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Latest Headlines

AT&T: Domain 2.0 has upset vendors' business models, says Prabhu

AT&T's creation of the Domain 2.0 program, which is driven by the implementation of software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), is causing the telecom equipment industry to rethink how they deliver products and services.

Dycom acquires network construction assets from Goodman Networks for $108M

Dycom is acquiring various wireline and wireless assets from Goodman Networks for $107.5 million, a move that will enhance its construction capabilities to better respond to its service provider customers' fiber and wireless network expansion efforts.

4G LTE wireless emergence won't kill wireline broadband services, analyst says

The wireless industry's ongoing movement to 5G may offer consumers and businesses higher speeds, but the technology will not replace wireline-based broadband services, says a new Strategy  Analytics report.

AT&T: 5G mostly about fixed wireless for next two to three years

The mobile world has been buzzing about 5G in recent months, with Verizon saying earlier this year it plans to begin  launching commercial services  as early as next year. But it's increasingly apparent that U.S. consumers won't have access to truly mobile 5G offerings for at least a few more years.

AT&T enhances Ethernet reach, installation times with copper U-verse offering

AT&T has set fiber as a key element of its Ethernet strategy, something that was clearly reflected in the fiber-to-the-building initiative within its Project VIP program. However, while AT&T will continue to roll out fiber to new business building sites, the question becomes how the telco will serve business customers whose needs don't require fiber.

Frontier's McCarthy: We don't have plans to implement usage-based broadband billing

Frontier Communications may still be still recovering from system glitches that caused losses of new broadband subscribers for its fiber-and copper-based broadband offerings following the completion of its Verizonassets deal, but the telco has no near-term intention to implement metered broadband billing.

AT&T to expand media focus with new 'thanks' loyalty program

AT&T is teasing a new loyalty program that promises to reward customers with movie tickets, advance access to concert tickets and other goodies. The nation's second-largest carrier said the program will thank subscribers with exclusive entertainment offerings such as two-for-one movie tickets on Tuesdays and pre-sale ticket offers from Live Nation, as well as special content for DirecTV subscribers on their TVs and phones.

FirstNet closes deadline for proposals, moves onto evaluation phase

It's not known how many proposals FirstNet received, but the deadline came and went May 31, and now the focus is on the remaining phases of the evaluation process. FirstNet CEO Mike Poth says the organization is well on its way to achieving its goal of establishing a unique public-private partnership to deploy the nation's first Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN).

UBS: Verizon's Go90 faces 'an uphill battle' against other mobile video and social apps

Verizon's Go90 is gradually gaining traction but faces "an uphill battle" against other mobile video and social networking apps and services, according to a study by UBS analysts.

Data centers heading into transitional growth cycle, says analyst

The data center industry is evolving again, as traditional players like Equinix continue to scale, while telcos with data center assets like CenturyLink are mulling the future of their business.