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Latest Headlines

Intel partners with Google's Project Tango on 3D imaging and mapping

Intel wants the world to know it is excited about what developers can do to bring its chipsets and technologies into more devices than just PCs, as the company expands into the Internet of Things and partners with other major technology companies.

USPS eyes augmented reality glasses to save money, improve efficiency

Set aside those ideas about an antiquanted U.S. Postal Service. The USPS Office of Inspector General is eyeing augmented reality to drive down costs and improve efficiencies.

Augmented reality startup Magic Leap raises $542M from Google, Qualcomm and others

Magic Leap, a startup focused on augmented reality technology, said it raised $542 million in funding from Google, Qualcomm and other venture capital investors. The company plans to use the funds to speed up the development of its products, develop software and content elements and commercialize its wearable computing system.

Daqri's smart hardhat enables blue-collar augmented reality

Los Angeles-based startup Daqri is touting a high-tech helmet for blue-collar workers that combines augmented reality and 4D. The helmet, which will begin shipping next month, includes cameras, a sensor package, native augmented reality software and Daqri's Intellitrack system that leverages precise display and tracking features.

Report: Google developing tablet with 3D vision capabilities as part of Project Tango

Google plans to produce about 4,000 prototype tablets with advanced computer vision capabilities as part of its Project Tango initiative, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report.

Google wants first Project Ara smartphone to go on sale in January 2015

Google aims to have the first smartphone designed as part of its Project Ara modular smartphone program on sale in January 2015. The so-called "gray phone" will cost around $50 to make and will be an entry-level phone, with prices determined by commerce partners.

CableLabs eyes augmented reality Wi-Fi maps

Broadband subscribers may be able to find Wi-Fi hotspots with an "augmented reality" application that combines images captured from mobile devices with data detailing the strength of Wi-Fi access points, 4G networks and other wireless signals, according to a recent CableLabs patent application.

Google to launch developer conferences for Project Ara modular smartphone program

Google will hold the first of three developer conferences for its Project Ara modular smartphone project in April and the company aims to have a working, commercial device in the market in 2015.

Google unveils Project Tango for smartphones, aims to produce 3D maps of physical world

First it announced a project to build a modular smartphone, now it's launching a project to visually map the world with smartphones. Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group unveiled Project Tango, with the aim of using a prototype phone and the ingenuity of developers to use 3D scanning technology to build maps and models of physical locations.

Apple confirms acquisition of PrimeSense

Apple confirmed yesterday that it is the new owner of PrimeSense, the Tel Aviv-based developer of 3D-based gesture recognition technology.