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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry touts security features of new $299 Android phone

BlackBerry introduced its second Android-powered handset as the company continues to try to elbow its way back into the smartphone market. But whether there's any real demand for a mid-range device with a focus on a security is far from clear.

BlackBerry to cease production of Classic handset

BlackBerry said it will stop producing its flagship BlackBerry Classic phone, although it will continue to develop its proprietary mobile operating system – for now, at least.

BlackBerry reportedly developing three new Android phones

An undaunted BlackBerry is continuing to pursue its mobile hardware business aggressively, according to a report from  VentureBeat. The one-time king of the mobile enterprise is reportedly developing three new Android handsets that are expected to come to market over the next three quarters: the Neon, a low- to mid-range handset that will hit shelves in the next two months; the Argon, which will be targeted at business users; and the Mercury, which is scheduled to debut early next year.

BlackBerry maintains focus on device profitability even as hardware revenues fall

BlackBerry's hardware business once again failed to live up to expectations in the latest quarter, but the company said it will continue to manufacturer phones for at least the next nine months.

Analysts: Don't expect BlackBerry to quit hardware just yet

BlackBerry may still be struggling to find a market for its Priv handset, but analysts don't expect the company to throw in the towel on its hardware business just yet.

BlackBerry ships just 600,000 phones as Priv hits 'limited' audience and 'saturated' market

Shares of BlackBerry plunged nearly 9 percent this morning after the company posted unexpectedly low revenues in its fiscal fourth quarter. The company said it shipped 600,000 phones in the quarter, well below expectations.

Wells Fargo: BlackBerry shipped 850,000 Priv smartphones during quarter, but distribution may lag

The analysts at Wells Fargo Securities expect BlackBerry to report shipping roughly 850,000 Priv smartphones during the company's most recent quarter, a figure the financial analyst firm said would help push the vendor's overall corporate quarterly revenues to around $571 million-- slightly above Wall Street expectations of $565 million.

Apple, BlackBerry urge caution on longer, more complicated emergency alerts

In separate meetings with the FCC, executives from Apple and BlackBerry discussed the agency's proposal to increase the length of mobile emergency alerts from 90 characters to 360. They also debated whether those alerts should include links to websites, and whether those websites would hold up under a barrage of traffic from concerned recipients.

BlackBerry confirms 200 layoffs in Canada and Florida

BlackBerry confirmed that it laid off 200 employees in its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, and also in Florida. The company said in a statement provided to media outlets including the  New York Times  that "we remain focused on driving efficiencies across our global workforce. This means finding new ways to enable us to capitalize on growth opportunities, while driving toward sustainable profitability across all parts of our business."

BlackBerry CEO touts the Priv smartphone, says it will expand globally through carrier partners

BlackBerry CEO John Chen told investors today that the company's Priv smartphone, which is based on Google's Android software, is a hit with consumers and will help the company turnaround its struggling hardware business.