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Latest Headlines

HP re-enters smartphone market with Android-powered Slate6, Slate7 phablets in India

HP said it will begin selling smartphones again, starting first with a pair of phablets in India. That HP is going to sell the two devices--the 6-inch Slate6 VoiceTab and the 7-inch Slate7 VoiceTab--in India first is notable considering a recent report that Apple is struggling in the Indian market, and as a result is preparing to rerelease its 8 GB iPhone 4 in the country.

Motorola puts hopes on €399 Moto X in Europe

Moto X, the first new flagship smartphone launched by Motorola Mobility following its acquisition by Google in 2012, will officially hit European markets on Feb 1, 2014 with a €399 price tag.

Report: Foxconn ships 1.4M iPhone 5s units to China Mobile ahead of launch

Apple's main iPhone supplier Foxconn shipped 1.4 million iPhone 5s units to China Mobile last week, according to the  Wall Street Journal, in anticipation of China Mobile's Jan. 17 launch of the iPhone for the first time.

Apple's iBeacon sensor technology gets another vote of confidence for use in location-based services

Apple's iBeacon technology will be used by Zebra Technologies to enable customized location-based advertising within retail stores and other venues.

Apple's $10B year in the App Store: How devs see it

When Apple announced it had racked up more than $10 billion in app store sales last year, the company acted as though the world should celebrate, but developers didn't necessarily react that way.

A shift from device subsidies to financing could bring disruption- and be good

LAS VEGAS--I've asked almost every company I've met with so far here at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show the same question: How would a shift in the U.S. market from device subsidies to device financing affect your business and the wider market?  The responses I've received, mainly from handset companies, tended to indicate that if such a shift does take place, the onus will be on OEMs to provide value, either in terms of price or innovation--or both.

Roku TVs are coming as provider readies OEM co-marketing push

Roku, the maker of an online video streaming set-top box and HDMI dongle, said it will work with two Chinese TV set manufacturers this year to build its software directly into "actual TV" sets.

Google launches Open Automotive Alliance to push Android into connected cars

LAS VEGAS--Google, as had been rumored, launched a new partnership with a number of automakers to bring its Android mobile operating systems into connected cars. The alliance, announced as the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is getting under way here, also serves as a counterbalance to a similar effort Apple launched to bring its iOS platform to car dashboards.

TeraDeep hopes to see Apple, Qualcomm, others use its artificial intelligence technology

Purdue University researchers are developing a neural-networking chip whose underlying artificial intelligence technology could be used by leading manufacturers to add image-recognition capabilities to mobile devices.

Analyst: Apple could be hurt in shift away from subsidies

Although Apple is the world's No. 2 smartphone maker and, for now, the most popular U.S. smartphone producer, the company's position could be eroded as carriers in developed markets shift away from providing handset subsidies, according to a financial analyst.