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Latest Headlines

AT&T, BT, Tata dial up first inter-carrier telepresence call

AT&T, BT, and Tata Communications have conducted the first international, inter-carrier, inter-company multi-point telepresence call over Cisco Systems gear. The call involved telepresence

AT&T, Cellular South push netbooks

AT&T is more aggressively pushing its subsidized netbook offerings for small businesses, and regional carrier Cellular South is hinting it will jump into the netbook game. AT&T and its

IBEW contract expires; talks continue with AT&T

Flying under the radar—or tucked away in the shadow--of AT&T’s contract negotiations with the Communications Workers of America, has been the company’s talks with its other

AT&T owes Missouri munies $65M

A Circuit Court judge in St. Louis has approved a settlement in a long-running legal fight between telco giant AT&T and about 330 municipalities in Missouri who had charged that AT&T did not

AT&T partners with Cooper on smart grids

As smart-grid technology for managing home energy consumption becomes all the rage, we are seeing more announcements of traditional telcos positioning to get their piece of the action. AT&T,

AT&T expands smart grid partnerships

AT&T continues to expand its embedded wireless vision. The company today inked a deal with Cooper Power Systems to jointly market and sell smart grid sensor devices to utility companies. The

No Choke Points coalition turns up the heat in 'special access' fee battle

The rhetoric is flying hot and heavy as a new coalition spearheaded by Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile looks to put a cap on the wholesale access fees they pay companies like AT&T and Verizon for

Does the App Store violate net neutrality?

Developers have long questioned the seemingly arbitrary guidelines Apple employs to determine which iPhone applications win App Store approval. But now Apple and exclusive U.S. operator partner

CWA Dist. 6 negotiators leave bargaining table

There has not been much new of late to report about the ongoing contract negotiations between AT&T and the Communications Workers of America union, which means that about 80,000 employees remain

Report: 12 operators launching LTE in 2010

At least a dozen wireless operators will launch LTE networks in 2010, according to a new report from ABI Research. The research firm said that 34 million people worldwide are expected to have access