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Latest Headlines

Poor iPhone design was to blame for network overload: AT&T CTO

Mobile operators in Europe have been under the cosh as their networks crumble due to smartphone traffic. Those operators distributing the iPhone, particularly O2 UK, came in for harsh criticism and

AT&T, Verizon blast FCC rules for proposed LTE network

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are bemoaning restrictions the FCC placed on spectrum leases for a proposed nationwide LTE network. In approving the merger of SkyTerra and private-equity firm Harbinger

FCC's broadband plan goes under the microscope

A key lawmaker threw his support behind the FCC's proposal to give broadcasters a share of the proceeds from spectrum auctions intended to foster mobile broadband. However, another senior lawmaker

AT&T's Rinne campaigns for spectrally efficient mobile video

LAS VEGAS--With the mobile industry increasingly relying on the growth of data services to fuel its expansion, AT&T is calling upon application developers to help keep data traffic from choking

AT&T CEO unsure if LTE will trigger pricing changes

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he did not know whether the advent of LTE networks would cause wireless carriers to shift to usage-based pricing for mobile data, but he reiterated his position

AT&T chief: Industry moving toward usage-based pricing

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he thinks the wireless industry is going to adopt usage-based pricing models for mobile data. While he did not provide specific plans for how AT&T Mobility

Industry describes FCC's efforts to reclassify broadband as 'untenable'

AT&T, Verizon Communications, the CTIA and several other large telecom companies and trade groups urged the FCC not to reclassify broadband services under the same regulatory category as

AT&T opening innovation centers

AT&T announced that it will open at least three AT&T Innovation Centers this year that will be home to the development of next-generation devices, applications and equipment that will

AT&T's U-Verse hits the spot in the lone star state

With over 200,000 subscribers and counting in Houston, it's clear that AT&T has been making strident progress with U-Verse IPTV product in its home state. As one of the first cities to get

Is Skype coming to Verizon phones?

Verizon Wireless appears to have an alliance brewing with VoIP provider Skype. The two companies today announced they will be holding a joint news conference Tuesday at the upcoming Mobile World