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Dissecting wireless carriers' capex

How much do U.S. wireless carriers really invest in their networks? Until recently, it was a question that largely dominated the marketing message of most Tier 1 operators: Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ)

AT&T gets $800 million boost from Sterling Commerce deal

With AT&T's (NYSE: T) $1.4 billion sale of Sterling Commerce to IBM (NYSE: IBM) now complete, the telco will record a one-time pretax gain of $800 million in Q3 2010. AT&T said that the

Ereaders, tablets are early winners in embedded device category

There's no question that many wireless operators consider the next growth opportunity to rest with embedded wireless devices. Some operators estimate that by embedding wireless connectivity into all

Survey points to widespread tiered mobile data pricing schemes

A new poll of mobile operator executives in some 55 countries indicates the majority of these executives believe mobile data pricing will move toward tiered and metered plans in a matter of months

Former Motorola exec backs D Block spectrum auction

A former executive at Motorola (NYSE:MOT) has thrown his support behind a re-auction of the D Block of the 700 MHz band, putting him at odds with his ex-employer. Dennis Roberson, who served as

AT&T, South Africa's Telkom relationship falls short of expectations

Telkom, South Africa's biggest wireline service provider, wants to reexamine the partnership it established with AT&T (NYSE: T) last April to enhance its business services revenue base. At first

AT&T, Qualcomm trying to unlock mHealth's potential

The mobile healthcare market has long been more potential than reality. But several wireless companies are trying to push the market into into a higher gear, according to BusinessWeek. Qualcomm's (

CTIA increased lobbying spend in Q2

CTIA boosted its spending on legislative lobbying in the second quarter, according to a disclosure report, as the wireless industry's main trade group pressed its case on a number of issues,

Belgian Telenet user consumes 2.7 Tb of data in 1 month

While U.S. consumers and broadband service providers spar over usage limits, even if most users never even come close to the caps, one of Belgium's Telenet users does deserve "data hog" title.

AT&T continues to press for wireless net neutrality exemption

AT&T (NYSE:T) wants to remind the wireless community--again--that when it comes to net neutrality, wireless is different. Following up on a blog post Friday, Joan Marsh, AT&T's vice president