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Latest Headlines

Hershey's, Cut the Rope among advertisers now using AT&T's Sponsored Data service

Almost six months after AT&T announced its Sponsored Data program, there are now at least a handful of companies that are currently making use of the service in a commercial setting. Although vendors involved in the program declined to name most of the actual companies that are subsidizing the cost of users' data, Hershey's and Cut the Rope are among those that have been named publicly.

Carriers to increase wireless network spending by 6.4% to $43B in 2017, report says

According to a new report from the Telecommunications Industry Association, U.S. wireless carriers will spend a total of $159.3 billion on wireless network equipment and infrastructure during the next four years, up fully 40 percent from the $113.9 billion in cumulative spending during the previous four years. However, TIA pointed out, overall growth in spending is slowing as carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility finish their initial LTE network buildouts.

AT&T offers subscription-based language translation service via Muuzii

AT&T Mobility today launched a new language translation service for Spanish and Chinese speakers through a new partnership with startup Muuzii. The service starts at $2.99 per month and allows users to send texts in either Spanish or Chinese and have the messages sent back to them translated into English.

AT&T defends DirecTV acquisition to Congress, can't promise lower prices

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told separate antitrust subcommittees in both the U.S. House and Senate that his company's proposed acquisition of DirecTV would "put downward pressure on cable products--cable bundles, cable video and cable broadband" but stopped short of assuring elected representatives that prices would be coming down.

Probing the security threat posed by AT&T and Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots

The free Wi-Fi hotspots being rolled out across the nation by AT&T and Comcast help ease the consumption of cellular data, while providing better network speeds than what is typically delivered over 4G connection.

Chapel Hill becomes latest AT&T fiber town in North Carolina

Continuing its quest to blanket all of North Carolina with its 1 Gbps-capable "U-Verse with GigaPower" platform, AT&T has forged a deal with the town of Chapel Hill to begin rolling out its fiber network.

AT&T, DirecTV officials make merger pitch in back-to-back congressional hearings

Top officials for AT&T and DirecTV are set to make the case for their proposed $49 billion merger in back-to-back hearings in the House and Senate Tuesday, but will be greeted by testimony from several dissonant voices.

AT&T scoops up 40,000 customers, spectrum assets of Plateau Wireless

AT&T Mobility is looking to purchase 40,000 customers, a handful of spectrum licenses and "related operations and assets" of Plateau Wireless, which offers wireless service across eastern New Mexico and West Texas and will exit the wireless business via the sale. The transaction, which still requires FCC approval, is scheduled to be completed in the second half of this year.

AT&T tops T-Mobile in latest network latency measurements

T-Mobile US, which previously enjoyed the fastest LTE latency speeds according to data from network monitoring firm OpenSignal, was edged out for the top ranking during April and May by AT&T Mobility.

AT&T squeaks past T-Mobile in network latency measurements

AT&T Mobility managed to narrowly beat T-Mobile US with the nation's shortest LTE network latency times, according to new findings from OpenSignal. The results are notable considering T-Mobile previously enjoyed the lowest latency recordings.