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Latest Headlines

Report: Israel's Cellebrite will break open iPhone for FBI

According to a number of media reports, Israeli company Cellebrite is the unnamed "outside party" that is working with the FBI to unlock an iPhone 5c belonging to one of the killers involved in December's mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

Apple, BlackBerry urge caution on longer, more complicated emergency alerts

In separate meetings with the FCC, executives from Apple and BlackBerry discussed the agency's proposal to increase the length of mobile emergency alerts from 90 characters to 360. They also debated whether those alerts should include links to websites, and whether those websites would hold up under a barrage of traffic from concerned recipients.

AT&T, Verizon switch on free international Wi-Fi calling via iOS 9.3 update

AT&T and Verizon are now offering their iPhone customers international calling services through Wi-Fi connections for no extra change. The service is available to the carriers' iPhone users who upgrade to Apple's new iOS 9.3 operating system.

AT&T's 2.3 GHz WCS spectrum (Band 30) oddly lacking in Apple's new iPhone SE

Unlike its bigger, older sibling, the iPhone SE doesn't support the WCS spectrum that AT&T started deploying LTE service in last fall. But no one is saying why not.

FBI: Maybe we don't need Apple's help in San Bernardino case after all

A judge called off a much-anticipated courtroom showdown between Apple and the U.S. Department of Justice after the government said it may be able to unlock the iPhone in question without the company's help.

Lowenstein's View: Where are we in the 'post-PC' era?

We are at an interesting moment in the "Post PC Era", a term the late Steve Jobs coined when he introduced the iPad in June, 2010. My view is that we're perhaps weaving in a bit of a different direction than Jobs envisioned. First, PC and laptop sales, while not exactly a growth market, remain relatively robust. With the exception of a few verticals and some job types, the tablet has not replaced the PC. It is still mainly ancillary to the phone or PC, and is a fantastic content and media consumption and Web surfing device.

Apple targeting $399 iPhone SE at non-Apple users and small phone fans

Apple announced a new, 4-inch iPhone with a price tag aimed at enticing Android users to make the switch and current iPhone users to buy a newer model.

Supreme Court agrees to hear Samsung's appeal in patent war with Apple

The U.S. Supreme Court announced this morning that it will take up the long-running patent feud between Apple and Samsung, stepping into a high-profile case that may have significant impact on the patent-litigation landscape.

As customers hold onto smartphones longer, Apple, Samsung could challenge carriers with upgrade programs

U.S. consumers are upgrading their handsets less frequently as carriers move away from two-year contracts and toward leasing programs and equipment installment plans. The decoupling of those contracts with the price of the phone itself has provided consumers with added transparency about what they're really paying for their phones, so they're often holding on to them longer. This could create headaches for carriers trying to hold on to their subscribers.

Apple expected to go small at Monday's big event with 4-inch iPhone SE

Apple is hosting yet another "big event" Monday, but the company is widely expected to go small.