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Latest Headlines

Ad blockers in iOS 9 have developers surprised and thrilled on Twitter

The news came out as Apple's WWDC 2015 was coming to an end, but the company's decision to allow ad blockers on Safari may have gotten the most developer applause, based on their Twitter comments.

T-Mobile supports Apple's iOS 9 Continuity feature to get calls and texts on Macs over cellular

T-Mobile US is the only carrier that is supporting a new feature in Apple's iOS 9 operating system that lets customers receive calls and text messages over cellular networks on their Macs and iPads when they are away from their iPhone.

The problem with Apple's '20 Under 20' campaign

It used to be in fields like modeling or acting where experienced professionals constantly had to look over their shoulders as ever-younger competitors seemed to appear out of nowhere and rival their achievements. Based on a recent marketing campaign from Apple, however, there's nothing less exciting than a middle-aged app developer.

WWDC 2015: What iOS developers liked, what they didn't and more

There are few events that stir up a range of developer emotions like the opening of Apple's annual World Wide Developers' Conference did, and based on Twitter comments late Monday, WWDC 2015 was no exception.

Apple takes on Google Now, Cortana with iOS 9's 'Proactive Assistant'

Apple is making the iPhone smarter and taking on Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana digital assistants in an effort to catch up with those competitors and put Apple's spin on the concept. Additionally, Apple unveiled its long-rumored streaming music service, simply called Apple Music.

Apple WWDC: No info on pay-TV plans expected, but new music streaming service should be unveiled

Apple will kick off its anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference keynote today by unveiling its new music streaming service, according to multiple reports.

Showtime standalone service set to launch on Roku, PlayStation Vue

Showtime said its new standalone streaming service will be viewable on Roku devices, signaling its intention to go broader than the Apple device universe that confined its closest competition, HBO Now, at launch two months ago.

Apple expected to use WWDC to unveil streaming music service, Watch software updates, more stable iOS

The opening keynote of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference today is likely going to include the unveiling of the iPhone maker's new streaming music service, according to multiple reports. Apple has already teased that it will announce new software tools for the Apple Watch, and rumors indicate that Apple will be announcing a digital assistant competitor to Google Now.

Apple pushed to drop transaction fees from Apple Pay

Apple faced pressure from credit card companies to drop transaction fees on its Apple Pay mobile payment service, as separate reports indicated the company is gearing up to launch the service in the UK within two months.

Survey: Two-thirds of top 100 U.S. retailers balk at adding Apple Pay this year

Apple has claimed that around half of the top 100 merchants in the U.S. will be supporting its Apple Pay mobile payments system sometime this year. However,  Reuters found that fewer than a quarter of the top 100 retailers it surveyed said they currently accept Apple Pay, and nearly two-thirds of the chains said categorically they would not be accepting it this year.