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AT&T avoids wireline union worker strike, talks set to continue

AT&T (NYSE: T) won't have to deal with a strike by 40,000 of its wireline union workers, whose existing contract ran out at midnight Sunday. Instead, the carrier will resume negotiations with the

AT&T ad-backed Wi-Fi to take wing at Dallas airport

AT&T (NYSE:T) is dabbling in an advertising-supported Wi-Fi network that will be unveiled at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in late summer. Beginning Sept. 1, free Wi-Fi will be in...

Unlocked iPhones from AT&T may benefit FreedomPop and H2O

Startup FreedomPop may be one of the major beneficiaries of AT&T Mobility's (NYSE:T) decision to begin unlocking the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhones of its non-contract customers. AT&T began

AT&T dodges strike… for now; CWA says sides 'far apart'

AT&T (NYSE: T), which was facing the possibility of a strike by 40,000 wireline union employees at midnight Sunday, has bought a little time, agreeing with the Communications Workers of America

T-Mobile: We use spectrum 50% more efficiently than Verizon in top markets

T-Mobile USA took fresh aim at Verizon Wireless' (NYSE:VZ) planned $3.9 billion purchase of AWS spectrum from cable companies, arguing that Verizon is not using its current spectrum holdings as

AT&T union workers threaten walkout

Just in time for Easter, 400,000 union workers at AT&T (NYSE: T) could be walking off the job if a new contract isn't reached by 12:01 a.m. on April 8. The Communications Workers of America union

AT&T up against possible wireline union strike

AT&T (NYSE: T) may be facing one of its largest strikes in recent history if it can't reach an agreement for a new contract with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) by this weekend.

AT&T facing possible wireline worker walkout

About 40,000 Communications Workers of America union employees of AT&T (NYSE: T) could hit the picket lines Sunday after voting this weekend to authorize a strike if no agreement on a new

ISPs, media companies take another step in anti-piracy fight

ISPs and media companies took another step toward implementing a new content anti-piracy plan, naming a new executive director and an advisory board to the Center for Copyright Information, a

Report: T-Mobile hires advisers to sell wireless towers

T-Mobile USA has hired TAP Advisors to help sell its wireless towers in a bid to raise money for parent Deutsche Telekom, according to a Bloomberg report. The report, citing unnamed sources familiar