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Latest Headlines

News In Brief: BT, Apple, Qualcomm, HP, Scoreloop

BT is accelerating its high-speed network rollout to 15,500 homes and businesses in Glasgow months ahead of its 2010 schedule.

Apple pays the price for iPhone's success

Apple is starting to pay the price of success with the iPhone.

When developers talk, Apple finally listens

It's been an unseasonably cool summer throughout much of the U.S., but frustrations over Apple's App Store submission policies continue to boil over--now, at least one developer is bypassing the App

How to create demand for your mobile app

In my first two articles for FierceDeveloper, I laid out two rather negative themes for mobile publishers. First, I stated boldly that for most publishers, the iPhone does not represent a goldmine of

Report: Carriers aren't cashing in on iPhone hype

Wireless operators around the globe that have sunk millions of dollars into subsidizing the cost of Apple's iPhone have not seen their profits or market position improve as a result--and in some

Video: Hula dancers mob Apple store in San Francisco

Source: YouTube user " wellmax "

Nokia: No turnaround for 12 months, says Goldman

There is little hope of a revival in Nokia's fortunes in the next 12 months, says Goldman Sachs is a downbeat report that concluded the bulk of the world's largest mobile-phone maker's current woes

Apple, AT&T nailed with lawsuit over MMS advertising

A class-action lawsuit was filed against both Apple and AT&T Mobility, claiming that the two have touted the MMS functionality of the iPhone 3GS even though AT&T is currently not offering the

Why Apple is more valuable than Google

Now that Apple has once again passed Google in market value, can the consumer-electronics maker maintain its lead?

Apple breaks its silence on App Store rejections

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before: Apple rejects an iPhone application on grounds the app contains objectionable content. The application in question this time around is a mobile