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Latest Headlines

AT&T revamps stores, prepares for netbook rollout

AT&T said it completed a makeover of its carrier-owned retail stores across the country, just in time for a nationwide push of its netbooks. The most noticeable part of the makeover is that

U-verse boxes draw more criticism

Park Ridge, Ill., may be one of the next stops for AT&T's U-verse IPTV service, but at least one Park Ridge alderman has already referred to the video-ready access devices to be installed in

Lawmakers ask FCC to review data on special access fees

Two senior House lawmakers have asked the FCC to look at data carefully before changing rules on special access fees, which certain carriers pay to backhaul subscribers' voice and data traffic. In a

CWA District 4 reaches tentative deal with AT&T

AT&T and CWA District 4 have reached a tentative deal on the contract affecting some 18,500 wireline workers in the Midwest after nearly five months of bargaining. AT&T said it will continue

Will AT&T reap the rewards of stimulus funding?

While AT&T cannot apply for federal stimulus funds directly, its size and its deep connection to government clients and agencies has it well-positioned to reap the rewards of billions of dollars

Is AT&T's proposed $944M purchase of Centennial in jeopardy?

Shares of Centennial Communications dropped 15 percent yesterday amid market concerns that the firm's proposed $944 million acquisition by AT&T may hit some regulatory roadblocks. Analysts at

Analysts: iPhone sales to cut into AT&T's margins

Sales of Apple's iPhone will cut into AT&T Mobility's adjusted income operating margins, according to a Globe and Mail article, which cited unnamed analysts. The analysts said the flurry of

Pictures: Everything you wanted to know about the Nokia Surge

AT&T Mobility announced it will sell the Nokia Surge for $79.99 with a two-year contract and mail-in rebate. Check out pictures and specs for this phone. Click here to get started. Or click

What would happen if exclusive handset deals were outlawed?

Much to the vexation of the big operators, the federal government has begun raising questions about potentially anticompetitive business practices in the wireless industry. Congress, the Department

AT&T, CTIA balk at antitrust claims

It's not surprising that big telecom carriers such as AT&T aren't particularly happy with all the hubbub about a dearth of competition in the wireless industry. Jim Cicconi, a senior vice