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As bigger iPhones head to production, survey finds 40% of Americans want a phablet

According to a new survey conducted by Accenture, fully 40 percent of Americans would prefer a phablet--a smartphone with a screen of between 5 and 7 inches--instead of a smaller phone. However, that number among Chinese survey respondents shot to 66 percent.

Apple iWatch details leak: multiple screen sizes, touchscreen, 10 sensors, built by Quanta

A pair of reports today offered a much clearer glimpse at the smart watch Apple is widely expected to begin selling later this year. According to separate reports from the  Wall Street Journal  and  Reuters, Apple will begin producing its smart watch, widely dubbed the iWatch, within the next few months and will begin selling the gadget in September or October. According to the reports, the watch will come in several different sizes, including one with a 2.5-inch screen, and it will feature a touchscreen, up to 10 sensors to track body activities like heart rate, and will be built mainly by Taiwan's Quanta Computer.

Amazon fails to set world on Fire with first smartphone

Amazon failed to convince industry experts it can compete against Apple and Samsung in the smartphone space after it unveiled its first device--the Fire--on Wednesday.

Report: iOS outranks Android as a smartphone video platform, viewing overall jumps 532%

Apple's iOS-based smartphones dominate video viewing, representing 60 percent of mobile video views in the United States alone, a new report says. But Android-based smartphones hold sway for video viewers in Latin America, at 53 percent.

Report: Apple's iWatch expected in Q4 with a focus on health monitoring

Apple's much-rumored smart watch is expected to be released in the fourth quarter and will be highly tied to health monitoring, according to a New York Times report.

Apple's iPhone 6: Bigger screen may prompt more data consumption

Apple fans have long suffered from large-screen envy as the smartphone maker has resisted the urge to increase the screen-size of its iconic iPhone. But rumors are that the Cupertino, Calif., company is close to giving in to temptation with plans for an iPhone 6 whose screen could run as large as 5.5 inches, with a smaller variant that might be offered simultaneously coming in at 4.7 inches. But along with larger screens could come higher wireless data consumption, which mobile operators, depending upon their network's capabilities, may meet with cheers or jeers.

Rumor Mill: Google to launch Google Fit health tracking service

Google is planning to follow Apple in the mobile health monitoring market and will launch a service called Google Fit to collect and aggregate data from fitness trackers and health apps, according to a Forbes report.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile to launch new Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets

Samsung Electronics unveiled two new high-end tablets to challenge Apple's iPad and lined up strong U.S. carrier support for the gadgets.

Report: Device financing boosts sales of high-end iPhone 5s

An uptick in U.S. wireless customers using device financing plans has led to an increase in sales of the  more expensive Apple iPhone 5s among customers who activated iPhones, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

What may stop Apple's App Bundles from bringing joy to developers

We talk about downloads, we talk about installs, but I, for one, never hear about people going "shopping for apps" in an app store. That may soon change for the iOS crowd.