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Is BlackBerry in the catbird seat or the doghouse?

The future for BlackBerry appears cloudy, given several recent, contrasting views on the company presented by leading analysts. On one side, GC Research analyst Tero Kuittinen warns Research In

Microsoft threatened by OS rivals?

New mobile operating systems such as Palm's webOS and Google's Android are threatening to take share away from Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system, which has already come under threat from

With the dawn of the superphone, where is Microsoft? Page 2

Previous page There are a number of reasons IDC believes Microsoft has not yet had that iconic device: 1. What the key players listed above have in common is control: control of the device and the

With the dawn of the superphone, where is Microsoft?

Over the past two years spawned by Apple's iPhone, a new class of iconic, need-to-have, shiny converged mobile devices (or smartphones) have come on to the scene that have had a profound impact on

Did Sprint promise RIM BlackBerry Tour sales?

According to a UBS research note, Sprint Nextel promised Research In Motion certain volume sales of the BlackBerry Tour in order to launch the smartphone at a similar time as Verizon Wireless. The

40% of Existing Smartphone Owners Consider Switching to the iPhone

Four out of ten Blackberry and other smartphone users would switch to Apple's iPhone, as their next smartphone purchase, according to a recent survey conducted by Crowd Science. On the other hand,

Sunsetting subsidies

AT&T Mobility's recent move to allow some iPhone 3G owners to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S ahead of schedule got me to thinking about the various pricing tactics employed by the nation's wireless

RIM adds 3.8M new BlackBerry accounts

Research In Motion posted strong results in its fiscal first quarter, which ended May 30, reporting net income of $643 million, above the $518.3 million it recorded in the previous quarter and 33

Motorola-RIM patent dispute put on hold

A magistrate judge ordered Motorola's patent infringement lawsuit against Research In Motion to be put on hold while the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office looks into the issue. The judge overseeing

RIM releasing BlackBerry Tour for Sprint, Verizon

Research In Motion unveiled its latest smartphone, the Tour, and said it would be available soon on Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless. The gadget offers features for both consumers and business