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Latest Headlines

Sprint hits back at T-Mobile with its own $15/month iPhone promotion, says customers can upgrade to a new iPhone any time

Sprint is going after T-Mobile US with its own special program for customers who want to upgrade to the latest Apple iPhones. Sprint is aiming to match T-Mobile with a promotional offer that will let customers get new iPhones for $15 in monthly device costs.  

Samsung stock drops as new smartphones disappoint

Samsung Electronics' stock price fell to its lowest level since October 2014 as new smartphones unveiled by the company last week failed to ignite analysts' enthusiasm.

Apple, eyeing $40/month TV service, pushes launch back to 2016, report says

Apple has once again pushed back plans to reinvent television, according to Bloomberg.

T-Mobile, Apple and others champion Wi-Fi calling as technology matures

Wireless carriers are interested in offering Wi-Fi calling because it's cheaper for their customers, especially when you consider the cost of international roaming. It helps carriers provide better coverage, and they don't have to spend thousands of dollars on new base stations. Special report

Juniper Research: Ad-based music streaming to be a billion dollar market by 2017

Revenue generated through ad-based music streaming is set to exceed $1 billion (€902 million) in 2017, despite declining numbers of players offering 'freemium' services.

Apple reportedly prepping Force Touch actions on forthcoming iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

Apple is widely expected to release new iPhones in September, likely during a media event Sept. 9. And, according to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple will bring the Force Touch technology currently available on its Apple Watch into its new iPhones.

Why the world (and especially developers) may not need a separate Apple TV App Store

The worst thing about our flat screen TV is when, in the middle of watching one of our favorite shows, the system announces there's a software update and wonders whether we'd like to apply it right now. This is the kind of disconnect Apple needs to avoid with the new Apple TV it is reported to be working on and which may, according to various sources, come out as early as this fall.

Report: Apple may unveil iPhone 6S on Sept. 9

Apple will unveil its next iteration of the iPhone at an event the week of Sept. 7, and most likely on Sept. 9, according to a  BuzzFeed  report.  

AT&T appears poised to support iPhone's Wi-Fi calling, but Verizon remains MIA

AT&T appears to be poised to join Sprint and T-Mobile in supporting Apple's Wi-Fi calling service. As VentureBeat noted, the fifth beta of Apple's forthcoming iOS 9 operating system offers Wi-Fi calling from AT&T. T-Mobile last year began supporting Apple's Wi-Fi calling service, and Sprint joined T-Mobile in April to support the service via a software update.

Apple Pay struggles for traction among iPhone 6 users

Apple Pay-- the U.S. company's NFC-based mobile payment service-- is struggling to gain traction among iPhone 6 users, with the number of owners trying the service falling from 15 per cent in March to 13.1 per cent in June.