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Latest Headlines

Analysts: T-Mobile to report strong Q3 subscriber numbers

T-Mobile US is expected to report strong subscriber growth in the third quarter, according to analysts, and may once again lead U.S. carriers in terms of phone subscriber additions in the period.

T-Mobile launches marketing efforts for roaming offer aimed at families, B2B market

T-Mobile US' new plan to essentially eliminate international data roaming fees in more than 100 countries doesn't go live until Oct. 31, but the carrier's marketing campaign for the offer is getting into full swing.

Analysts: T-Mobile's international roaming targets business users, but may not win them over

T-Mobile US' new plan to essentially eliminate international data roaming fees in more than 100 countries seems designed specifically to attract enterprise customers and large business accounts. However, analysts said limitations in the offer could make that a tough slog for a carrier that has historically not had a large B2B presence.

T-Mobile revamps 'Simple Choice' plans for B2B market

T-Mobile US is aiming to grab greater share of the enterprise market with new, cheaper no-contract "Simple Choice" plans for business, which do not come with subsidized devices and seem aimed at the BYOD crowd. The carrier is also offering enterprise customers the option of getting traditional, subsidized devices, something T-Mobile has essentially moved away from in its consumer business.

T-Mobile takes no-contract 'Simple Choice' plans to B2B market

T-Mobile USA is bringing its new "Simple Choice" no-contract plans to the B2B market, hoping that its "uncarrier" rebranding effort will also translate into more enterprise sales. The plans are priced from $50 per month to $70 per month and are essentially exactly the same as what T-Mobile offers on the consumer side.

T-Mobile aims to grow B2B share with customized plans, more options

T-Mobile USA may be a small player in the wireless B2B market, but the company wants to grow its market share significantly this year by focusing on plans that do not gouge enterprise customers on pricing, according to Frank Sickinger, the carrier's senior vice president of B2B. The carrier also plans to offer enterprise customers new products and services.

Updated: T-Mobile pushing B2B shared-data plans

Despite roundly criticizing shared-data plans offered to consumers by market leaders AT&T and Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA is making a concerted push to offer what it calls "data pooling and stackable voice" as part of its push to attract enterprise customers.

T-Mobile offers businesses up to $200 in credit to switch over

T-Mobile USA is offering enterprise subscribers up to $200 in credits per line to switch their service over to T-Mobile, part of a wider company effort to strengthen T-Mobile's foothold in the B2B market.

T-Mobile launches unified communications service in B2B push

T-Mobile USA is making a major push into the business-to-business market, offering a new unified communications suite for enterprises as well as a device financing program. The beefed up B2B offerings are part of the carrier's broader strategy to expand its presence in the B2B market and challenge Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and Sprint Nextel.

Nokia wants Lumia Windows Phones smartphones to be 'disruptive force'

Nokia has called upon its dealers to help the company become the leading smartphone vendor, and promised to become a disruptive force in the handset market, according to a top European executive.