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Video: AT&T's Randall Stephenson and WSJ's Walt Mossberg

Source: Wall Street Journal

AT&T takes next step onto cloud market

AT&T, which dipped its toe into the cloud computing pool several months ago, this week announced an expansion of its cloud computing with Synaptic Storage as a Service. The service, which uses

AT&T's dereg lobbying in Tennessee tops $523,000

AT&T spent more than a half million dollars and used at least 20 lobbyists to convince Tennessee lawmakers deregulating basic telephone service in the Volunteer State was a good idea. The bill

Sling Media blames Apple for denying app 3G support

Placeshifting technology developer Sling Media finally issued the long-awaited iPhone edition of its SlingPlayer Mobile video application last week, but the release version of the app does not

Is green the new color of the telecom industry?

Going green as a business has been embraced by the telecom industry for its public relations payout, but increasingly it's being seen as a way to save money, too. "Telcos and vendors alike are

CWA says AT&T's 'final offer' just isn't good enough

UPDATE: CWA Dist. 6 negotiators leave bargaining table AT&T yesterday said it had made its "last, best and final offer" to 27,000 wireline workers in the company's southwestern region, but the

NC lawmakers may end local phone company oversight

Sixteen phone companies that provide service in North Carolina may soon be out from under the auspices of state regulators who oversee everything from prices to service standards after the state

AT&T, NEC, Corning test 32 Tbps connection

AT&T and vendor partners NEC America and Corning have worked together to test 32 Tbps transmission over a 580-km fiber link. The transmission was executed at 114 Gigabits per second over each of

AT&T buying some of Verizon's Alltel assets for $2.35B

AT&T will buy a large portion of the assets rival Verizon Wireless was required to divest from as a condition of its acquisition of Alltel for $2.35 billion, the company announced late Friday.

AT&T moves closer to embedded wireless vision

One of the big impediments to AT&T's embedded wireless vision has been resolved. The company yesterday inked an exclusive deal with M2M firm Jasper Wireless to have Jasper provide the