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Latest Headlines

iPhone hackers strike again with Pwnage 2.0

It took about a week, but hackers have unlocked Apple's iPhone 3G. The

SPOTLIGHT: Battle for the TV

There's a war over who will supply online video to the home TV starting to build, with three major players and lots of others wanting to buy in says GigaOm. Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are named as

iPhone 3G inventory plummets over weekend

iPhone 3G inventories plummeted over the weekend. Computerworld said Apple's own inventory tool showed fewer than 9 percent of its stores had any phones to sell yesterday. As of 11 a.m. ET, only 16

Motorola sues former exec over employment with Apple

Motorola is suing a former executive, claiming he violated a two-year noncompete agreement by becoming the head of global iPhone sales for Apple and recruiting two other former Motorola employees.

Ten million iPhone App Store downloads in first weekend

Despite myriad problems with Apple's iTunes activation server, the iPhone 3G's opening weekend

Microsoft: "We want to give our customers choice"

With Apple's iPhone 3G launch garnering so much media attention last week, Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business senior vice president Andrew Lees sat down with Dow Jones Newswires to confirm it

iPhone 3G aftermath: Apple sells 1 million devices in 3 days

Glitches with Apple's iTunes activation server may have caused delays but it didn't stop Apple from selling 1 million 3G iPhones in its first three days of availability. This compares to the launch

iPhone 3G: Faster, cheaper but still not perfect

The handful of lucky reviewers to have early access to the iPhone 3G have revealed their analysis of the new device, which goes on sale Friday, July 11. The conclusion: the iPhone 3G is cheaper and

Video: iPhone 3G Review from WSJ

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg has a video review of the iPhone 3G. Check it out below...

Countdown to the iPhone 3G

Anticipation is growing for the Apple iPhone 3G debut on Friday and already we're hearing reports of