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Latest Headlines

Sprint blasts AT&T over T-Mobile deal, claims 'false' allegations

The war of words between Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) and AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) shows no signs of slowing. In a hastily assembled press conference yesterday, Sprint's John Taylor told reporters that

AT&T adds 218,000 U-verse subs in first quarter

Wonder where all those eroding cable TV subscribers are going? AT&T (NYSE: T) said it added 218,000 U-verse TV subscribers in the first quarter to hit the 3.2 million subscriber mark. U-verse,

RCA goes after bigger fish, lands Sprint as new member

LAS VEGAS--The Rural Cellular Association has always positioned itself as an advocate for the small wireless carrier that may not otherwise have a voice among the regulators and legislators in

AT&T hatches plan to lure wireless subscribers to U-verse bundles

AT&T (NYSE: T) thinks that its wireless customers could be another source of wireline revenue so it's offering them a discount on their growing U-verse IPTV service bundles. The new bundle

Competition watch: AT&T links U-Verse and wireless with discounts, Verizon offers broadband incentives

AT&T (NYSE: T), in the midst of trying to acquire T-Mobile because, among other things it says it needs more spectrum for advanced wireless services, has developed a U-Verse discount package for

Sprint, AT&T ratchet up war of words over T-Mobile deal

Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) CEO Dan Hesse said AT&T's (NYSE:T) proposed purchase of T-Mobile USA for $39 billion will harm innovation and the wireless industry as a whole. The Sprint chief, who has

Wireless carriers and tablets: What is the opportunity?

As the tablet market enters its second year, the role the wireless carrier plays in the market remains somewhat cloudy. Should wireless carriers subsidize tablets? Should they stock the gadgets on

AT&T sells its holding stake in Alestra to Alfa

AT&T (NYSE: T) is shedding its 49 percent stake in Mexican telecom operator Alestra, selling it to Mexican industrial conglomerate Alfa SAB for an undisclosed sum. Although it's buying a big

Kansas bill loosens regulations on AT&T wireline service

The largest wireline provider in Kansas, AT&T (NYSE: T), could soon be able to avoid a cap on standalone wireline rates imposed by the state thanks to a bill that Gov. Sam Brownback says he will

FCC sets wheels in motion to review AT&T/T-Mobile deal

The FCC started laying the procedural groundwork for what is expected to be an extensive review of AT&T's (NYSE:T) bid to purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion, and the two companies are expected