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Latest Headlines

AT&T to begin CORD field trials in wireline network in 2016, expand virtual services

AT&T says that it is moving ahead with efforts to virtualize last mile functions related to its FTTH buildouts centered around the Central Office Re-architected as Data Center (CORD) concept.

AT&T's Donovan: Traffic from 'millions' of wireless customers now running on SDN architecture

AT&T is currently running traffic from "millions" of its wireless customers over its software-defined network architecture, according to John Donovan, senior EVP of AT&T's technology and operations.

AT&T moves ahead with $19M CAF-II funded expansion in Kansas

AT&T is putting to use $19 million in CAF-II funds over six years to expand its broadband reach in Kansas to 35,000 rural and urban areas, the incumbent carrier announced. The amount is part of an annual $428 million in CAF-II funding that it accepted from the FCC in late August to support broadband buildout efforts in the states in which it operates.

AT&T: Building owners' recognition of fiber services bodes well for installers, service providers

AT&T is finding that as it comes closer to reaching its goal of installing fiber to 1 million buildings in its wireline territory, more property managers are seeing the value of having fiber at their facilities, a phenomenon that's going to give network installers more work.

AT&T launches virtualized packet core in Europe

In August, AT&T flipped the switch on a virtualized packet core in Europe. Analysts explained that the move was geared to aid the transmission of traffic for AT&T's international Internet of Things (IoT) and connected car services.

AT&T gets waiver from FCC, will move ahead with Wi-Fi calling launch

AT&T received a waiver from the FCC on its rules for the hearing impaired that it said were prohibiting it from offering Wi-Fi calling services. However, it's unclear how soon AT&T will enable Wi-Fi calling on the iPhone and other devices.

AT&T to cut 200 wireline call center jobs at its Houston facility

AT&T is laying off 200 wireline workers in its Houston call center facility that are charged with taking consumer collection calls for its traditional voice and U-verse video and broadband services.

AT&T: Fixed wireless local loop will require installations at cell sites and customers' homes-- but tech is unproven

AT&T's proposed fixed wireless local loop (WLL) service would require installations of network gear at cell sites and in customers' homes, but AT&T is not sure that the technology will pan out as a replacement for fixed broadband service.

AT&T lowers 1 Gig prices in markets where it faces Google Fiber

AT&T continues to lower the prices of its 1 Gbps GigaPower service, particularly in markets where Google Fiber has established a presence.

AT&T renews Viacom pact, gets 'best deal in the industry'

AT&T said it has renewed its carriage deal with Viacom following the expiration of its carriage deal for U-verse on Sept. 30. The move ensures both U-verse and DirecTV customers will still be able to watch Viacom channels like MTV and Comedy Central.