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Latest Headlines

Donovan: AT&T will move 'heaven and Earth' to address data demand

AT&T's (NYSE:T) John Donovan promised the carrier will move "heaven and Earth" in order to meet the data demands of its customers. However, during comments at VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2010

Consumer Reports recommends duct tape for iPhone 4 antenna problem

The engineers at Consumer Reports magazine tested the iPhone 4 and found that there is indeed a problem with the gadget's reception. Specifically, the engineers found that when a users' hand or

Study suggests global $46B IPTV market by 2014, but North America lags

Some more good news on the global IPTV market front, updated research from Multimedia Research Group forecasts that global IPTV subscriptions will push past 102 million by 2014, and revenues will

HTC Evo shortages may hinder Sprint's 4G lead

Shortages of the HTC Evo 4G phone are wreaking havoc on Sprint Nextel's (NYSE:S) plans to jump past its competitors with a 4G handset. Sprint had hoped the HTC Evo would help it snatch customers away

Skype threatens Fring with legal action over video calling app

Is Fring a victim of too much popularity or a startup that neglected to follow technology licensing procedures? Just days after announcing that Apple had approved the company's third-party

iPhone lawsuit gets class action status

A federal judge granted class action status to a lawsuit against AT&T (NYSE:T) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) over Apple's locking of iPhones to the AT&T network. The suit consolidates several

Public-safety coalition blasts FCC report on D Block

A coalition of public-safety groups lambasted a recent FCC report that concluded the groups already have enough spectrum and do not need to have the D Block of the 700 MHz band allocated directly to

Entner: Quantifying the mobile data tsunami and its implications

AT&T's shift away from unlimited data pricing has led us to examine the issue of data consumption in the United States. The Nielsen Company collects phone bills from more than 60,000 mobile

Verizon tries to 'Rule the Air' with new branding campaign

Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ), which gained brand recognition with its "Can you hear me now?" campaign, launched a new brand promotion called "Rule the Air." To promote the new slogan, Verizon has

Lowenstein's View: What AT&T should be saying to its subscribers

We all know the problems AT&T has experienced with its network over the past couple of years due to unprecedented data demand. The company has made some notable progress over the past year, and