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Monopoly neutrality

It is never good for consumers when monopolies get together. Now AT&T and Google are promoting their view of how access to the Internet should be controlled--of course, to their benefit.

Leap's MVNO deal with Sprint makes MetroPCS merger unlikely

Recent moves by Leap Wireless (NASDAQ:LEAP) appear to be making the unlimited prepaid carrier less dependent on its roaming partner, rival and sometimes rumored merger buddy MetroPCS (NASDAQ:PCS). In

Sam's Club outfitting warehouses with WiFi for shoppers

Membership warehouse Sam's Club plans to outfit more than 500 clubs with WiFi access from AT&T by November in hopes of selling high volumes of Internet TV sets and other Web-enabled devices for

De la Vega: Google, Verizon net neutrality agreement is a positive sign

AT&T (NYSE:T) rarely endorses the movements of its competitor Verizon (NYSE:VZ), but AT&T Mobility President and CEO Ralph de la Vega said today that the net neutrality proposal put forth by

U-verse iPhone app gives users TV episodes, program guides, DVR control

AT&T's (NYSE: T) U-verse is expanding. The telco's IPTV platform is now available on iPhone's through the U-verse Mobile app that allows U-verse subscribers to download and watch select TV

AT&T boldly goes to the edge of the, well, U-verse: A conversation with U-verse VP Jeff Weber

AT&T's (NYSE: T) U-verse is coming off a strong quarter (see this story) of growth--more than 209,000 new subscribers in the second quarter--and recorded $1 billion in revenue for the first time

AT&T gives Chicago Cubs fans game action options with Multiview

AT&T has rolled out a multiview app for Chicago Cubs fans who are U-verse subscribers that gives them four simultaneous views of games at Wrigley Field and allows them to choose which camera

Appraising U.S. wireless operators in the second quarter

As the second-quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead. Here are some of the big themes from

Verizon, Google said to be nearing deal on net neutrality

Verizon (NYSE:VZ) and Google are negotiating a deal on net neutrality--though the agreement would not apply to its wireless network--according to multiple media reports. The news about a potential

AT&T adds WiFi hotzone in Chicago

AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) is again expanding its WiFi hotzone project in hopes it will ease the burden on its 3G mobile broadband network. The company has launched a WiFi hotzone pilot in Chicago