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Latest Headlines

Apple's iPhone SE takes on new Android models as worldwide smartphone market rebounds in 2016

The worldwide smartphone market will rebound slightly in 2016, CCS Insight predicted, gaining 2.9 percent over "a weak 2015." And according to new data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the new iPhone SE could account for a respectable chunk of that growth.

Apple faces near €50M charge in French challenge to mobile operator contracts

Apple faced a legal challenge to its mobile operator contracts in France that could cost the company nearly €50 million ($56.7 million) in repayments if the claims are accepted by a domestic court.

Report: French regulators seeking $55M from Apple over alleged anticompetitive demands in carrier contracts

Federal regulators in France are reportedly seeking more than $55 million from Apple over claims the company illegally exerts power over carriers.

Apple discovers, repairs iOS 9.3 bug

Many iOS users who downloaded the iOS 9.3 update encountered problems immediately. Here are the details.

Localytics: iPhone SE sales slow at launch, but demand 'could grow steadily'

The iPhone SE had the lowest adoption in its first weekend of availability of any Apple handset since 2012, according to Localytics, and claimed a mere 0.1 percent of the overall iPhone market after its first few days of availability. Sales of the iPad Pro, however, are on par with earlier iPads.

Report: FBI testing its newfound unlocking method on other iPhones

The FBI is hoping to use its reported newfound iPhone-unlocking method to crack open other iPhones in a move that could further escalate tensions between Apple and federal law-enforcement authorities.

Foxconn finally agrees to buy Sharp for $3.5B

Foxconn finally agreed to a deal to buy Sharp Corp., and it will do so at a steep discount from its original offer. Foxconn will spend $3.5 billion to take over the struggling Japanese consumer electronics behemoth, ending weeks of public negotiations. Foxconn had committed to pay roughly $6.2 billion for a 66 percent stake in Sharp last month before it reportedly discovered more than $3 billion in undisclosed liabilities, prompting it to shelve the deal.

DoJ says it successfully hacked iPhone in San Bernardino case

The U.S. Department of Justice moved to vacate a court order forcing Apple to cooperate in a high-profile investigation, saying it was finally able to unlock an iPhone without the company's help. But Apple's battles with federal prosecutors aren't likely to go away soon.

Are app developers ready for the latest Apple devices?

Apple last week unveiled two devices that may transform the way many iOS app developers design iPad and iPhone offerings. But the changes raise questions about how these developers can deliver user-friendly apps on smaller screens.

Pebble cuts 25% of workforce amid foundering smartwatch market

Pebble is laying off roughly 25 percent of its workforce, according to Tech Insider, in the latest signal that the smartwatch industry has yet to take off.