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Latest Headlines

Chappaquiddick ads tell vacationing President Obama, Comcast CEO Roberts island wants broadband

By no stretch of the imagination would Chappaquiddick Island be considered a backwater, but when it comes to broadband, the citizens are on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Cell phone unlocking bill appears set to become law

The House on Friday passed legislation that makes it legal for consumers to unlock their cell phone and take it to another carrier, and President Obama indicated he will sign the bill into law.

Obama's Farm Bill provides $50M for rural Gbps broadband

Rural telcos that are looking at deploying Gbps-based broadband networks will now have more financial assistance after President Obama signed into law the  Agriculture Act of 2014, also known as the Farm Bill.

NSA review panel recommends changes to telephone metadata program

A panel of experts appointed by President Obama to investigate the National Security Agency's surveillance practices recommended that the president make changes to the NSA's program that collects telephone metadata on virtually every call Americans make.

Report: NSA review task force calls for restricting phone records program

A presidential committee tasked with reviewing the operations of the National Security Agency and surveillance activities will recommend restrictions be placed on the NSA program that has been collecting telephone metadata on virtually all U.S. telephone calls, according to multiple reports.

Apple, Google, Microsoft among tech giants calling for surveillance reform

Eight major technology companies, including mobile heavyweights Apple, Google and Microsoft, launched a public campaign to reform government surveillance efforts, which could also help restore their customers' trust after widespread disclosures of snooping by the National Security Agency.

FCC's Wheeler pressures CTIA to clarify carriers' phone unlocking policy

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is pushing the CTIA to amend its policies so that carriers would be more proactive in allowing consumers to unlock their phones. Wheeler said the CTIA and the wireless industry should act by year-end or expect the FCC to issue regulations on the issue.

Analysts: Government shutdown could imperil FCC's agenda

As the shutdown of the federal government grinds into its fourth day and appears likely to last through the weekend, analysts say that a prolonged shuttering of government operations could impact the FCC and other agencies' agendas on technology policy, especially for wireless spectrum and auctions.

NTIA pushes FCC to mandate free cell phone unlocking

At the Obama administration's direction, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration petitioned the FCC to mandate that carriers unlock mobile phones and tablets free of charge and let customers who have met their contractual obligations switch to another carrier.

Samsung vows to fight Obama's dismissal of import ban on iPhone, iPad

The Obama administration on Saturday effectively vetoed a looming U.S. import ban on older models of Apple's iPhone and iPad, overturning a ruling from the U.S. International Trade Commission in a rare decision that dealt a blow to Apple rival Samsung Electronics and could change how paint battles are fought.