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Latest Headlines

Will Apple and Google also lead the way for developers in the Internet of Things?

What role will Google and Apple play in unleashing developers as the Internet of Things spreads? There is still some question of whether mobile dominance will be carried over to IoT.  Special report

Apple has networks carving out affiliate station deals for new OTT service, NY Post says

Apple still wants to include local station feeds of the Big Four broadcast networks in a new over-the-top video service, and the company has reportedly found a way to handle the tricky problem of carving out licensing deals with hundreds of local network-affiliate stations.

Apple gobbles 92% of smartphone industry's profits, analyst estimates

Apple may have captured around just 18 percent of the global smartphone market in the first quarter, according to research firm IDC. Yet according to investment bank Canaccord Genuity Apple grabbed nearly all of the smartphone profits that quarter.

IDC: Sub-$200 devices drive growth in MEA smartphone market

IDC said smartphone shipments in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) increased 66 per cent year-on-year to reach more than 36 million units in the first quarter of 2015, and is forecasting shipments of 155 million units in the region for the year as a whole.

Apple's massive reported iPhone order could be driven by Chinese demand

What's behind Apple's reported decision to press its suppliers to manufacture between 85 million and 90 million units combined of two new iPhone models by the end of the year? China could be a major factor.

Samsung reportedly moving Galaxy Note 5 launch up to mid-August

Samsung Electronics plans to unveil its latest Galaxy Note phablet a few weeks earlier than usual, moving it to mid-August, according to multiple reports. Samsung appears to be breaking with tradition in order to give the new device more breathing room ahead of Apple's expected release of its latest iPhones in September.

Report: Apple asks suppliers to make up to 90M new iPhones by year-end

Apple apparently didn't get the memo that this year will be a yawn in terms of a new iPhone model, since it is expected to come without a major redesign. The company is preparing for another blowout iPhone release this fall, according to a new  Wall Street Journal  report, and it expects demand for this year's models to outpace those of last year.

Apple Watch sales dropping off, according to research firm Slice

Apple is selling many fewer Apple Watch smart watches per day than it did when the gadget first went on sale in April, according to data from  Slice Intelligence, a firm that tracks online ordering. Yet as many pointed out in the wake of the Slice report, not only is the estimate of sales imperfect, a drop-off in sales is to be expected and the Apple Watch is still probably the best-selling smart watch on the market.

The 10 highest-paid executives in wireless in 2014

Every year,  FierceWireless  ranks the top 10 highest-paid executives in the wireless industry, and every year executives from the nation's largest wireless carriers top the list. But not this time.

iOS developers: Why weren't we a part of the Apple Music launch?

The world may have been eager to get its first experience of Apple Music, but for app developers, it was the familiar sad song of waiting to get in on the action, based on their feedback on Twitter.