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Latest Headlines

EC opens anti-trust probe into Android licensing terms

Google's Android operating system is to be probed by the European Commission to assess whether the U.S. company breaches the region's anti-trust laws.

Juniper Research: Advertising spend on smart watches to reach almost $70M by 2019

Advertising spend on smart watches will reach $68.6 million (€64 million) by 2019, up from an estimated $1.5 million this year.

Four things app developers should take away from Apple's Guided Tour video for the Apple Watch

Who exactly is supposed to watch  this "Guided Tour" video that Apple has made for the Apple Watch, and when? If it's consumers, presumably the video would serve as a sort of multimedia owner's manual, though it might help to demonstrate how to properly recharge it. If it's to help media outlets explain the device, four minutes and 45 seconds is a little too long. And if app developers are the intended audience, there are really less than a handful of things you really need to think about.

Apple took close to 1M pre-orders on Friday for the Apple Watch, according to shopping data firm Slice

Close to 1 million people in the U.S. pre-ordered the Apple Watch on Friday, the first day consumers could do so, according to a report from Slice Intelligence, a firm that tracks online ordering.

Apple expects demand to outstrip supply of its Watch ahead of sales debut

As the public gets its first real look at the Apple Watch, the company said it expects demand from consumers to outpace its supply of the smart watches.

Apple Watch called best smart watch by reviewers, but is faulted for UI and usefulness

The early views of the Apple Watch are rolling in ahead of the smart watch becoming available for pre-order on April 10 and when it hits stores April 24, and they are largely positive. In general, professional reviewers think Apple's gadget is the best smart watch to have come out to date, but they also faulted the learning curve for the device's user interface, its relatively weak battery life and the sense that the watch does not truly serve any real purpose yet.

HBO Now rolls out on Apple TV, iOS devices; Sling TV to launch HBO this weekend

Owners of an Apple TV streaming device, or an iPhone or iPad, are getting the first look at HBO's new standalone over the top service, HBO Now. The service is now live and accepting subscriptions on those devices.

MCX plans to launch CurrentC mobile payments platform in 1 market in mid-2015

The Merchant Content Exchange (MCX), which will launch a mobile payments service under the CurrentC brand, plans to introduce the service in one market in mid-2015. Meanwhile, there are also indications that Microsoft could jump into mobile payments to counter Apple Pay and Google's Android-based payments service.

Don't be the first developer hit by an inter-app security attack

We all know what it means when we say, "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." Usually we're referring to people or organizations who act in ways that show they clearly aren't talking to each other. It's just as bad when it happens with mobile apps--except when the tradeoff for improved communication is poor inter-app security.

Samsung's chipset moment: Firm reportedly scores Apple deal, boots Qualcomm modems from some S6 variants

Apple will use Samsung processors in its next iPhone, according to a new report. Further, Samsung is using its own modems in some models of its new Galaxy S6 smartphone instead of those from Qualcomm. The developments could help Samsung turn a $900 million loss last year into a $900 million gain this year in its non-memory semiconductor business, according to HI Investment.