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Latest Headlines

'Fake iPhone' Photo Comparison

iPhone clones may be the next big thing in cell phone innovation, but iPhone fakes are also catching on. Below you can see a fake compared to the real one. Do you know the difference?

iPhone price cut causes sales to triple

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reports that Apple was averaging about 9,000 iPhones sold each day prior to the recent 33 percent price cut, but post-price cut Apple sold about 27,000 iPhones a

Apple slashes iPhone price, offers mea culpa

Apple announced that it will drop the price of its 8GB iPhone by $200 while discontinuing the 4GB version of the device. The 8GB model will now retail for $399, down from the $599 price tag attached

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> Intel raises outlook. Article >

Motorola: iPhone altering carrier attitudes about WiFi

Tom Meredith, chief financial officer with Motorola, admitted that Apple's move to include WiFi in the iPhone is forcing mobile operators to seriously consider selling devices with WiFi capability

InterDigital signs iPhone patent deal with Apple

Apple signed a seven-year, $20-million plus patent deal with InterDigital to cover the current iPhone, according to a filing InterDigital made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The deal is

Report: Apple interested in 700 MHz auction

According to a speculative BusinessWeek article, the iPhone maker is mulling whether or not it should participate in the upcoming 700 MHz auction next January. The

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> Investors didn't like Apple's $200 price cut on the iPhone. Article > Pace Micro

Steve Jobs: IPhone Rebate Letter

Click to see the latest iPhone rebate update here...  To all iPhone customers: I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers

Apple gives early iPhone adopters $100 gift card

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs posted a letter on the company website yesterday to current iPhone users who bristled at Apple's decision to