPhone major hacker target in 2008

Researchers at Arbor Networks are predicting the iPhone will be the subject of serious attacks from hackers in 2008. Hackers already broke Apple's security system in 2007, but Arbor Networks

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> KT considers a corporate revamp. Article > Marvell director resigns.

Nokia's just following Apple to the bank

  Nokia's just following Apple to the bank When a reporter from a German newspaper asked Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo whether Nokia would demand a percentage of sales from its carrier partners

AT&T: wireless rev to grow in mid-teens in 2008

AT&T Mobility announced that it expects revenue to increase by a mid-teen percentage in 2008 thanks in part to the recent

Top Downloaded iPhone Apps

Apple counts down most popular iPhone apps

Apple's iPhone website posted a list of the 10 applications that have proven the most popular with the device's users. Two Google applications made the countdown, which is otherwise notable for the

Apple: You can buy five iPhones now

iPhone buyers in the U.S. and U.K. are now able to buy five iPhones at once, instead of only two at a time. An Apple representative confirmed the change to Wired, but gave

700 MHz auction: Clearwire won't bid; VZW will

Clearwire filed a document with the SEC stating that it will not bid in the upcoming 700 MHz auction in January, but the company did not give a reason for the decision to abstain. Potential bidders

Orange: 20% of iPhones sold unlocked

France Telecom subsidiary Orange has announced that about 20 percent of the iPhones it has sold to customers have

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> Rumor: Apple signed a deal with D.Phone in China for distribution of the iPhone. Article > Samsung aims for 15