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Latest Headlines

WOW dominates Consumer Reports rankings of top TV, Internet and phone providers

Cable overbuilder WideOpenWest dominated a  Consumer Reports  survey of the top cable TV, high-speed Internet and phone providers. In addition to being ranked the trop triple-play provider, WOW tied Verizon FiOS as the No. 1 TV provider, and it was ranked the second-best phone provider.

CenturyLink, Windstream dominate the ILEC Ethernet services ecosystem

This week FierceTelecom offers a new feature chronicling the performance of the top four ILECs--AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink and Windstream--in the Ethernet market. Each of these incumbent players come to the market with a diverse set of services and approaches.

AT&T, IBEW carve out tentative wireline union agreement

AT&T laid out the terms of a tentative agreement with 6,500 Illinois and northwestern Indiana workers represented by the IBEW System Council T-3 in wireline contract negotiations.

CenturyLink, Windstream, other incumbents rise to the Ethernet occasion

Where do ILECs stand in the Ethernet space? All four of the largest U.S. telcos--AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink and Windstream--continue to expand their Ethernet portfolios and reach for their customers. In the latest entry in our Ethernet series, FierceTelecom provides a breakdown of each ILEC's performance in the Ethernet space and charts their on-net buildings.

Fiber, IP are the best way to support next-gen services

In his latest column, Jim Barthold of FierceIPTV examines how it's going to be hard for service providers to use "20th Century copper infrastructure trying to serve consumers with state-of-the-art 21st Century devices."

Old networks not the best way to feed new devices or IPTV services

Listening to a technological relic--an old cassette tape--spurred thoughts on how telcos are stuck with 20th-century copper infrastructure in a 21st-century world. The prospects for old technology, in the face of demand for IPTV and other services, aren't pretty.

AT&T ups U-verse speeds to 45 Mbps in Texas

AT&T is getting ready to extend its higher speed DSL offerings using a mix of pair bonding and VDSL2, and will reportedly begin a trial of 45 Mbps service in Dallas this month. But this first wave of speed upgrades initially won't include the 75 Mbps speeds it has promised through its Project VIP initiative.

AT&T launches WatchESPN to U-verse TV subscribers

AT&T said Monday that its U-verse TV subscribers can access the WatchESPN app on smartphones, tablets and Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console.

AT&T doubles number of Digital Life launch markets to 15

AT&T Mobility said it will effectively double the number of markets where it will initially launch its Digital Life home automation service from eight to 15. However, the company has not named the markets or said when exactly the service will begin.

AT&T U-Verse speeds going up, but for now 45 Mbps seems to be the topper

AT&T is apparently going ahead with plans to use bonded pairs to bring U-verse broadband speeds more in line with what other carriers are offering, although, according to DSL Reports, this doesn't necessarily mean the carrier will offer 75 Mbps this go-around.