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Latest Headlines

Pictures: Everything you wanted to know about the Nokia Surge

AT&T Mobility announced it will sell the Nokia Surge for $79.99 with a two-year contract and mail-in rebate. Check out pictures and specs for this phone. Click here to get started. Or click

What would happen if exclusive handset deals were outlawed?

Much to the vexation of the big operators, the federal government has begun raising questions about potentially anticompetitive business practices in the wireless industry. Congress, the Department

AT&T, CTIA balk at antitrust claims

It's not surprising that big telecom carriers such as AT&T aren't particularly happy with all the hubbub about a dearth of competition in the wireless industry. Jim Cicconi, a senior vice

Amazon.com debuts dedicated site for cell phone sales

Online retailer Amazon.com announced a major new effort to sell mobile phones and service via a new, dedicated website: AmazonWireless.com. The site, currently in testing, offers more than 100 phones

Report: AT&T tech domain list tightening

It was first reported last month that AT&T is evaluating its list of vendors on various technology areas in an effort to tighten up its list of supply sources. At that point it looked like the

AT&T's purchase of Centennial will close in Q3

AT&T's $944 million purchase of Centennial Communications likely will close in third quarter 2009, the two companies said today. The deal, which was announced in November and approved by

AT&T expands location services through TeleNav, Xora

AT&T Mobility is broadening its location-based services offerings that will allow employers to track employees using AT&T phones. The carrier said the new services will be available

8 years and $350M in tax money going down the drain?

Broadband availability in North Carolina has been a hot topic of late, and it’s about to reach the melting point. On Wednesday, says Public Knowledge’s Art Brodsky, the state’s own

Feds set to launch investigation into telco abuse of market power

Sweetheart handset deals and heavy-handed control of broadband networks may have landed Big Telecom-specifically Verizon and AT&T-in the sights of the Department of Justice, reports The Wall

Internal AT&T memo touts iPhone 3GS sales

According to an internal AT&T memo obtained by the site AllThingsD, the iPhone 3GS broke a number of sales records on its debut. Some milestones the carrier said it achieved include best-ever