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Latest Headlines

Samsung CEO promises to 'compete in a new way' amid warnings of 2016's challenges

Samsung's top executive predicted the Korean technology conglomerate will face weaker global economic conditions as it enters 2016, as well as intensifying competition in key markets including smartphones and chipsets. "The territories of industries are collapsing," said Kwon Oh Hyun, Samsung's vice chairman and co-CEO, in a speech distributed to media and cited by Bloomberg. "We have to compete in a new way that we've never experienced in the past."

Apple hikes price of iPhones, iPads in Germany

Apple raised the prices of iPhones and iPads in Germany in response to a new tax aimed at benefiting content producers.

T-Mobile, Apple and video led 2015's big topics- Year in Review

It may not have been exactly transformative, but 2015 saw the continuation of several important trends and the emergence of others. T-Mobile built on the momentum it began to generate in 2014 with its "un-carrier" marketing campaign, expanding the initiative by adding data-free video streaming (Binge On) and expanding its data-free music streaming (Music Freedom) with new content partners. T-Mobile's disruptive strategy paid big dividends this year as the carrier passed Sprint to become the nation's third-largest operator and stoked at least some competition among the tier-ones.

5G, Internet of Things, LTE-U drive wireless tech in 2015- Year in Review

In some ways, 2015 was a great deal about a technology that A) doesn't yet exist; B) isn't even defined by standards bodies and C) won't come to fruition for four or five years, by most accounts. That technology is 5G, and if you don't know what all the fuss is about, don't worry. You will soon enough.

Cook and other top Apple executives skim over some topics on 60 Minutes segment

Last night 60 Minutes interviewed a number of top Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, about the company and its products. The segment covered a lot of ground, from encryption to claims of tax evasion to the Chinese manufacturer Foxconn to speculation of an Apple-branded car.

App Annie: There are already more than 15,000 Apple Watch apps

Apple Watch apps have surpassed the 15,000 mark, according to App Annie. The marketing analytics firm took a broader look at the company's wearable ecosystem following the release of its first smart watch and most recent watchOS 2 platform update.

Why Apple needs more creative iPhone marketing ideas

As smartphone penetration begins to plateau in big markets like the U.S. and China, there's a "rapidly shrinking pool" of potential first-time iPhone purchasers. 

Apple's Schiller to run the App Store

Apple's Phil Schiller will run the App Store across all the company's devices following a front-office shuffle announced this morning.

Apple and IBM meet goal of making 100 enterprise apps

IBM and Apple said they've published more than 100 iOS apps for business users, meeting a goal they set last year when they announced their joint effort to target enterprise mobility.

Samsung appeals Apple patent case to Supreme Court

Samsung made good on its promise to take its patent fight with Apple to the nation's highest court. The Korean manufacturer took to the Supreme Court to appeal a $399 million judgment for illegally copying patented features and designs of the iPhone.