Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Disney teams with Apple on cloud-based Disney Movies Anywhere

Pay-TV distributors will face new competition for sales of paid video-on-demand movies with the launch of a cloud-based movie service that Walt Disney Co. launched Tuesday with Apple.

Analysts: Facebook's WhatsApp deal won't sting U.S. carriers, but may affect those in emerging markets

Facebook's $16 billion deal for over-the-top messaging service WhatsApp likely will not have a major impact on U.S. carriers and other Western operators because most have begun offering unlimited voice and text messaging. However, the action could put pressure on carriers in emerging markets, according to industry analysts.

Will online video stay on the sidelines of the Comcast-TWC merger review?

If the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal ultimately goes through, the market for broadband and cable service won't change much. But it will change in important ways. Comcast, for one, will soon be the gatekeeper to broadband customers and TV viewers in nearly every major market.

Report: Apple looks to cars and medical devices for future growth

According to a  San Francisco Chronicle  report, which cited unnamed sources, Apple has much larger ambitions for future growth, and two areas that it seems intent on exploring are the automotive realm and medical devices.

After that cheeky MWC video from Huawei, what more lies ahead?

In the run-up to every Mobile World Congress, media and analysts spend much time speculating on what is likely to feature at the event, indicating the importance of these four days as a bellwether for the mobile industry. Already there are signs that this is shaping up to be an eventful show--certainly if Huawei's recent video teaser is anything to go by.

European leaders discuss home-grown comms network to prevent U.S. spying

The leaders of France and Germany are reportedly set to discuss ways to circumvent U.S. surveillance of European communications, at the same time as the U.S. secretary of state pushes China to reduce web censorship.

Reports: Samsung, Apple execs unable to reach settlement, will continue legal battle in March

According to a number of reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung co-CEO J.K. Shin held a meeting last week in an attempt to iron out the companies' ongoing legal battle over patent infringement. However, according to those reports, Cook and Shin were unable to reach an agreement on the issue and appear set to return to the courtroom in March to continue their dispute.

Gartner: Smartphones outsell feature phones in 2013

Gartner said 2013 was a tipping point for the mobile phone market, as smartphone sales outpaced feature phones for the first time.

Android OS dominates smart watch market

Google's Android operating system (OS) is dominating more than just smartphone shipments, according to latest figures from Strategy Analytics.

Micro-location is an attractive but fast-moving target

Indoor positioning technologies and related location-based services (LBS) will be a major topic of discussion at the 2014 Mobile World Congress later this month, and the market outlook is pointing to significant growth opportunities.