Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AT&T spending $7.1B to upgrade California telco plant

AT&T said it'll spend $7.1 billion to upgrade its wireline and wireless network in California. The investments will include upgrades that will allow the telco to expand its U-verse TV and Internet footprint in California.

Granite Telecom ready to take part in AT&T's IP transition trials

Granite Telecommunications, a competitive provider focused on providing services to multi-location businesses in the United States and Canada, said it plans on participating in AT&T's upcoming  TDM-to-IP trials.

AT&T takes on Comcast, WOW with U-verse launch in Augusta

Comcast and cable overbuilder WideOpenWest face new competition in Georgia from AT&T, which launched its U-verse TV and Internet products in Augusta on Thursday.

DOJ taps Hesse to lead review of Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal

Renata Hesse, a veteran antitrust attorney who has previously helped the government prosecute companies ranging from Microsoft to American Airlines, will lead a review of Comcast proposal to acquire Time Warner Cable, the Department of Justice said Thursday.

AT&T expands U-verse, business fiber footprints in Michigan, Missouri and Ohio

AT&T continues to make progress fulfilling the tenets of its Project VIP initiative, announcing multi-billion dollar investments to expand both its consumer U-verse and business fiber service to more locations in Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

AT&T's Stephenson: Device subsidy model is 'fundamentally changing'

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that the model that has prevailed in the U.S. wireless industry for years of customers getting subsidized devices in exchange for signing two-year contracts is radically shifting.

AT&T is recruiting new employees to assist with its virtual network vision

AT&T is going to enhance its workforce, announcing it plans to hire 100 "innovators" that it says will help build its virtualized network, reports  FierceWirelessTech. 

Cincinnati Bell's aggressive fiber rollout stems its legacy revenue bleeding, but competitors loom large

Cincinnati Bell may be much smaller than its larger ILEC brothers AT&T and Verizon, but it has come to the same realization that having a fiber-based broadband strategy for consumers and business will be a new revenue driver.

Leap takes hit from T-Mobile, loses 27% of its customers in 18 months

Leap Wireless lost nearly 92,000 net customers in the fourth quarter, bringing its total customer base to just 4.55 million at the end of 2013. The prepaid carrier blamed the losses on increasing competition from nationwide operators, particularly T-Mobile US and its MetroPCS brand. 

AT&T plans 100 new hires to build its virtualized network

AT&T is hiring 100 "innovators" to develop its virtualized network of the future and has already posted two sample job descriptions on its site.