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Latest Headlines

Will carriers cash in on Isis?

Earlier this week, Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ), AT&T (NYSE:T) and T-Mobile USA announced they did something relatively unheard of--joined forces--to launch a mobile commerce initiative called

Verizon petitions Maryland, Virginia regulators to stop printing white pages

Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) call to not print phone books in Maryland and Virginia, much like the payphone and Sony's decision earlier this year to stop manufacturing the cassette tape Walkman, is an

AT&T now covers 80% of its network with HSPA+

AT&T (NYSE:T) CTO John Donovan said the carrier has upgraded 80 percent of its network to HSPA+ technology, and is trying to keep pace with a mobile data traffic surge of 3,000 percent over the

Appraising U.S. wireless operators in the third quarter

As the third-quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead. Here are some of the big themes from

AT&T rolls out nationwide mobile U-verse TV

AT&T is pushing its own TV Everywhere play, making its U-verse service available on Windows Phone 7 devices and giving users a free 30-day trial during which they can download and watch TV shows

Verizon's Melone discusses '4G' marketing claims

SAN FRANCISCO--Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit conference here, Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) CTO Anthony Melone was careful to call Verizon's forthcoming LTE service as "4G LTE"--a notable

AT&T, Scripps agree to deal for HGTV, Food Network, GAC and more

AT&T and Scripps have agreed on a carriage deal for HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Cooking Channel and GAC, nipping in the bud any possibility of a protracted fight, a la Fox and Cablevision,

AT&T, T-Mobile bicker over possible 3G data roaming agreement

In arguments to the FCC, T-Mobile USA claimed that AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) has refused to enter into a 3G data roaming agreement--a claim that AT&T quickly refuted. The dust-up between the

Twitter: The future of customer care?

It looks like Twitter is quickly becoming the future of customer care. According to the Technology Review, which is published by MIT, AT&T has embarked on an experimental project that leverages

AT&T takes U-verse to Decatur, Ala., plans to wind down rollouts in 2011

Starting today, Decatur, Ala. will have a new option for video as AT&T (NYSE: T) plans to bring U-verse services to parts of the region. Decatur is just one of many new areas where AT&T has