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Latest Headlines

Analysts: T-Mobile's business plans could appeal to small businesses but not big enterprises

T-Mobile US' new rate plans and offerings for businesses are likely going to have more success in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market than with major corporations, where Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility are strongest, according to financial analysts.

T-Mobile aims to steal business customers from Verizon, AT&T with cheaper, simpler pricing

NEW YORK--T-Mobile US launched new plans aimed at business customers with a simplified rate structure that the company says will let it take away business from Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility.

Sprint unveils 'Workplace-as-a-Service' platform aimed at simplifying enterprise communications

Sprint is launching a new platform aimed at business customers that it says will meet all of their enterprise technology and communications needs without companies having to work with multiple vendors. The carrier is aiming the solution at small and medium-sized businesses with the promise of cutting their expenses and simplifying their operations.

T-Mobile plans new 'uncarrier' event on March 18, reportedly aimed at B2B market

T-Mobile US sent out invitations to its latest "uncarrier" event and there are indications that the company is aiming its sights on the lucrative business market, which has long been dominated in the U.S. by AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless.

T-Mobile: Less than 1% of international roamers pay to upgrade from 2G speeds

T-Mobile US is satisfied that the 2G EDGE data speeds customers get when roaming on its Simple Global plans without roaming fees are sufficient because less than 1 percent of customers on such plans have opted to pay for higher speeds so far, according to an executive from the carrier.

Ooredoo: We need to be anything but typical

NICE, France--Ooredoo is an operator that faces a set of unusual challenges because of the diversity of the mostly developing markets in which it is present, and it has learned to deal with such challenges by not assuming that "one size fits all" in every market.

T-Mobile: 2M customers have used new 'Simple Global' international plans

T-Mobile US said its new "Simple Global" international plans have allowed customers to use their phones more while abroad, and offered some metrics around that international usage. The plans, which the carrier introduced at the end of October 2013, cut out international data roaming fees, though customers surf the web at slower speeds.

Analysts: T-Mobile to report strong Q3 subscriber numbers

T-Mobile US is expected to report strong subscriber growth in the third quarter, according to analysts, and may once again lead U.S. carriers in terms of phone subscriber additions in the period.

T-Mobile launches marketing efforts for roaming offer aimed at families, B2B market

T-Mobile US' new plan to essentially eliminate international data roaming fees in more than 100 countries doesn't go live until Oct. 31, but the carrier's marketing campaign for the offer is getting into full swing.

Analysts: T-Mobile's international roaming targets business users, but may not win them over

T-Mobile US' new plan to essentially eliminate international data roaming fees in more than 100 countries seems designed specifically to attract enterprise customers and large business accounts. However, analysts said limitations in the offer could make that a tough slog for a carrier that has historically not had a large B2B presence.