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Latest Headlines

Justice Department urges Supreme Court to return Apple's case against Samsung to lower court

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a legal brief asking the Supreme Court to return Apple's high-profile patent case against Samsung to a trial court for more litigation, according to  Reuters, and overturn an earlier ruling in favor of the iPhone vendor.

Apple smartphones dominate Telia Denmark's top-10 sellers in May

Apple received good news from Telia Denmark, which announced that the U.S. smartphone maker's devices remained among the most popular with its customers during May.

Apple iOS ad blockers grow slowly in U.S. even as global ad blocking jumps 90 percent

Last September, much ado was made about a feature in Apple's iOS 9 which made it possible to build and install ad blocking apps on Apple devices-- which would keep ads from showing up within the Safari browser or in apps' "webview" component. However, their impact appears to be negligible.

IDC: iPhone shipments to slide 2% this year as worldwide smartphone market slows to a crawl

IDC predicted worldwide smartphone shipments will grow at a sluggish 3.1 percent clip in 2016, revising a previous forecast that had pegged the market to grow at 5.7 percent this year.

Apple rises to third in global STB rankings behind Arris and Technicolor

Apple moved into the third spot in global set-top revenue in 2015, up from ninth place the year prior, thanks to hot sales of the Apple TV OTT device and industry consolidation.

Support for encryption legislation wanes following Apple's standoff with authorities

An effort to propose a law creating a "back door" enabling law-enforcement agencies to access data on encrypted devices is dead, according to  Reuters.

Media stocks jump as word leaks that Apple proposed buying Time Warner Inc.

Proving once again that Apple doesn't have to do much to bate the media industry's breath, word that top company executives had discussed purchased Time Warner Inc. has ticked up media stocks over the last two days.

As analysts debate iPhone 7 demand, Apple nixes MVNO speculation

Apple CEO Tim Cook offered his clearest comments yet on the possibility of the iPhone vendor launching its own MVNO service, explaining that Apple typically operates at a global scale and therefore likely wouldn't launch an MVNO in a specific country.

Intel's modem 'a virtual certainty' to be in some iPhone 7s models, analyst says

Intel should finally throw in the towel on the mobile business if it can't score a deal to get its chips into a high-profile handset, according to Will Strauss of Forward Concepts. But the market research firm is confident the company's wares will make their way into at least some upcoming iPhones.

Android devices fail more frequently than iOS counterparts in Q1 2016, study shows

Apple iOS devices performed more consistently than their Android counterparts during the first quarter of 2016, according to a study from Blancco Technology Group.