Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Ethernet, IP/MPLS service revenue to surpass $81B by 2016

Driven by cloud services and the ongoing appetite for data services, a new Infonetics report indicates that service providers will continue see Global Ethernet and MPLS IP VPN service revenue growth.

Videos tell the story behind U-verse bills

A service that breaks down complex AT&T U-verse bill details and turns them into personalized videos is so popular among subscribers that the carrier will next introduce it for its wireless subscribers.

AT&T, CWA hammer out tentative wireline labor agreements

AT&T has reached "tentative" agreements with the Communications Workers of America covering wireline workers in both the AT&T Midwest region and AT&T Corp. (CWA Communications and Technologies unit).

Google Fiber teases launch of 1-Gig network in Kansas City

Google said it will detail the launch plans for its Google Fiber project in Kansas City on July 26.

AT&T’s shared-data plans keep the customer satisfied

"The first liar doesn't stand a chance," my beau likes to say. The axiom is usually taken to mean that the first person sitting around a campfire telling a total prevarication (After I convinced the bear not to shred me to pieces, I adopted it and took it home as a pet…) is almost sure to be topped by the next storyteller, whose tale will be more creative and outrageous (We eventually taught our pet bear sign language and computer programming and sent him to Harvard Business School, after which he created the first ursine social media site…).

San Francisco judge clears way for AT&T U-verse utility boxes

In a case that seems to have lasted only slightly less time than a presidential election campaign, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Teri Jackson might have finally cleared the way for AT&T to install up to 726 U-verse utility boxes on the city's sidewalks. Then again, the good judge might have just cleared the way for those opposed to the installation to appeal the ruling.

Will AT&T and Verizon's shared data plans spur other carriers to adopt them?

Verizon and AT&T often (though not always) lead the pack in terms of pricing decisions because of their size and stable positions as leaders in the marketplace. Other carriers do not have to follow them, and in the case of shared data plans, likely will not.

Judge: AT&T can install refrigerator-sized U-verse TV boxes in San Francisco

Comcast could soon face more competition from AT&T's U-verse TV in San Francisco, after a judge ruled that the telco can install 726 utility boxes in the city in order to deliver its pay TV service.

AT&T CEO: It's 'too early' to say on charging for FaceTime over cellular

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said it is too soon to say whether the company will charge customers for using Apple's FaceTime video calling feature over cellular connections.

TiVo spends $20M to buy ad research firm TRA

TiVo said it agreed to shell out $20 million to buy TRA Inc., an ad research firm that makes a business of analyzing how TV advertising impacts purchasing behavior of viewers.