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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Report: 94% of T-Mobile BlackBerry customers who traded in phones switched to another platform

Almost all T-Mobile US customers who traded in their BlackBerry phones during a recent promotion switched to another smartphone platform, according to a blog post from  TMoNews.

Report: BlackBerry's Q10 smartphone sales fail to take off

BlackBerry, as it considers various strategic options, including a possible sale, has been banking on strong sales of its BlackBerry 10 smartphones to help revive the company's fortunes. However, according to a report in the  Wall Street Journal, sales of one of the company's flagship products, the Q10 with the firm's iconic physical keyboard, are in the gutter.

BlackBerry ships 2.7M BB10 devices, but loses 4M subscribers

BlackBerry reported a surprise loss for its first fiscal quarter, and though it reported an increase in smartphone sales compared with its fiscal fourth quarter, sales of new BlackBerry 10 devices are still struggling to gain traction. In a worrying sign for the company, BlackBerry said its subscriber base fell by 4 million in the quarter, from 76 million down to 72 million. The quarter highlights the challenges BlackBerry faces in reigniting demand for its phones and software through its new BB10 platform and devices.

BlackBerry sales, earnings remain murky ahead of earnings announcement

BlackBerry reports earnings for its fiscal first quarter on Friday, the first full quarter impacted by sales of its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but financial analysts disagree over how sales and profits will shake out for the company as it charts its comeback.

Report: BlackBerry's next flagship smartphone, A10, to drop during holidays

BlackBerry's next high-end flagship Blackberry 10 device will be called the A10 and will roll out during the holiday shopping season, according to a  CNET  report.

BlackBerry to take Q5 to emerging markets; releasing BBM to iOS, Android

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins unveiled the company's newest smartphone, the Q5 aimed at emerging markets, and said BlackBerry is in a much stronger position than it was this time last year.

BlackBerry's Heins: We expect 'tens of millions' of Q10 sales

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins ratcheted up expectations and brimmed with confidence over expected sales of the Q10, the company's first BlackBerry 10-based smartphone with a Qwerty keyboard, noting the company expects to sell "tens of millions" of units of the phone.

Verizon's Z10 sales giving BlackBerry a boost, according to Chitika

BlackBerry has not yet detailed U.S. sales figures for its flagship Z10 smartphone, let alone broken it down by carrier, but according to online advertising network Chitika, Verizon Wireless is giving the Z10 a major boost.

Analysts: BlackBerry's U.S. Z10 sales off to a weak start

BlackBerry's shares tumbled nearly 8 percent Thursday, the most in two weeks, as financial analysts questioned the strength of early sales of the Z10, the company's flagship smartphone running its new BlackBerry 10 platform.

Apple's app dominance is ready to be challenged

Leave it to Walter Mossberg to explain what should be glaringly obvious to the entire world. In a recent Wall Street Journal column the gadget guru addressed a question that probably still comes off the lips of its executive readers who buy a Windows Phone 8 device and wonder why it doesn't have Siri.