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Latest Headlines

Cablevision partners with Netflix to deliver 'super HD' movies and 3D TV shows

Netflix said it is partnering with Cablevision to place storage appliances near its Optimum network, which would allow for the delivery of "super HD" programming and 3D content to Cablevision customers who also subscribe to Netflix.

AT&T sold a record 10M smartphones in Q4

AT&T Mobility reported it sold a record 10 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, another indication that Tier 1 postpaid carriers enjoyed strong sales and subscriber activations during the period--likely at the expense of prepaid carriers.

Waking up to a changed 2013

It took Rip Van Winkle 20 years of sleeping to experience massive societal changes, according to the Washington Irving story. It took  FierceIPTV  only about two weeks--fewer than 20 days--to do the same.

AT&T uses CES to reaffirm U-verse commitment

AT&T seems to be pretty committed to its U-verse IPTV service. The carrier used a series of CES 2013 announcements to demonstrate that it's expanding, not contracting, its IP-based video and other service offerings.

AT&T will go live with Digital Life home automation service in March

AS VEGAS--AT&T Mobility will launch its Digital Life home automation service in eight markets in March with plans to expand the service to 50 markets nationwide by year-end. The company will handle all aspects of the service from selling it at AT&T retail stores to providing customer service, billing and installation.   

AT&T takes on Comcast, Verizon with multiplatform U-verse Screen Pack

AT&T launched the U-verse Screen Pack service on Monday, which lets cable subscribers who pay an extra $5 monthly watch movies and TV shows on TVs, tablets and smartphones.

AT&T Unite mobile hotspot includes touch-screen display

AT&T said it will carry a new LTE-enabled mobile hotspot from Sierra Wireless that is branded the AT&T Unite and features 2.4" touch-screen display.

AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink embroiled in ADSL patent fight with Brandywine

AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink--three of the largest U.S. incumbent telcos--are in the midst of a patent war with Brandywine Communications Technologies, a patent holding company.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority plots all-IP network migration strategy

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has begun the process of developing a regulatory framework to drive the country's migration from TDM-based PSTN voice networks to next-generation network architecture.

AT&T, Verizon LTE users suck up 36% more data than 3G users

The availability of LTE service is prompting mobile customers to consume substantially more data, particularly among those who have large data plans, according to a new whitepaper.