Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apple's Schiller to run the App Store

Apple's Phil Schiller will run the App Store across all the company's devices following a front-office shuffle announced this morning.

Apple and IBM meet goal of making 100 enterprise apps

IBM and Apple said they've published more than 100 iOS apps for business users, meeting a goal they set last year when they announced their joint effort to target enterprise mobility.

Samsung appeals Apple patent case to Supreme Court

Samsung made good on its promise to take its patent fight with Apple to the nation's highest court. The Korean manufacturer took to the Supreme Court to appeal a $399 million judgment for illegally copying patented features and designs of the iPhone.

Analyst: iPhone sales to shrink 3% next year

Shares of Apple dipped this morning after Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty predicted in a research note that worldwide iPhone sales will dip by roughly 3 percent next year.

Apple suspends plan for live TV service: report

Apple has placed its plans to launch a skinny bundle of live streaming programming channels on hold, according to  Bloomberg.

Apple linear TV service is a no-go, CBS' Moonves says

After months of rumors that Apple would announce its own $30 to $40 per month linear OTT television service, the iconic company has put its plans for such a service on hold, most likely because it couldn't convince media companies to lower their costs to license programming.

Samsung will pay Apple $548M in patent dispute

Samsung has agreed to pay Apple $548 million to settle a patent dispute that began in 2011, according to FOSS Patents. But it still isn't clear that the case is really settled.

Smartwatch strategies: The reality of wearable mobile games so far

How long does it take to journey from Dol Gorith to Golear, and from there to Azadom? It may depend on how adversaries come your way, and what powers you can use to fight them off, among other factors. As sophisticated as it is, that's one piece of information your Apple Watch can't really provide.

How to take Apple's (possible) App Store self-promotion in stride

It's an ambitious development studio with a growing collection of apps in areas like productivity and education, but if only it could improve its odds of being discovered in the App Store. That may sound like the dilemma of most studios, but of course it's a different story when the apps in question were designed by Apple itself.

IDC expects more Apple-style smartphone trade-in programmes, as global growth slows to below 10%

IDC expects more smartphone vendors to follow Apple's lead by introducing device financing and trade-in programmes to stimulate shipments, as it predicted that 2015 would be the first year that growth in smartphone shipments slows to a single-digit figure.