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Latest Headlines

AT&T expands U-verse affiliation with Starz Entertainment

Coming off another successful quarter of new subscriber additions, AT&T (NYSE: T) is playing into its U-verse subscribers appetite for content by extending its affiliation agreement with Starz

AT&T to introduce monthly caps on traditional DSL, U-verse broadband users

AT&T (NYSE: T) is going to implement a monthly usage cap on all traditional DSL and U-verse broadband subscribers beginning this May. According to reports in both the Wall Street Journal and

Verizon, T-Mobile winners in PC World 4G tests

PC World, in conjunction with testing company Navarum, tested the "4G" services from AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T), Sprint (NYSE:S), T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) during the first six week

AT&T looking to small-cell architecture to cope with data influx

The idea of using multiple network layers--macro and small-cell--to improve user data rates and network spectral efficiency has been bantered about for some time, but AT&T (NYSE:T) appears to be

Making sense of 4G: WiMAX, LTE or HSPA+

As CTIA Wireless 2011 beckons, the FierceWireless team is busy putting the final touches on our Path to 4G conference, which takes place March 22 in Orlando, Fla. This is the fourth year we have

Entner: How overages can benefit wireless consumers

The FCC has received countless comments and filings regarding the issue of Bill Shock. Based on a review of more than 78,000 customer accounts by the Nielsen Company in its Consumer Values Metric

AT&T's WiFi STB gets green light from the FCC

AT&T's (NYSE: T) desire to get around bad wireline connections in the home network took another step forward as the FCC approved its Cisco ISB7005 AT&T U-Verse WiFi-capable set top box (STB).

AT&T CFO Lindner to retire in June

AT&T (NYSE:T) CFO Rick Lindner is retiring in June, and will be replaced by AT&T Controller John Stephens. Lindner presided over several major AT&T acquisitions, and helped transform

Is it time for a 4G reality check?

The 4G battle is on and operators are racing to secure the largest 4G footprint in the fastest possible time frame. Mobile WiMAX operator Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) has deployed its network in more than

AT&T CFO Rick Lindner to retire in June

AT&T's (NYSE: T) veteran CFO, Rick Linder, will retire from the service provider on June 1, 2011. Filling Lindner's shoes will be AT&T Controller John Stephens, a 19-year company veteran.