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iPhone 3G: Faster, cheaper but still not perfect

The handful of lucky reviewers to have early access to the iPhone 3G have revealed their analysis of the new device, which goes on sale Friday, July 11. The conclusion: the iPhone 3G is cheaper and

Video: iPhone 3G Review from WSJ

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg has a video review of the iPhone 3G. Check it out below...

Countdown to the iPhone 3G

Anticipation is growing for the Apple iPhone 3G debut on Friday and already we're hearing reports of

Navigation app developers turn away from iPhone 3G

Apple's iPhone 3G drops at retail on Friday, but the feverish anticipation hasn't engulfed the mobile developer community--at least not navigation services developers, anyway. Forbes

Will July 11 be a nightmare for 3G iPhone buyers?

Remember last June when long lines of people snaked around Apple and AT&T company-owned stores waiting to purchase the iPhone? Well some are predicting that the wait for the 3G iPhone could be

AT&T to consumers: get 'iReady' for the 3G iPhone

AT&T today provided consumers with pricing plans and tips for purchasing the 3G iPhone on July 11 (buying will begin at 8 a.m. CST). Of course, most of the pricing information has already been

iPhone: rumors and consumer rebellion

Apple's 3G iPhone continues to drum up controversy and incite rumors. Here's a roundup of some of the latest tantalizing iPhone tidbits that are circulating: * Will the 3G iPhone be distributed at

Report: 15 million 3G iPhones built in 2008

Friedman Billings Ramsey semiconductor analyst Craig Berger estimates that Apple will build at least 15 million 3G iPhones in 2008 bringing the total iPhone production to at least 17 million phones.

Report: 3G iPhone costs $173 to make

How can Apple and AT&T put a relatively low pricetag of just $199 on the new 3G iPhone? According to research firm iSuppli, the answer is in the low cost of the components. iSuppli estimates

Study says businesses aren't convinced of iPhone yet

According to a new study released this week, Apple faces an uphill battle trying to usurp the BlackBerry in the business world. Investment house Sanford Bernstein, as part of a broader study on IT