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Latest Headlines

Arieso founder Dehghan leaving network vendor JDSU

A top executive from JDSU-owned network vendor Arieso is leaving the company, the company confirmed. Shirin Dehghan, Arieso's founder and general manager, is stepping down in August.

Study: 0.1% of LTE users consume more than 50% of LTE data

A small sliver of LTE users worldwide, just the top 0.1 percent, are consuming more than half of all LTE downlink data, according to a new research report from network technology firm Arieso. The study, taken together with past trends from previous reports, indicates that a small slice of high-bandwidth consumers are hogging most of the world's data usage, even more than in the past.

OpenSignal: Adding a square inch to phone screen leads to 75 MB of extra data per month

People who use Android devices with larger screen sizes tend to consume more data, especially when using a Wi-Fi connection, according to a report from network research firm OpenSignal.

Study: Smartphone users gobble more data than tablet subscribers

Smartphone users are actually consuming more data on a per-user basis than tablet subscribers for the first time, according to a new research report from network technology firm Arieso. The finding is notable because tablet users are often seen as the most data-hungry because of their propensity to use their gadgets for video and other media consumption.

Study: Top 1% of global users generate half of all mobile data traffic

It's become conventional wisdom in the wireless world that a small percentage of users are consuming excessive amounts of bandwidth. However, that trend seems to be accelerating, with the top 1