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Cutting the cord of all cords

What a difference a year makes: 2009 began with Verizon Communications disputing reports that it was planning for all voice calls on its network to be VoIP-based within seven years. 2010 has begun

Justice Department urges FCC to free up more spectrum

The Justice Department urged the FCC to free up underutilized spectrum for wireless broadband use, though the DoJ warned against auctioning off airwaves in ways that would favor major telecom

AT&T supports spirit, not strict rules of net neutrality

AT&T said that while it supports the principle of net neutrality, it does not think that strict, prescriptive new regulations are needed, especially for wireless broadband. In a letter to the

AT&T completing asset swap with Verizon in Q1

AT&T said late Friday its $2.35 billion purchase of some Verizon Wireless assets will close in the first quarter of next year instead of the fourth quarter, as previously expected. Verizon

Operators must change data pricing structure at some point

Not long ago wireless operators were devising ways to spur consumers to use wireless data. Today, AT&T is talking about ways to curb excessive use. This growth is due not only to the iPhone but

Telecom status update: Cautiously optimistic

To a corporate executive, there can't be two more comforting words in the English language than "cautiously optimistic." If things turn out well, you get to have retroactive dibs on foresight, and if

AT&T: U-verse TV nets 2 millionth customer

AT&T issued a statement this morning at the UBS 37th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference acknowledging that it expects to land its 2 millionth AT&T U-verse TV customer today.

AT&T chief addresses network problems in NYC, San Fran

AT&T Mobility's Ralph de la Vega admitted the carrier's wireless network is not up to par in areas of Manhattan and San Francisco, and said the company is working hard to get network issues

Barnes & Noble bets big on the nook – page 2

Previous page FierceWireless: Will your customers have access to 3G services in international markets? How complete will these services be? Gottlieb: Right now, the nook operates on 3G in America.

Barnes & Noble bets big on the nook

with Barnes & Noble's Douglas Gottlieb Barnes & Noble, with its new nook, is the latest and biggest entrant in the nascent but burgeoning ereader space. And so far things seem to be moving