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Latest Headlines

Report: AT&T considering selling a Cyanogen-powered phone

AT&T is working with Cyanogen and may sell a smartphone running an alternative version of Android, according to The Information.

Colt, AT&T, and Level 3 gain Ethernet share in 2015, says research firm

Colt, AT&T and Level 3 continued to make progress in the global Ethernet market as their network buildouts in countries outside of their home base helped them gain market share, says Vertical Systems Group in their 2015 Global Provider Ethernet Leaderboard.

AT&T asks FCC for more time to deploy smart grid services with Nokia in WCS C, D Block spectrum

AT&T plans to offer smart grid services in the unpaired WCS C and D Blocks it once hoped to use for in-flight Wi-Fi services, but it's asking the FCC for more time to do so.

AT&T to offer unlimited U-verse data usage option, increases caps on other tiers

AT&T will soon introduce an unlimited data option for U-verse Internet customers, playing into the consumer desire to have an all-you-can-eat broadband experience free of restrictive usage caps.

AT&T moving away from Social Security numbers for customer security, will use pass codes instead

AT&T is asking its customers to use pass codes rather than Social Security numbers when dealing with the carrier in an apparent effort to better protect users' sensitive information.

Cleveland Convention Center using RNC to coax carriers into network upgrades

The Cleveland Convention Center will play host to the 2016 Republican National Convention in July and it's using the occasion to help convince carriers to install network equipment that will improve indoor coverage.

Calix joins ONOS project, seeks to expand non-Java apps for SDN-enabled access networks

Calix has joined the ON.Labs ONOS project as a collaborator in an effort to expand the reach of non-Java applications for SDN-enabled last mile access networks.

AT&T threatens TWC's hold on Los Angeles broadband, video market with 1 Gig launch

AT&T is lighting up its 1 Gbps FTTH service in the Los Angeles metro area, creating a new competitive threat to Time Warner Cable as the cable operator gets ready to be swallowed up by new parent Charter Communications.

Netflix's mobile throttling raises ire of AT&T, American Cable Association

Netflix's admission of lowering video resolution on wireless networks from AT&T and Verizon without customer consent has drawn fire from AT&T and the American Cable Association (ACA).

Wells Fargo: Extended replacement cycles a mixed blessing for Verizon and AT&T

Slower handset upgrade cycles will take a toll on U.S. carriers' device revenues during the first quarter, according to Wells Fargo Securities analysts. For the short term, at least, that will make it tougher for T-Mobile and Sprint to close the subscriber gap with their bigger rivals.