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Latest Headlines

AT&T sells off its Sterling Commerce unit to IBM

AT&T's (NYSE: T) decision to sell off its Sterling Commerce unit to IBM (NYSE: IBM) for $1.4 billion is perhaps another realization that the old dot-com hype no longer has the same allure, at

iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 hints at AT&T data tethering

The release of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 indicates the next version of the smartphone will likely offer U.S. consumers data tethering, a feature long desired by AT&T (NYSE:T)

U-verse DVR gets an upgrade, increased functionality

AT&T is rolling out several AT&T U-verse TV DVR enhancements and adding new functionality to the U-verse YP.COM TV app for all U-verse TV customers over the coming weeks, including the

AT&T aside, cable has its eyes on some forms of wireless convergence

AT&T took some solid shots at the cable industry when it announced a new quad play of services that threw mobile wireless into the traditional triple play mix of IP voice, video and broadband

AT&T: Mobile broadband, not prepaid key to industry growth

The bigger growth opportunity in the U.S. mobile market is mobile data services and connected devices, not prepaid, said AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) CEO Ralph de la Vega during an investor conference.

Report: LTE will make up 25% of broadband device sales in 2016

WiseHarbor Research revealed some interesting results from its latest mobile broadband devices forecast. The firm, which is headed by Keith Mallinson, predicts that it will be 2016, or five years

AT&T launches enterprise apps initiative

AT&T (NYSE:T) announced the launch of Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, a new group within its Business Solutions created to accelerate the delivery of mobile applications and services

Appraising U.S. wireless operators in the first quarter

As the first quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead. Here are some of the big themes:

A problem? AT&T's wireless network is the punchline

AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) appears to have a serious problem, and as far as I can tell the company is doing its absolute best to ignore it completely. I'm not talking about AT&T's network

AT&T to refund customers for slow DSL data rates

If you subscribed for AT&T (NYSE: T) DSL service after March 31, 1994, you might be entitled to get part of your money back from a recent lawsuit that alleges the RBOC (Regional Bell Operating