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Verizon's cable deal transforms AWS into a crucial LTE band

Verizon Wireless' pending acquisition of AWS licenses from four cable companies will propel that spectrum to new heights in terms of industry importance, making it an essential LTE band for global roaming support, according to an industry analyst.

Liberty, Discovery execs donate $1M to name the John Malone Theater

The Cable Center said it will name a theater at its Denver headquarters after John Malone, the cable pioneer who built most of the systems that are owned today by Comcast.

AT&T: FaceTime data plan restrictions do not violate net neutrality

AT&T Mobility defended its decision to offer Apple's FaceTime video calling feature over cellular at no extra charge only to its Mobile Share data plan customers, arguing that such a move does not violate the FCC's net neutrality rules.

Verizon: Keep commercial traffic off of the public-safety LTE network

The public-safety community should focus its nationwide LTE network-building efforts on providing broadband data for first responders rather than duplicating carriers' existing offerings for the private sector, according to a Verizon executive.

AT&T's DAS plan prompts macrocell rallying cry in Palo Alto

A funny thing happened on the way to small cell nirvana. Some jurisdictions oppose the deployment of small cells and/or small antennas on their streets and are demanding operators use large, macro towers instead.

Google Fiber pre-registrations crack 30% penetration in 6 Kansas City neighborhoods

More than 30 percent of homes in six neighborhoods in Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., have already pre-registered for Google's new Google Fiber TV high-speed Internet and digital video product, according to the Internet giant.

AT&T, CWA ratify agreements for Midwest wireline employees

AT&T gained a regional reprieve with its wireline workforce on Friday as the Communications Workers of America union voted to ratify a three-year contract covering the telco's Midwest region and AT&T Corp.

AT&T: 700 MHz interoperability proposal unnecessary, unprecedented

AT&T struck back at 700 MHz A-Block licensees that are pushing the FCC to mandate that AT&T use Band 12, rather than Band 17, to provide LTE services using 700 MHz spectrum.

Verizon, AT&T gained while rivals struggled in Q2

Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility solidified their dominance of the U.S. wireless market during the second quarter of 2012, with each reporting overall gains in postpaid subscribers and churn below 1 percent.

DDoS: AT&T isn't the only carrier at risk of attack

While AT&T's issue with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Wednesday appears to have affected only one or two regions and has been fixed, a DNS expert warns that carriers like AT&T need to better guard their networks against such attacks.